How long does it take to get pregnant after Mirena?

Got my mirena out on January 28th and been trying to convince again. When should I test or should I wait for my cycle to go back to normal before I start testing?


Had mine taken out in July 2017 got pregnant September 2017 didn’t take long at all

Depends. With my second i got positive test 6wks after my mirena came out. With my third it was 4wks. This time my mirena has been out since may with zilch. You can test at the 4wk mark to see if you got pregnant before you had the chance to get a period. And again at 5wks if you still havent had one. But try to be patient.

It happens when u least expect it to

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Definitely depends I was fertil mertil before 1st time is all it took lol and it took me 8 months after with a miscarriage. But I’d wait for you body to go through 1 cycle before trying.

Varies. If you dont use an app to track I would! Glo app is very useful

Took mine out January 28 was prego by February 11th