How long did it take you to go into labor after a membrane sweep?

Could you possibly post this and ask other mommas how long it took to go into labor after they had their membranes stripped? :thinking:

1 week and I had to be induced

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Got mine done on the 2nd went into labor on the 3rd

I asked to be induced 1 week after I had my membranes stripped

It doesn’t work for everyone.

I had mine done 3 times. Didn’t work any time. I went into labor 6 days after my last sweep. So not from the sweep because you’ll go within 24 hours if it works.

My doctor said it doesn’t work for everyone but if it does work it will kickstart labor within 72 hours some people have to have it twice to work and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I got lucky though and went into labor the same night I had it done

Same day with my second baby. But I was also already dilated 4 cm so that helped. I had my first real contraction walking out of the doctors office :joy:

3 days and I walked for 3 hours before I even went to the hospital still got sent home for three more hours

First 6 days second not even 2 days

The day after my second one

Didn’t work for me ended up being induced both times.

I had it done twice (38 and 39 weeks) and still had to be induced after 40 weeks

I didn’t have mine stripper but I know it can fail and not work sometimes.

24-48 hours if it was going to happen.

Yeah it never worked for me. And I’ve had it done 3xs per weekly. The only time I went without being induced it was b4 they would do that yet. 37wks.

Didn’t work for me. 8 days later I was induced

Never worked ive had 4 csections

Had mine stripped about 5p.m. Consistent but bearable contractions start in my sleep (I would wake up but not enough to get up and doze back off)… By 10a.m. I had to go in.

First time didn’t work 2nd time was only a few hours till labor started and about 14 hours later went to hospital

I had mine stripped and within 12 hours I was in labor

3 days! Had it done on Wednesday with hopes of starting lobor on my birthday and had her on saturday, my birthday!

Striped Monday morning, labor 230 Friday morning, baby at 608 Friday evening

12 hours later I started having contraction but 4 hours after that I was in full blown labor. Took 25 hours to have him.

Within a few hours. But I regret it, because I think if I would have waited baby would have been in a better position and I could’ve had the birth I wanted

First time it didn’t work for me.

Second time my water broke that night.

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Had mine done about 11am Thursday water broke at 11pm friday he was here at 6:33am Saturday

Omg that’s dangerous, a baby will come when they r ready

My doctor said he wasn’t willing to do it for me because It really doesn’t work. My sister had her swiped three times and didn’t work, a week later she went into labor naturally on her due date.

Never did. It didnt work for me

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I was in labor before I left the doctors office. Not full force, but it hurt. Finally after waiting til that morning, I went in and had her at 9am :slight_smile:

I had mine stripped at 10am & had him that same day at 1150pm! Pushed for 5 mins.

Had it done at 10am and went into labor at 2am. But was in labor for 20 hours and 39 minutes…I also walked ALOT and climbed stairs after they did it.

I had mine stripped twice with my first, didn’t work either time. Still had to go in to be induced

I had mine stripped at 40 weeks. Nothing happened. Stripped again at 41 weeks, nothing. I was still induced.

It never worked for me. I had it done 3 times and it never took. Good Luck!

I ended up getting stripped and induced the same day

I had mine swept at around 3pm went home slept the night and was in labour at 6am

I had it done 3 times and it didn’t work. I was induced at 41 weeks.

2 weeks and an induction later lol. Had it done twice, 38 weeks and 39. It didnt work

I got mine at 39w5d, I went into labour 40w2d.

Had mine stripped with 2 of my kids and it didn’t do a dang thing. First son it was done twice in 10 days and still nothing other than cervix pain for about an hour after

Didn’t work for me both times I had it done.

About 6 hours and was pushing within 12… that was with my first baby! worked for me

They tired to strip mine but, it was unsuccessful…

I had mine done twice, first time I went into labor two days later & my second time it didn’t work.

I had 3. One, once a week for 3 weeks and none of them worked :woman_shrugging:t2:

My second, son my membranes were striped and it threw me into labor within a couple of hours.

My third, daughter my membranes were striped 2 different times and I never went into labor.

With my last baby… they stripped my membranes and my water broke in the middle of the night.

I had my cervix stretched which is pretty much the same thing according to what I’ve looked up it was a couple years ago but I had it done at approx 11 am the next day I started labor at 6:30 am nd had him by 9:34 am. I had some Braxton hicks that kinda acted almost like labor but nothing official until the next morning for me. The day I had my last baby I was gonna go in and have it done but the evening before I went into labor at around 5:30/6 then had her at 12:48 am.

If you were stretched and did a sweep it should work within 48 hours. If your not in labor by then, then the sweep did not work. I have done it all but c sections. Had 6 kids but a mother to 4. I had leaking water, water break, membrane sweep and induced by pitocin

I had it done with my son and it never put me into labor… i was induced instead with a pitocin drip.

Like 56 hours, and that was after my membranes being swept and they tried to induce with piticin.

With my first I had it done in the afternoon, that night at 2am I started having contractions, went to the hospital at 9am, had my water broke at 2pm and didn’t have my baby until 5pm that day lol but it did put me into labor.

Worked with my second, but not with my first. Had it done Wednesday afternoon, my water broke Saturday night at midnight.