How long is recovery after getting tubes tied?

I am getting my tubes tied and wondering how long recovery really is? The doctor has told me a week but I’ve heard from others they were feeling fine the next day. Please no horror stories, just looking for average/normal feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long is recovery after getting tubes tied?

I got mine done with my c section and I was fine pretty much after a week.

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I had my tubes removed and was completely fine after about 3 days

I was fine after 5 days :kissing_heart:

3-5 days and just don’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk

Had mine done 3mths after having my son. The same day I had the surgery I had to take family pics. It’s really not bad at all. I was just a little sore. But I was still able to pick my son up.

I had mine removed and was fine two days later.

I’m having mine done Wednesday with an ablation i’m taking 3-Ds off work returning going to Vegas the 31st and moving down south August 10 so really hoping I heal in 2-3

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Have it done on Friday should be good to go by Monday

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I was fine the next day the first day it was bad because my body don’t do anthesia but pain meds and 12 hours of sleep did it for me but to completely feel like you again 3-5 days

One day was enough, I went back to work the next day. The thing that hurt me was my neck, I think they left my head hanging or something! :joy:

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I had a hysterectomy and was good 3 days out. Pain was not a issue.

Super quick…i regret doing mine. But the recovery was fast but for some reason my periods are sooooooo bad and a nightmare


Next day I think it was no lifting 10lbs + for a week other than that I went to work the next day

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I got mine done 6 weeks after an emergency c-section. I felt fine the next day, completely better within a week.

I had mine cut and burned. 2 years later…pregnant! My husband laughed at me, no your not! Yes I was, my son is 33 now!

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It took me weeks. Very painful

By the next day i was good

I had mine removed a few weeks ago. I was completely fine. It was the gas pain in my shoulder that was anoying for 2 days, that was it x

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I remember having pain for awhile after. I also just read that periods are heavier, and I did notice that too.

When i had mine done i think the gas pain was the worst but as for the tubal itself was good, and when mine was done i have a scar from i think 16 stitched is what i had but now it must be done with the scope very small incision

Mine was about a week. Kind of felt like I was having to walk like a turtle.

I was out shopping the next day

I personally haven’t had my tubes tied but I have multiple family members and friends that have. Most seemed to feel better within 2-3 days and about a week before they truly felt back to themselves. The day of surgery and the following day seem to be the worst. You can get air sick in you and it can be very painful. If you feel the need to burp or pass gas do it. It can definitely make you feel a lot better. When I had my gall bladder out it happened to me. My aunt finally told me to drink a soda to help me burp and try to get that shit out. I listened to her and felt so much better. Sorry for the long response. Good Luck! I hope everything goes smoothly and your pain is very minimal.

I’d say day 3 as long as you literally do nothing for the first two you will be fine but I was great on day 2 because I slept as soon as I got home

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BOTH of mine with minimal discomfort and fast healing. Although as my 9 month old was crawling around I found out I was pregnant again lol. Best thing to ever happen to me.

I was fine the day after. People couldn’t believe I had it done the day before.

Back to work the next day. It’s minor surgery.

I was told by my doctor because I’m looking at this procedure it takes a few days to recover. But I don’t have any personal experience.

If it didn’t take me so long to recover from anesthesia then I would’ve been fine same day. It was just some mild cramping for me

I had my tubal done during my c section but I was feeling great the next day. Only spent 25 hours in the hospital amd was up and down stairs the same day I went home

Back at work in 2 days

I had my tubes removed on a friday and went back to work Monday (a manual labor factory job)

I was fine the next day, i just slept most of the day after having my tubes done, I took a wk off of work, but i was fine

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I was great the next day. I did my normal household duties as I did before having it done. Just take it easy and don’t over due it.

So depends on the method of tubal clamps or cut n burn ? Depends

Had mine done one a Wednesday n was ready to go on Friday. All depends on the person.

Mine was about 3 days just be easy on yourself. It’s still surgery .

It took me about 3 days, it wasn’t bad just a little soreness. Take it easy.

2 days that was only because of the painful gas and meds wearing off .I refused my prescription pain meds though . I regret it to this day , my periods are worse .

Took me about a week

Every woman is different!

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The answer is it depends. Some women bounce back quickly, some it takes a little longer. Listen to your body and go at the pace that’s most comfortable for you.


Mild cramping first day. Taking care of new baby,2year old and home the next day.

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I was fine the next day. Just pain in my shoulder/ neck for a few days from the gas they put in me. But I had my tubes removed not tied

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About a week. But don’t lay on your side’s. When breastfeeding I would recommend using a small pillow because the baby’s weight is going to be on your stomach and that’s going to hurt. :heart::heart:

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It depends on you and your pain tolerance. I personally was fine that day, same with my hysterectomy. But some people are different and need a week.

Still be careful. Your body still has to heal inside :two_hearts:

Depends on your body…I was good to go that day…but hell after 6 kids my pain tolerance is high. Plus I was super happy to get it done, positive vibes a plus.

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It depends. I was in a lot of pain for the first 3 days post op. After that I wasn’t doubled over anymore, but I still couldn’t lift anything heavier than my baby until 2 weeks post op.

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I had mine done with my last via c section… I was fee ling good in about a week

Next day I was fine infact I moved that day

I had my tubes tired after my c-section in September 2014 and I didn’t notice and difference with recovery

With my last c-section (2018) I had mine done, it felt different than previous c-sections but not worse. Before I left the hospital I was done taking pain meds.
And I have loved every day since :rofl::rofl:

I got desexed (one clip, one essure) long after my youngest was born. First couple of days were rough, a bit of pain and bruising on the left side where the essure wouldn’t go in, which is why they clamped it. Can’t say I remember popping pain pills as a result.

The next day I was a little sore but not bad.