How long did you bleed after c section?

I’m 9 days PP. Had an unexpected C-section. My bleeding was super heavy the firdt couple days afterwards with clotting. Then slowed right down as I left the hospital. It continued to only be about a tablespoon of blood on my pads everytime I’d go to the bathroom. But lastnight it seemed to pick up a bit more on the amount of blood and I’m passing clots again. Is this normal? And how long did you bleed?

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They didn’t clean you out probably after having bubba. Call your health nurse and have a chat to her xx 2 c sec here and my first was the same as you my health nurse said it’d because they didn’t clean you out probably after bub came out xx

Honey anything is normal bleeding after child birth w my first son I bled double heavy for 11 weeks w my 2nd son I bled for 7 weeks heavy and with my daughter I bled for 5 weeks heavy and 1 week light. It just depends honestly

The flow can come and go in strength,clotting too, however if your soaking a pad or more every hour than that’s too much blood and you should get looked at.


It can come and go for a full 6wks. It can even stop and then come back.

My nurse toI’d me that as long as the clots aren’t bigger then a dime, youre good to go. She said bleeding is unpredictable for at least 6 weeks pp

I barely spotted after my first C-section. After the second, I bled for a few days, stopped for a few days, then went right into a full period. They usually clean you out pretty good after a C but your uterus is still going back to normal so bleeding can come and go as it gets smaller. If it’s a huge concern, ask your doctor at your first post visit.

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Yes it isthat is very common. When you sit on the comode to go pee, massage your belly. That helps. Bleeding time can vary. Itcan be werks

If they are larger than a ping pong ball you need to be seen or soaking up more than 2 pads and hour… Trust me on this… I ended up bleeding out with my first daughter and almost died… I had to have a blood transfusion and got blood clots in my arm… Almost had to have surgery to remove everything but they where too scared to take me into surgery because at that time they couldn’t find enough of my blood type.

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Be careful if it gets really heavy go to hospital.And make sure you listen to your doctor and don’t do anything physical you shouldn’t be doing.

Look at your discharge packet it has a list of danger signs with the PROPER size of clots to be concerned about. However if you are filling a pad an hour or more do go in

This is normal I did the same thing as long as clots are normal and not too big (they should have told you what to look for in size) then I wouldn’t worry. I bled for 8 weeks with only 2 of those weeks being light

Emergency C section, here. I bled for a month. It changing flow is very common. Mine was super heavy for about a week (I’m anemic) and the blood clots were bigger then I have ever had before.
Baths help!
The more you move around and do stuff around the house, it can become heavier as well.

I never had clots after i had my daughter and only bled for a week. However i had a vaginal delivery.

You’ll likely bleed for several weeks, but if you notice a sudden increase it’s worth it to talk to your doctor. We need to take it easy after having a baby and if you do too much you can cause yourself to hemorrhage.