How long do miscarriages last?

I had a miscarriage about a month ago and I have my first period I’m bleeding so bad and have so many clots I’m freaking out something is wrong. I called the doctor and let a message waiting for them to call me back, is this normal or is something really wrong?


Mine was like that…

Go to the ER - don’t rely on a bunch of people on social media for medical advice


My first period was also like that after my first miscarriage! But it is best to get it checked out!! Hope all goes well with you love!

Always better to check with er. All women are different and so are all miscarriages. One of mine was really bad with bleeding and clots the other hardly at all. Always better to check with a physician


That’s how mine was, they told me it’s because they didn’t do a dnc. But I agree, I would go to the E.R. instead of waiting for them to call back. Better to be safe and know

Don’t go to the ER unless you are filling 2 pads or more an hour.

That’s exactly what your dr will tell you.


I did the same after the 3 I had doc will say only if your filling more than 2 pads a hr

I wpuld go see ur doctor or a walk in doctor. When i had my first one…that happened. When i list my baby it didnt all co.e out, so it was clotty because it was fragments from the lost pregnancy. Dont go to an ER…go to your doctor or even a walk in. They can check you out and make sure ur alright. Are u in any discomfort at all?? If ur filling 2 pads/hr then theres an issue…if not and its just clumpy…talk to your doc. Good luck. And im so sorry. My heart is with u.

Do you have a Fast Pace Urgent Care or walk-in care you could go to instead of an ER? I wouldn’t wait for a call or advice from people who aren’t medical professionals.

Always get checked if concerned but unless your filling pads in under an hour then there’s no need for the ER just go to a walk in clinic

Yep mine was like that but if ur worried go and see ur doctor :grinning:

I get bloods clots all the time