How long does it take to get pregnant after Mirena IUD removal?

I have a question for Mama’s that got pregnant after mirena. how long did it take for you to get pregnant?


Does the mirena make it hard for you to get pregnant afterwards?

It took me about 3 months

Not Mirena but IUD Skyla, 2 months.

I got pregnant rather quickly, maybe 2 months and I have had mirena 3 times.

I got pregnant with Mirena. :joy:

im sure this isnt common but literally the next day. i pulled it out myself and got pregnant immediately. dont know how thats possble!

I’ve been trying to get pregnant after the Mirena and it messed up my hormone levels.

15 days…I would not suggest as it did not produce a child :frowning:

Had mine removed in May. Started trying end of July. Got pregnant straight away but unfortunately had a miscarriage at only like 2-3 weeks. 2 months later fell pregnant again in October and I am now currently 4 months pregnant :slightly_smiling_face: but remember, it’s different for everyone :blush:

Had it out in February and found out I was pregnant with my 1st in April

I had the skyla and got pregnant with my first a month afterwards

My sister in law got pregnant literally right after it was removed.

It took me 6 months now im 26 weeks pregnant And very happy!

I got pregnant while I still had mine🤦:poop::poop:baby #4 will be arriving in 6-8weeks

within 6 months i was pregnant

One full period cycle

Got it out In 13 have not got pregnant yet

7 months. It had my hormones levels all messed up, b4 it was removed and a long time afterwards. Never again

A year and a half, but my tubes were blocked.

I had mine out for a year and a half before I got pregnant

Got it taken out in July and got pregnant in august!

Took me 3 years…but found out i had a pituitary problem…got on medicine and within 6 months being on it…i got pregnant

About a month and a half here.

Weeks I got mine out Jan 2016 had a positive test Feb 2016

Weeks. Didn’t even get a period. Removal was Nov 19th. Positive pregnancy test on Dec 16th.

They say once you stop any form of birth control that your more likely to get pregnant once it’s remove or stopped

For me I used the ring you insert inside you and it took my husband and I forever to get pregnant but with my oldest as soon as I stopped taking it I got pregnant but everyone’s bodies are different

Two months both times.

Had mine put in 2008. Got removed 2010 and didn’t have my daughter till 2016.

I got preggers while on Mirena!! Lol, our daughter was our “Oppps” baby!!:joy::rofl::joy:

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Pregnant with the Mirena in :joy:

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Months. Got it out in July 2016, got pregnant in November 2016, miscarried on new years eve 2016, was able to have a successful pregnancy from feb 2017 and had my boy in November of 2017. My IUD was embedded and the nurse didnt believe the ultra sound so she just pulled the strings until it ripped out

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Almost three years, after the mirena being removed.

Removed in July, got pregnant at the end of October (first month we tried). Miscarried in December. Waited a year and got pregnant again on the first shot in November.