How long did you wait to get pregnant again?

How long did other C-Section mommas out there wait to have another baby?


My first two babies were born exactly 11 months apart… both c-sections. (So, about three months after I had my first I was preggers with #2) I have had six c-sections. The rest are a lot more spaced apart.


11 years :joy:

Jk that’s just how it happened

4 csections and my first and second are 6 years apart but my second and third are only 15 months apart and then lastly my third and forth are a year apart

3 c sections - 3.5 yrs btwn them. Doctors recommend a year btwn them bc it is a major abdominal surgery

Mine are 3 days shy of being 17 months apart. It took nearly 13 years of infertility, 3 miscarriages and failed fertility treatments (I have PCOS) before I had my son. He was 3 months early, born via emergency C-section and spent the first 85 days of his life in the NICU. We were one and done and that was fine. Right after he hit 9 months old, I got a positive pregnancy test. :woman_facepalming:t2:. He is 19 months now and his sister is 2 months. I had a successful Vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean)with her.

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I got pregnant almost exactly one year after my c-section. Kids are 21 months apart

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Waited a year to try and didn’t get pregnant again until three and a half years later

First was 06/2018 second was born 09/2020 :grin::footprints::footprints:🤷

They say to wait 18 months… between my first csection and second it was 6 years and between my second and third it was 2 years

Just had a csection in May and my doctor said 18 months is the minimum recommendation to make sure you’re fully healed and won’t tear your scar open

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My babies will be 15 months apart

my boys are 18 months apart.

19 months the first two then 10 years then 15 months

My last 2 are 10 months apart. My last pregnancy was difficult. I felt pains a lot earlier(22-23 weeks) rather than 30+ weeks with the rest.

My kids are 3 days away from being exactly 2 years a part… I wanted to wait longer but oops! :rofl::woman_shrugging:t3:

My daughter who was delivered by emergency c-section was 6mos old when we found out we were expecting our 2nd. We did end up having a scheduled c-section the 2nd time around as well.

Mine are 11 months and 3 weeks apart both c-sections! It was definitely a whoops lol

First was an emergency csection and got pregnant again like 4 months after I had my baby :laughing: had to have a scheduled csection for a safe delivery for my second :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: doc said 18 months between pregnancies I would’ve had a chance at a vbac

5 months vaginal delivery on both

My first 2 are 13 months and 2 days apart then my last one is 4 yrs apart from my second child I had c-section with all 3 of my children

I waited 14 months to conceive. I had an emergency csection june 11 2018 to my stillborn and had my repeat csection to my rainbow june 2 2020.

My son and daughter are 13 months apart so my son was 4 months old when I got pregnant

I had a natural birth in 2002 and 2006, then a c section in 2010 because baby was breech then a successful VBAC in 2011 … Wasnt even exactly 12 months since the c section!

Currently 27 weeks pregnant and will most likely have a c section due to having placenta previa

Almost 4.5 years for us, but I think 18 months is the recommendation. You have to remember that c-section recovery is longer and it’s especially important that your uterus heals properly to lessen the chances of having thin spots that can be risks of rupture. I had this issue even though we waited so long. Not trying to scare anyone and I know many have gotten pregnant early but remember that every body heals differently.

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For your body to make a full recovery, whether its c section or vaginally , your body needs 18 months recovery time. People can do it sooner and people do, however for a full safe recovery, 18 months is recommended xx

I fel pregnant 3 months after my 1st daughter was born there ended up being 11 months between them

16 months between my 2 both via c-sections

I have 18 months between my two. First was section, second was vbac.x

My first was emergency c section i had my second by vbac when my first was 13 months then I had my third by emergency c section when my second was 15 months so pretty much one after the other :see_no_evil:

My son was 14 months old when I got preggers with my last baby… they are 21 months apart…

I’ve had my first csection 8 weeks ago and was told it’s best to wait 2 years but I said that I know people have a baby straight after but they advised I should because I have big babies (this is my second 10lb 8 baby) that I should wait cos my scar could potentially rip open as a baby grows :flushed:xx

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3 months lol :grimacing: c section wasn’t even fully healed yet

I had my son in February of this year. We found our we were pregnant 3 months later, quite by surprise. I’m now 18 weeks and so far so good. I will say the Dr’s are watching me and seeing me more than usual, probably due to the fact that when I had my son in February, it was an emergency csection at 36 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. It’s hard being pregnant with a young baby to care for, you’re already exhausted and then add being pregnant on top of that. It’s a lot on your body.

I got pregnant again in 7 months. They are 16 months apart. Emergency the first time and repeat the second time. Had 1 contraction the first time and 2nd one was scheduled.

My first and second are 14 months apart. That was over 30 years ago. I know that they say to wait a year after now.i will say that my incision the with the second torn open within 2 weeks of the birth and had to have staples to reclose. Not sure if it was caused by not being healed completely with the first

My 1st and 2nd are 13 months apart. My 2nd and 3rd are 2yrs apart. My 3rd and 4th are 2yrs apart. It was 4yrs later for my 5th. All were c-section. I never had any problems and cared for all of my children as soon as I got home from the hospital. My first was 1988.

Doc told me to wait 2 years, just cause of how small I was (his words). But I had my second 5.5 years later, was supposed to be a schedule but he decided to be 12 days early (5days before scheduled date) personally id say a year to be safe and make sure everything has time to heal, it is a major surgery💙

Bout 2 years . 1st was emergency, 2nd was planned .
2nd one went alot quicker with healing then the emergency

I was told by my ob to wait at least 2 years after having a c section to have another baby to give the inside time to heal.

I found out about this pregnancy, when my first born was 9 months old.

I have 3 kids. 7 1/2, 5, and 3 1/2. All 3 were vaginal and my youngest was almost 11 pounds when he was born

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I’ve had 3 children all 3 c sections I have a 4 year old a 3 year old and a 1 year old. No complications at all

I waited 4 years between my boys. Both C-Sections

20 months between my son and daughter. Then 5 years for my last child a daughter.

It is recommended by most Doctors that you try and wait at least a year. A c-section is considered to be a major surgery and though you are healed on the surface it takes time for your insides to heal. It is a personal decision to have a child to begin with and no one else can tell you to have another baby. It happens but it is stressful for both mom n baby.


My kids are 2years apart. I had a c section a month ago… I’m not looking to have any more kids

I have 6 kids. 1,2,3 were vaginal. 4 and 5 (twins) were c section. 4 years later I had 6 vaginal, and it was worse than all the others combined.

I had first two vaginal 5 years apart, next one after 2 years c-section, an ectopic about a year later, and my 4th was born 2 years later c-section

Emergency C-section on 9/1/2005.
2nd pregnancy was a planned C-section 6/25/2008.

Mine are 5 1/2 yrs apart…both c sections.

4 years apart. First one was emergency c-section. 2nd was scheduled.

Had c-section in October/85 in December/86 had 2nd child naturally. No complications with the 2nd child.

First and second are 21 months apart.
Second and third are 2y 11m apart.
Third and fourth are 21 months apart.
I had four csections in 6.5 years.

I waited 3.5 years after my c section to get pregnant again

My doctor told me 6 months.

6 years and the 2nd one was a v-back.

7 almost 8 years. I had a scary emergency c-section then had a hard time getting pregnant again.

My birth order is:

Feb 97
May 01
Aug 02
Nov 03
June 05
Jan 13 C section
July 14 C section
Oct 15 VBA2C
Mar 17 VBA2C
June 18 VBA2C

And I’m due in April

With my bio kids they was born 2 yrs 1 month apart (1 and 2) , then 23mo apart (2 and 3), 7 years ( 3 and 4) and 1 yr (4 and 5)

4 C sections… first 3 are about 2 years apart… about 10 months between birth and getting prego again. I found out I was prego with 2nd baby 1 week before my oldest 1st bday.
#3 i waited til #2 was about 18 months

I did the recommendation a year

My first was a c section and we waited 18 months to concieve baby #2 who was a VBAC. I have had 3 VBACS and am currently pregnant with baby #5

As someone who has had 4 c sections and almost had a rupture it’s best to wait at very least 18 months. That scar can get very thin while your belly stretches and the more it stretches the more likely you are to rupture. It’s a scary thought because all it takes is one little hit on a corner top in the right position on the scar and it can happen.

They recommend 18 months so you body can fully heal, im pregnant with my second that will also be c-section and this one will be born at the 18 month mark

21 months apart… Had twins first than got pregnant again which was not intention and i heard an earful from the doctor as my incision was not fully heal due to alot of set backs…like loose stitches and so but i still went through by the grace of god but had a elective surgery so i wont go into labor and it went ok…and i went on family planning after wards the ages are 10 and 8 now and thinking about 1 more…💁💁

I had a c section and then got pregnant again 3 months later and had another c section… just under 13 months gap between my babies :purple_heart:

Found out we were expecting again at our 3 month postpartum mark :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Labored at home for a while in hopes of not being sent back from the hospital. That was with my 5th baby and didn’t think I was in full labor. Contractions weren’t painful but husband talked me into going to the hospital. Which turned out to be a good thing because I was in full blown labor and ready for her to come! She must have flipped while I was sleeping that night because she was breached and they rushed me into an emergency C-Section and she was out 30min from arriving to the hospital. I am at 26wks now we ith baby #6 and have had normal appointments and am at a very good possibility of having this little one naturally.

I waited 7 years, but I had medical issues that popped up after my first c-section.
I had an Emergency C-section @29w and I had a Grand Mal Seizure when my girl was 4 months old, which Doctors could not find a reason for.
I was on seizure meds for 6 years for having only 3 seizures total in just 6 months.
My girl is now 7 and her baby brother is now 9 months old.
In total I have 2 older kids-Vaginally and my 2youngest are c-section.

I wasn’t in a stable relationship til my son was almost 3 and he’s 7 now we waited a couple years and now we’re expecting baby number 2. I would’ve only waited 2 years though had I been with someone reliable.

My first and second are 2 years and 9 months apart, my second and third are 11 years and 4 months apart! The first was an emergency, second was scheduled and the third tried to come out on her own but we got there in time for another c-section!

There is 21 years between my son and daughter…she was a surprise

I had my daughters 2 years apart. I had the vertical incision a d had no problems. That was 43 years ago.

Have my daughter c-section,then 14 months later her brother was born, natural.

My mom had 13 children in 16 years. All born healthy.

Give your body a good break it needs to heal. 2 years.

Had my boys in October of last year by C-Section. Got pregnant 6 months later with my daughter. Hoping she is normal birth.

My dr told me to wait a year before considering getting pregnant again. But 6 years between my oldest and middle sons and 2 1/2 years between middle and youngest sons

Questions you should be asking your doctor!

Mine were 18 mos apart.
C section first one

My c-section babies are 10months and 6 days apart both full term healthy pregnancies and babies.