How long does birth control take to work?

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Depends on the type. I think most its 2 weeks to a month. Drs usually say use back up for that long.


Usually when the dr prescribes it they let you know . Pills are different from like an iud and the shot etc . Some are effect immediately and others aren’t


Read the medication specifications and ask doc to be safe. Any I have taken has been 7 days.


No one tells you that if your on antibiotics the birth control pill dont work !!! Happened to me!!! Not complaining but it was a shock for sure but I got my blessing from God a n.v d shes all grown up now!!!


An IUD is the only one that’s immediate.

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Why do people have to be so rude when someone asks something maybe they just don’t know. God doesn’t like ugly so quite being so ugly


Mine says 7 days but read the info

Did you miss eighth grade health class?


As long as it took you in health class, and in church it will work in no time at all. Lol

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7 days… And 3 months for side effects and your body to adjust to the hormones completely

Depends on what kind. I had 2 babies while on birth control.

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condoms work immediately.

When in doubt use a second form of birth control

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Regardless of which type, highly suggest a back up method for at least the first month.

Birth control is very important.

There are several types of birth control

You need to ask a medical professional

For IUD’s, if it’s put in during your period it starts working right away, otherwise it takes up to 7 days for it to start working

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