How long does 4 month sleep regression last?

My baby is a week away from turning 4 months and has started sleep regression. She was only getting up once a night but now 4+ times. My husband and I want to start sleep training but aren’t sure how to go about it. Currently she only goes to sleep swaddled and nursing. Looking for tips, tricks or any advice is much appreciated :blush:

She could be hitting a growth spurt or teething

Beware swaddling for too long, because i know someone who has had real problems breaking her son of the habit, and like, if he can move at all he won’t go to sleep. I never did swaddle because i wasn’t good at it. After seeing her struggle I’m glad i didn’t. Obviously, to reach their own, but just something to think about. God’s luck. Don’t worry momma, before you know it baby will sleep unborn the night. :nerd_face:

She may jus be doing a growth spurt and may require longer nursing times or rice cereal (if approved by the doctor) to fill her up more so she can go longer between feeds.

Sleep training isn’t recommended until age 6months and up

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She’s obviously waking for a reason. Could be gas pains, teething etc

He could be teething I just made sure my son was added with a clean diaper n if he was teething then Tylenol cool washcloth n he would go back to sleep

Babies wake up for a reason hungry diaper change teething even maybe just wants their mama

My little one is 11 weeks. He likes to sleep on his side

My toddler had his toughest sleep regression at 4 months. It didnt last too long, just a week or so. Check out wonder weeks. In addition to teething and growth spurts causing havoc for sleep, mental leaps will too.

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Same time every day like clockwork…