How long did labor take for you?


On Saturday I was 33 weeks pregnant and my water had broke, but still no progression, they are currently keeping me here until the arrival of my little girl, I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this and roughly how long after did your little one make an appearance!?


You shouldn’t go longer than 24 hours after your water breaks without giving birth. The risks for infection are so much greater.

They need to get that baby out… start giving you a medication to start labor or c section. Hope she comes soon or Mandy will be right

Pretty sure your water shouldnt be broken for well over 24 hours.

I was 31 wks when mine did … I had him 4 days later (due to them not listening when I said I was having pain going up my back, the dr told them to give me demeral so I could rest and sleep good and next thing I know I’m waking up at 2:53 am with the drs telling Me I had to push now!) He stayed in the NICU for 4 1/2 weeks!

Unless this is a slow leak situation you better have them get that baby out and use their ass if anything is wrong

My hospital put me on pitosin as soon as I got there and I was in labor for 24 hours… almost exactly 24 hours.

After 24 hours risk of infection goes up. Either demand they get baby out now or change hospitals

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32 weeks, labor for 3 days. She was born 4lbs , spent 2 weeks in the NICU.

Thank you Sabrina. My water broke at 28w 6d. They gave me the steroid shots for her lungs and may drop to stop contractions. You’re baby can live just fine grow as long as there is no infection for 5 weeks with your water broken. My daughter made it 18 days with my water broken. She was born at 31w 3 days and is now a happy and healthy 19 month old. Please free to message me of you have any questions


They need to get your baby out I dont see how that’s safe…

My sister’s water broke 32-33 weeks. They kept her in the hospital on bed rest until 35weeks then induced her. Her baby had like a 3-5 day nicu stay due to temperature regulation issues & oxygen, but now she is 4 & 1/2 with no issues


Get to a different hospital ASAP. You should never go more than a day with broken water. The risk of an infection is so so high. I went into labor at 20.5 weeks, ultimately my son didn’t make it, because I got an infection. Leave now.


They still put you on IVs so your baby is still getting the water it needs!

Mine broke at 36 weeks and they let me sit for over 32 hours. She was born with an infection in her stomach and lungs. Had to stay in NICU for a week! I kept asking them to get her out and at first they said they wouldn’t let me go more then 12 hours. Then it was 24 and so on because the doctor refused to come in that was on call. Go to another hospital or ask for another doctor!

Mine broke at 29 weeks and my daughter was born at 30 weeks and 3 days. She was 3lbs 4.2 oz and now she is doing wonderful. Keep positive and things will be fine.

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A close friend of mine her water broke at 33weeks rushed to the hospital she ended up havint baby the next day because she kept progressing they were trying to keep her in for another week or 2

They will likely be keeping an eye on the amount of water leaking. If you’re concerned about it I would definitely make sure they answer all of your questions to your satisfaction or switch to a new facility. Good luck hun.

They should have gotten baby out I was thinking they only had 24 hours before the risk of infection begins!


My water broke at 33 weeks and they kept me in the hospital for a week and i delivered at 34 weeks my daughter was 4 lbs 5 oz and was in the NICU for 1 week shes now 5 and healthy as can be.

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A lot of people need to do more research on L&D. Your water can be broke for WEEKS before you deliver a baby, just fine. Doctors generally don’t want you to go over 24 hrs bc of convenience to THEM. Your body knows what it’s doing, trust it. If baby’s heart rate or yours starts doing anything crazy, your doctor will step in.


My water broke at 33 weeks 3 days with my oldest who is now 13. They held off labor until 34 weeks then did a csection because he was breech. My sister is 34 weeks today. She has been in the hospital for 6 weeks! Her water broke at 28 weeks. They did a large round of antibiotics and steroids for his lungs but they are inducing her today. Usually 34 weeks is the mark they want to get to.

My water broke at 35 weeks and 5 days on a Sunday morning at 2am. I was monitored and started petocin Monday morning at 4am had her at 6:55pm.

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My water broke with my 3rd at 31 weeks, I was put on hospital bed rest with antibiotics, steroids and frequent ultrasounds to keep an eye on fluid levels and I had my son at 33.4 weeks. He spent 2 weeks in nicu and is now a very healthy 9 year old

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My water broke at 26weeks and my daughter was born at 28 weeks. I was in the hospital on complete bedrest.

I was 28 weeks when my water started leaking. Spent 14 days in the hospital and even after all the antibiotics I devoloped an infection and got induced at 30 weeks. Baby didn’t make it.


My water started leaking at about 34 weeks but not fast enough to risk the baby. I went in to labor naturally on her due date and she is now a healthy almost 16 year old. They just kept an eye on my levels

My water broke at 33 weeks and 5 days… they gave me magnesium sulfate for 2 days and some other shots to the bum to speed up lung development and took me off the magnesium at 34 weeks… ended up having to induce me 2 days later, lol. My daughter weighed 5lbs 4oz and was in the NICU for 2 weeks. Shes now 14 months old and no one would ever guess she was premature :slight_smile:

My water broke at 32.5 weeks and they did a c section because my baby turned breech. She was born healthy and 6 lbs 7 Oz. Stayed in the Nicu for a week just precautionary until she could eat a certain amount.

I was 39+1 when my contractions started. I had been having them for about 78 hours when my water broke (a huge gush)! At 18 hours post water break they began giving me IV antibiotics. I ended up with two bags. My placenta still got infection. At 7 hours old, my son started refracting and spent the next 5 days in the NICU, and 2 more days in the hospital receiving IV antibiotics. He now is a healthy 5 y/o!!

After my water broke 5 mins later I was pushing


A friend of mines water broke somewhere between 29 & 31 wks (cant remember) & they kept her at the hospital. Her baby was born a week or 2 after that.

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I was 39 weeks. WATER broke. Took 39 hours of labor & 1 of Pushing. My son had an infection from water breaking. :woman_shrugging:

My water broke at 30 weeks and I sat in the hospital til I was 35 weeks. They induced me at that time and my baby was in the Nicu for 3 weeks.

My water broke at 34 weeks with my oldest (he just turned 8) they gave me a shot to stop labor and shots to help develop his lungs. I was induced at 35 weeks and ended up needed a C-section. He had to be in an incubator for 24hrs unless I was holding him skin to skin. He was born perfectly healthy and had no issues at all just tiny 4lbs 6oz. I was in the hospital on complete bed rest until the morning after my C-section. I was in the hospital for exactly a week

After my water broke I had her about 10 hours later.

I was in the hospital for a while with my oldest son because I kept hemorrhaging. Just ride it out Mama. The longer they stay put the better .

I was about the 33.5wks along when my waters broke. About a 24 hrs later and I was in Labour, another 12 before she came. Don’t know if this is a thing either with premmies but my contractions never regulated I would go 5, 7 sometimes up to 14 minutes but then I felt the urge to push and there she was.

My water broke with my daughter at 34 weeks and I stayed in the hospital for two more weeks until it was safe to induce me! The day that I was supposed to be induced, I went into labour on my own!

My water broke at 34 weeks, the day after my water broke doctors started me on pitocin to jump start my contractions. I was told by all my doctors that once water breaks you have 24 hours to deliver the baby before you start to get an infection.

My water broke in a gush…he was 3 weeks early… 5 lb 13 oz…
Had by c section…lungs still needed little time but he never missed a day of school never sick until grade 7 got chicken pox…
I did wait to get vaccinated until 4 month because he was so small even though he ate( drank) very well

With my first born, my water broke at 31 weeks. I was hospitalized for 4 days, which put me at 32 weeks, when my son was born. He was in nicu for 6 weeks.

I had to be induced at 37+2 (10/31/15) they broke my water at 6:30pm on 11/1/15 and my son was born on 11/2/15 at 1:45am at 37+4 no nicu and he weighed 6lbs 1.4oz went home the next day

my water broke partially a week ago at 34 weeks they put me on antibiotics and I gave birth I’m currently already at home with my newborn. I would be worried because something doesn’t sound right

I was 32 weeks when my water broke on Monday morning and I had my son on Thursday morning. He was in the ISCU (infant special care unit) for 25 days. He is home now!! 6 weeks old <3