How long were you dating before you got engaged?

How long were you dating before he proposed? Also, what’s your opinion on how long is too long to wait for him to propose??


Me and my SO we’re together for 5 years when we started talking about getting engaged. We called it off though. But personally I think anywhere over 7 years of being together is too long but everyone has their own opinions so there’s really no right or wrong answer here.

We’ve been together 11 years and just got engaged last year! No rush though, we’re basically already married don’t need a certificate to prove we love each other!


Had 5 dates, got married a month later, been 41 years


We were together for almost 5 years when we got married…we have been married for 10 years… together for almost 15 years. It depends on your age. My we got married at 25/26 so I think it was a good age.

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Got married exactly three months after we met and have been married 18 years.


4 months married a month later :heart:

I don’t think there’s a formula to what dating period will result in a happier marriage, we dated for 8months and got married. 5yrs later we still together, annoying each other but really love him. Couldn’t be happier, he’s a great guy. Before my husband had dated a guy for 4yrs and he cheated on me , so If you’re sure about him, no red signs, makes you smile, respects you…time really doesn’t matter

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Together 4 years before we got married. We didn’t really have an engagement… we had a kid and a house and went to the courthouse to get married on a day my husband could take off work. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving… we’ve been together 13 years with 2 kids.

4 days and married for 10.5 years Nd 5 kids so far.

We were together for a year when he proposed but we had a 4 year long engagement because life kept happening. We finally pulled the plug on Halloween.

Science says if you wait at least 2 years before proposing, you have a better chance of your marriage working.


We were dating for 2 years, engaged for 2 years, and have been married for 2 years (3 this April).

Together for 10.5 years before we got married and have been married for over 10 years

Together for 16 years married 3. And honestly if I could go back i wouldn’t have got married and just saved my money :rofl: we would be exactly where we are now just without the piece of paper.

Was together for a year when he proposed, been engaged 2 years now though lol

12 days :grin: Married 12 years in January.

My husband and I dated for a week and then were married!


Together 6 months married 3 months later still absolutely besotted with each other 7 years later :slight_smile: what can I say when u know u know :wink:

We dated for a year then he proposed. Still engaged

Together for 6 years when we got engaged.
Now together 15 and Married 9
High School Sweethearts :heart_eyes:

We were dating 2 years and 5 months when we got engaged and got married 3 months later

We were dating about 15 months. Been together 9 years now

Together 2 years, then we had a baby and as it was a leap year just gone, I proposed to him and brought him a ring, No rush to tie the knot though as I’m happy as is x

He finally asked a few months ago when I was pregnant with our second child. We’ve been together for 5 1/2 years

We were together for 13 years before we got married

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and if he were too propose I’d say 4? I’m not one for marriage and I’m glad mine agrees but I hope you don’t have to wait to long :slight_smile:

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I dont feel like there is a “too long to wait for him to propose”
Some people never get engaged or married. Whatever works for the couple works for the couple :woman_shrugging:
Its 2020 girl, if you want to marry him, just ask him!

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Well we dated for 1 year then got engaged…Engaged for a year, then got married and he STILL turned out to be an Asshole!

Been together for four and half years.

Moved in together at 11 months, engaged at 2 years, and baby at born at 3 years.

Though currently we have no intention of actually getting married x

Got engaged at 7 years married a month later and married 5 years now

we were together 11.5 years before he proposed. due to wed on our 13 year anniversary =) 12/12/21

Met my now husband Sept of 92, got engaged Jan of 93, got married July of 94, got pregnant July of 95, had our son Prematurely in March of 96 . He’s 24 and We celebrated 26yrs of marriage this past July. .


5 years together before an engagement.

10 years later - not married.
2 kids and a dog tho. :sweat_smile:

16 years 2=kids still together…why ruin things over a piece of :memo: paper

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There is no specific answer when it comes to how long is too long. Every relationship is different.

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Got engaged after Dating 6 months. Were married 6 months later. Been married 12 years.

Engaged at just under a year and married a full year after that. Me and my hubby had no doubt in our minds we were meant for each other so we didn’t see a reason to wait!

Best friends for 2 years, 2016-2018
Started dating 2018 engaged after 2 months
Married in 2019. And going stronger than ever.

Theres no timeline with love

I think everyone is different. My brother was married after 6 weeks of knowing his wife. They now have been married almost 17 years. I dated my husband for a month before getting engaged. We got married 4 months later. My other sister (I have 5 sisters) dated over 2 years before getting engaged. If you and your partner are both on the same page so to speak for your timeline there is no hard and fast rule. If you and your SO are not thinking the same then you need to evaluate what you want. Communication is key. Men are not mind readers.

We were together for 9 months before he proposed. Together 18 years

Started dating August in 2013, he proposed January 2015, and we got married December 2019.

86-2011 Got married on April fools day.

Knew each other for a few years as friends with benefits but we ended up just deciding to see how dating would go we were together for 9 months when he proposed we were married 3 months later and we just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and we have 5 kids (15,12,7,7 &3)

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6 years for us, was too long in my opinion :joy:


I’m 7 years and 2 kids together with my fiancé. We got engaged after 2 yrs together but we’re content with just that. However, I think after 3/4 yrs you would know if you wanna spend your life with someone.

Still dating and it’s been 5 years

Met in January, started dating in May, engaged in June, pregnant in September, married in November and had our kid in July. Been married for 12 years

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Technically two years as he was deployed for one, and proposed when he came home right before the wedding. But we had been planning our wedding the entire time he was gone. So I’ll say after a year. No ring but we agreed it was time and started working on it.

As for too long - that’s too personal of a question really. It’s definitely relationship to relationship, and sometimes even person to person. Some people never propose because any form of marriage makes no sense to them. Realistically, you don’t need a ceremony and papers to promise to commit for life. We did it for religious, legal, and personal reasons, but we could have made the same promise without anyone else around. So I get that mentality. (And my husband feels the same way. We love being married Haha, but, the legal process definitely isn’t necessary except for, well, if you want/need the legal benefits you get).

Some get married after months and last for a lifetime.

If it’s too long for you, or your partner, that’s something you two need to sit down and discuss.

Dated a year in half, got engaged married 5 months later
Been married 7 years now with a baby on the way

Every relationship is different.

Was friends with my husband for 3 years never went on a date but march 21,2010 he asked “wanna get married and start a family?” We got married July 3rd,2010 still together 10 years later with 4 children. Sorry I can’t help you since we never dated kissed, hugged, anything until he asked me to marry him :woman_shrugging:


I feel like depending on the relationship itself depends on when is “to long”. When a relationship is starting to get serious that should be discussed because the people could want different things in life. My fiance and and were together for almost a year before he proposed but we were friends for a year before even getting together. I personally want to have a longer engagement for like 5 years.


After 1 year he proposed and we waited until year 3 and 1 kiddo later till we made it official. I think everyone has their own time lines for what is right. Cannot impose what others have done on what is right for your relationship. If you’re very concerned have an honest conversation about how you’re feeling.


My Hubby and I were dating for 3 years then Got engaged. One year later we got married. Been married for four years now. Together for 7. Our little girl is turning four this month. :heart_eyes::heart: We just went with things as they were and “Marriage” is more about the relationship than the title! We are very much happy.

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At 36 I met my soul mate. I knew after 2 or 3 dates. We went on a week long trip. Confirmed he was def my soul mate. Engaged at 3 months married by 4. My motto is this. At 36 we had both been through the ringer. Why wait??

Life is too short to be burdened by social standards. We had enough life experience to know what we wanted in life. Still going strong! All the best to you!


Patience… it’s a big thing. I got with my partner in 2014 had our daughter in 2015 and he proposed to me whilst in hospital holding our new born. Were not married as we havent had the money and working on each other still.

We met online and went on a date after my mom convinced me to go . I knew as soon as he bent down and hugged me on that first date. We bought a house after a year engaged after 2 1/2 years and married after 4 years !

He proposed 3 days after we slept together… never dated - lived together ever since. Got married in a year and our son was a guest at the wedding :grin: There is no standard, when you know you know. Wish all the best for you

We started dating when I was 12. I told my friend the night we met i would probably marry this guy. We basically were, just never did the paperwork until our baby was almost due (about 10 years later). I’m now 36 and we’ve been married almost 13 years (been together for 24) and have 3 children together.

We were dating for 7 years and had a baby together before he asked me to marry him. I didn’t want him to marry me just because we had a baby together, I wanted to know he wanted me for me. We have been married for 5 years now but together for 12 and I wouldn’t change a thing. Every relationship is different and I feel like you both know when the time is right.

I was with my ex for 15yrs, 3 kids and he always said we’d get married. Me being young at the time believed his bullshit and eventually we split up for a number of reasons. He went on to marry his next girlfriend within 4yrs… proper slap in the face.
Its put me off marriage for life. If you don’t hope you don’t get disappointed and made to feel worthless .

Been with my new partner 2 years, both don’t want marriage and I can’t be happier! Queen of my own castle and finances :+1:
Far too many people rush into marriage and then get divorced… Slow and steady is my advice, there’s no rush .
And never let a man make you feel not good enough!


Been together since 2016. 4 years . 6 months after we got together he got me a promise ring then we got got engaged on 8th july 2020. Looking to get married in 3 years after all this is over tbh so we can start planning our perfect day x

We got engaged after 6 months, got married two years after that. February we will be married 12 years. I think that it is a personal choice and sometimes you just know that it is the person you are meant to be with.

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Met Memorial weekend dated 5wks (July4) and He ask my mom could he marry me before Christmas. She told him we were moving too fast. We married the beginning of April the next year… It lasted 22yrs

I think it depends on the person. For example my husband and I dated 5 months long distance 4 months not long distance and the were engaged for 3 months and got married. We were friends and talked for 3 months before we started dating. I also know a couple who dated 2 weeks and got engaged for 3 months and have now been married for 6 years. I also know people who dated for 6 years before they got engaged and married

Moved in after a year together. Engaged at about 4.5 yrs (I had a 5yr rule that I made blatantly obvious) married the following year (5.5yrs) now have been married for 5yrs, together for 10 and have two kids

I believe my husband and I took things slowly. We met online in a chat room (remember those?) Not looking not hoping, nothing. 3 months later we finally met face to face. A year later I moved in with him, and a year later we got married.
We’ve been married 17 years and have two beautiful little girls.
I think waiting two years to get married was good. I know people who have waited years and it never happens. I know people who’ve been married decades who’ve decided to quit. I don’t think there’s any magic time period. But open communication is a must. Being content waiting is one thing… Waiting forever for someone is not for me.
Sometimes you have to follow your heart and just jump!

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Met in Mày, got engaged in July and got married in September - all in the same year. We celebrated our 47th anniversary this year.

Together 4yrs before we got engaged. 3 more yrs before we got married. We were only 20 when we got together though. 44 next March and still going strong!!!

I was in & off with my ex for about 8 years through our teens & early 20s. Then we got back together properly, 14 months in he proposed. 10 months later we married. Last 5 years & 2 kids before separating beginning of this year.

Dating 3 wks, he proposed, engaged 2 months later, married following year. Had 2 beautiful boys. Married 40 years. When you know, you know.

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We been dating since February 2017 he proposed after 2 years when I was 18 we haven’t planned a wedding or anything but id rather wait till we got the money for something decent :relaxed:

7 years, it was perfect for us, I was 19 when we met.

My husband and I were friends for 2yrs before we started dating. Dated 3 months, engaged 3 months. Married 13yrs now.

We got engaged just after our 1 year anniversary. And I proposed to him❤️

1 month of dating 2 months of knowing each other. We’ve now been happily married 6 years and are about to have our 4th little one in January.

6 years. Got together when he was 18 and i was 24. Engaged when he was 24 and I was 30. Married at town hall 8 months later at 25 and 31 and then bought our house a week later!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Dated for 3 years engaged for 6 months and married for 5 years but been together about 10 years

2 months but we known each other and liked each other since 2013

6 days! Engaged for almost 5 years waiting till we have the money for a wedding❤


13 years engaged, we just decided it was time , we celebrate our 10 years anniversary on june,with two girls 4 and 6 years old, we do everything different.

My husband proposed after dating 7 years. We got married in 2014, just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary.

Been in a relationship for 13yrs and we just started talking about maybe getting married, lol. Different strokes for different folks. We personally never seen marriage as a big deal, our relationship itself is more important than the title of it. If we do get married we probably won’t bother with the “we’re engaged” or “ fiancé” stuff, don’t see much point.


A year but didn’t get married till three years after, married for four years now and been together 8

my baby was 6 months old but we had been together for nearly 2 years

Engaged after dating 4months and still married 11years later and 2 kids

Dated 6 months be mfore he proposed at prom, was married 6 months later

6 months to engagement, 1 year & 5 months to marriage

7 years and 2 kids before getting married

Coming up to 9 years dating… don’t think it’s going to happen :joy:

15 years and still not married


2 yrs dating, then a 2 year engagement… been married for 22 years :heart:.never even lived together until after we got married.

I met and married my hubby in 1 year, we have been together 17 years and still very happy :blush:

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Dates 3 months, proposed, then got married 10 months later. Married 12 years and no sign of stopping :slight_smile:

At 2years proposed, at 5 years married. Going strong for 7years now

Together for 2 years and had a baby then married 2 years later :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: married for 13 years together almost 18

Lol uhm…3 months. We’ve been married for 16 1/2 years now. So I guess it’s never too early :blush:

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1 year and 10 months and got married 3 months after engagement

First date April 18, 2008, Engaged June 9, 2008, married July 4, 2008. Next year will be 13 years

One date then got married 10 days later. Still married 14+ years later