How many c-secions can you have?

I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd baby. My husband and I were planning on having 3. I’ve had a c-section, and have been told your only supposed to have three. Ive heard that when you have more it can cause more problems with healing. We are having another daughter and we eventually want to try again for a boy. I was wondering if I should go ahead and try right away after the year healing period of a c-section. Our first child Just turned 5. Our daughter seems really involved and excited for the baby. I really miss working and want to go ahead and get the baby phase over with so I can go back to making money. What are your stories with rasing kids? Is it easier when they are far apart, or should I go ahead and get baby phase over with?


See if they will let you do a VBAC…

I had my second csection almost a year ago, it seemed better than my first. My kids are 6 years apart. Not sure about the years apart but if anything, talk to your gyno.

Just space them out I know someone who has had FIVE csections

I think it’s much easier with them spread out. Mine are 11,8,6, and 4. I sometimes wish I would have spread out my younger 3 a bit more than I did. But it’s also nice that my kids are becoming more independent as they are getting older! And I’m finally out of the kill me 3 stage! Lol!

I was initially told 3 csections, but was just recently informed by my RE that they now do 5.

Vbacs us a good option if they will let you. I tried with my 2nd and it wasnt in the books. She didnt want to be born lol. But I had another less than a year after my 2nd. Take it super easy. It takes 5 years for your body to truly heal from a c section.

Is a vbac an option for you

Why do u want to do a c section ?

I had 2 c-sections followed by a vbac and then 3 more c-sections lol

I’ve had 3 c sections and my ob told me it really depends on how much scar tissue you build up. After my last c section he said I had very little scar tissue and I should be fine to have another. Just be sure that’s something you ask about after your next. Also as far as pain and recovery go, each c section has been easier than the last.

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My aunt had a cc section with her 3 kids. She said if she were do it over again she would still do the c section. She never had any issues. My daughters are 5 years apart and they absolutely love eachother. Thats my sweet spot for kids IMO lol

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I know a girl who had 6 c sections. I am on my 3rd and they aren’t worried about anything. Just depends on how you heal.

I’ve had 4 c sections pretty much one after the other my last c section was the easiest to heal from! Was other of the hospital 24 hrs later and the next day was at my kids school for an awards ceremony but I do think it’s really up to you and your body honestly

I have a 7 4 and newborn that spacing is perfect

if your daughter is 5 you are eligible for VBAC, have you discussed that as an option instead of a c-section? Also have the baby and see how you feel with the 2, no guarantees your 3rd will be a boy anyways so do ot when and if your ready mentally and physically… try to take it I stride, and mat you have a healthy delivery.

I just had my 3rd c section 2 weeks ago. My kids are all 5 years apart

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Don’t be so quick to want to go back to work. Enjoy having babies enjoy raising them you have the rest of your life to work but they only stay little for a while


I’ve had 4 c sections all within 2 years of each other my last one was definitely a struggle with the other kids lol but it was worth it

I had two close together (16months apart) and it was super hard. My second youngest and youngest are 6 years apart and I love it! The older two help SOOOO much and there is a ten year difference between those.

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Have you looked into having a vbac? I can’t recommend them enough! I had one 16 months after my emergency c section. We also wanted to get the baby phase over with :woman_shrugging:t2:

If its been 5 years then you should be able to try for a vbac… My doctor lets you try for a vbac as long as there is at least 18 months between delivereies. Mine will be 20 months apart and the plan is to go for a vbav less risk for yoh and baby faster recovery too

My kids are 15, 11 & 6. All girls! :joy: I don’t think it matters how far apart they are. They’ll fight anyway :joy:
I don’t have advice/opinion on c sections. Never had one, don’t know much about them.

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Being the foster mom of 2 little boys 14 months apart I recommend at least 24 months apart. My kids were 27 months apart.

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I’m 37 weeks with a baby boy I have two girls 6 and 2 and I had c sections with both

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I was also told it’s more so the scar tissue you need to watch out for.

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I never had a C-section but my girls are 2 years apart. It was kinda difficult with a newborn and potty training a toddler but their both 2 and my oldest just turned 5 & things are much easier now but they bicker a lot lol

I’ve had two kids, two c-sections. The first an emergency and the second a planned. My kids girl then boy are 7 years apart. The baby will be 4 in June and I do want another as crazy as that sounds!! Lol but I sometimes wish they were closer in age but are happy where the two are. I see a third maybe once my little one goes to kindergarten. So I guess my vote would go towards waiting. Go back to work after the baby phase take you time to grow more again then go for a third.

Just because you had a csection doesn’t mean you have to have another one necessarily. I’ve had both vaginal and c section births and the vaginal was a much quicker recovery. As far as age difference I think there is no right or wrong or better time frame. We had a large gap then a smaller gap with twins at the end and it all has its ups and downs.

I know someone who had 5 back to back all c sections and was fine. You do have the option for a vbac if you have a healthy pregnancy. I prefer some space. My son just turned 4 and our 2nd is due in 2 weeks. He’s still a handful but old enough to have some independence now. I don’t know how women do it with kids back to back who constantly need everything from you

I never had a csection but my kids were 16 months apart and I loved it. It wasnt as hard as people said. But my first was super independent.

U can have a vbac also no hospital can force u to have a c section no matter their policy. I’ve know some moms who have had 5+ c sections

My doctor told me this one definitely needed to be my last. I’m on baby number 3 also. I have a 4 yr old and a 1 year old who turns 2 in November. Baby number 3 is due 10/2 but because of c section I’ll be having it at the end of September. My 4 year old and 1 year old have their moments. They love each other and play all the time. They will fight over toys and such but other than that they’re perfect. I’m glad I had mine close together. Me and my sister are several years apart and not close what so ever. So I’m glad I had mine so close. They’re best friends! I’ll even joke to my son that we’re gonna throw sissy away cause of her fit throws. He will tell me no that’s his sissy and he loves her!! I definitely wouldn’t of had it any other way!! They was both planned. Baby number 3 was a surprise. It’s going to be interesting having them of the ages 4 and under but definitely will be worth it!

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I ve had 4 C-Section and our kids were close in Age .

I had 5 csections. 2006, 2008, 2010, 2017 and 2018 …healed just fine. Honestly the 1 that gave me problems was my 1st one.

I’ve had 5 c sections. I’m fine. If u only had one c section u can try for a bvac


After 5 years you can do natural if your body is up for it

I has 7 csections in 15 Yeats

I domt have any spaced out, but my babies are 14 months apart & i love it!!! I don’t think id want to wait any longer, especially since im also ready to go back to work whem they get a little older :joy:

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I’ve had 3 sections within 4 years… I’m expecting to have another one May 6th. My doctor informed me that with each c section it gets a little more critical because Scar tissue. My kids r all 14 months apart. I healed okay. Its just depends on ur body and ur activity afterwards.

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Well I had three c sections and my last 2 r only 11 months apart

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Your first is plenty old enough to be happy being a helper so encourage that! Lol. I’d also encourage you to look into vbac. My second baby was c section then the 2 following were vaginal.

I’m in that boat right now, I’m 39 weeks pregnant and praying I can do a vaginal delivery. My daughter is due this Sunday but I haven’t really had much signs besides what seemed like early labor for a little while. my c-section was done in January of 2016, and according to my doctor if she thinks that it’s safe for me to do a vaginal delivery. so I think it’s just a discussion that needs to be done with your doctor and if your doctor thinks it’s okay then I would totally go for it. I don’t like thinking about having to recover from another C-section myself, while my two daughters need me. Congratulations by the way

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I would have one more then say no more