How many words does your 10-month-old say?

My son has a speech delay, he is 3 1/2 and he is talking more but when he had just turned 3, he said: mama, dada, papa, nana, Mimi. “D” for Max D

He has been saying so much more lately and it’s awesome.

He has had so many ear infections in the past and 2 ear tube surgeries.

My daughter was 1 1/2 before she would say anything but Momma. I think 10 months is still young to say much!

Our doctor said as long as they can say 1 word by their first birthday there’s no reason to be concerned

Although my first son started talking around 9 mo. My second son was learning two languages, and only spoke in criptic words at two. When we moved back to the states, his vocabulary and sentences improved. By then he was 3. Now the 1st born is a yes or no kind of person, and is hard to converse with, and the late talker, is like Chatty. Kathy and can pontificate for hours. However, I would have your son evaluated for speach problems and altisum

My 5 yr old is non verbal. She is just now starting to repeat words here and there she hears. Altho she did say her first word around a few months to a yr. Pooh. She loved winnie the pooh. They say not to be concerned unless your child is 18 months and still not saying a few words or trying to repeat sounds. I think your little one is ok.

My son didn’t start saying words til he was 2 but he’s speech delayed.

My son is 14 months and he only says mama & dada

My 17 month old granddaughter won’t talk…I was told I didn’t talk till I was 2

My grandchild was that way, taught him some signs
Still don’t talk much, does well in school 15 now

Both mine didn’t really say much until they hit 18 months. Then they didn’t stop

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Each child grows and speaks and learns their own pace

All kids take their time… don’t get too worried until your kid doesn’t talk when they are around 2

My son is a 33 weeker but at 10 months he was saying between 10 and 20 words

My twins are six months and have been talking since 5 months.


When my daughter was that age it was Heyo (hello) dada, tank ooo (thank you), bye bye , I no yike (I don’t like it). Then a year came and she was Hilarious

My second didn’t even try talking until he was three

My son is 10 months old also. He says dada, mama, baba, Nana. He’ll say dada most of the time unless he really needs something then he’ll call for mama but there are days that he will just Jibber Jabber. Its totally normal. Its just baby talk. :blush:

My daughter is 2 and has the same amount of words

Someone in another mom group say their son talked from 8-12 months, went silent until 18 mo… its a thing. Theyre babies

my daughter is 11 months old ( a year old in 2 weeks ). She says Hi, Dada, & Baba (bottle). She can also say yeah (only sometimes).

Oh they learn quick the more they watch you the more they will chitchat and as they grow older it will begin to make more sense to Mommy LoL

My granddaughter is 10 months old and only says ma or tries to say pop pop then it’s mostly just sounds

He’s only 10 months old relax let him be a baby don’t push it . He’ll talk when he has something else to say

Who answers his grunts?

Every child is different, no need for concern!

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Every child is different… if your concerned talk to your pediatrician.

I wouldn’t worry about it hun all babies are different x​:blush::blush:

My daughter didn’t say any words till after one

just dada :expressionless: she laughs when i tell her to say mama

Mine is 10 months and only says momma dada hi get and waves to say bye.

My niece only says 2…

Amber Chapman, read the comments on this post. Leo is not delayed at 12 months for only saying a few words!!!

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I would say the best thing at that age is to let him progress at his own rate. My daughter starting walking at 12 months but my best friends daughter started walking at 9 months. Its the same as potty training. The most important thing is to just let him go at his own pace. Her daughter walked at 9 months but is almost 16 months & doesnt use very many words. Mine started walking at 12 months but could speak almost 30 words. My daughter is 8 years old & talks until she falls asleep. Don’t rush it sister :joy::joy::joy:

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My youngest says a lot of words & sentences, But I’m always talking & working with him everyday, & I’m honestly so used to my baby talking & saying actual words & just bejn active as ever it’s weird to me when other babies aren’t talking or just being active even at 10 months of age :woman_shrugging:

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Each child has their own clock. My niece spoke at 3 plus yrs. Her vocab is remarkable and shocks everyone who hears her. My kid said phrases at 1plus tho she was counting and knew the alphabet. Let them be, once they’re developing normally otherwise

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It all depends on the Child. My son was the oldest & around Adults a lot. He knew who Mama & Dada were as he would look at each if us when saying them. His two yrs younger Sister spoke far less as He would often speak & ask for her. She caught up very quickly after age 2 tho. My youngest was born when there were 2 Teen brothers & 2 teen sisters and at 12 mos had a vocabulary of 28 words. I wrote them all down & she would point to a cat & say kitty as well as starting to say sentances. (There was always someone to talk to). Don’t Stress about it. :blush:

Sorry to break your heart but it’s not even really words. Hes just putting sounds together it’s totally normal for a baby to go through different sounds and stop saying others.


It’s normal. My nephew is going to be 2 and makes more sounds than words. He can say about a dozen or so words. I also started teaching him sign language so when he comes over he can have that open communication. Right now he’s up to 4 signs and once he masters a sign we move on and teach him the next one. My daughter is 11 and has autism and we never thought she would ever talk… she can’t have a conversation per say but she’s more verbal than the dr gave her credit for. Some kids just develop differently and my best advice is just keep working with him and eventually he will get there. Talk to him and tell him everything he plays with, eats, looks at etc and eventually he will pick it up.

My son will be 2 in November - hes almost 21 months old and hes only just started to use his words. For the longest time, he wouldn’t even say mama or dada. I was concerned to the point that I brought it up to his pediatrician but his pediatrician wasnt too concerned because he was still babbling and repeating consonant and vowel sounds. That was at his 18 month check up. And now he will say “I want more”, mama, dada, purple, “what’s that?”, no, yes, etc. And “talks” (as in says things that arent words or understandable) all the time and he learns new words, phrases weekly.


He’s still very young and it’s normal. He will have times where he says words more than others and then he won’t use certain words for a while either lol. My little boy is 2 1/2 yrs and sometimes doesn’t use some words and then will start saying new words lol. It’s all learning and developing. Just keep saying them to him and he’ll continue to say them.

My son will be 10 months old in 2 days and says no words, just sounds. My other 2 children didn’t say their first word until 16 and 20 months old.

My little one is 14 months and she only really say dada, yaya (that what she calls her sister) and even then it not all the time she will sit and play for hours and not make a noise then other days she won’t stop talking she has only said mama once when she got knocked over by the dog

Perfectly normal at his age, when he is older pls don’t make the mistake of giving him what he wants if he just points at whatever it is he wants, if you know he knows the word for cookie or drink, make him use those words

My son is almost 15 months and he doesn’t say anything at all. He makes noises and for a bit he would say mama dada and baba but reverted and doesn’t say any words now

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My youngest son refused to say anything but dada and daddy until he was around 13 months old… His Dad was Dada and I was Daddy :joy::joy::joy: He knew words and would repeat them if we said them to him but the only words he cared to say was Dada and Daddy lol… Your little one is completely normal in my opinion… He is only ten months old he’s still a baby :heart::heart:

Each baby is different, my baby is 10months old tomorrow. He already has 6 teeth. He makes sounds, sings… Calls his had by his own baby gibrish. Every baby is perfect in there own way…

Mine will be 11 months in a few weeks. He’s in the screaming stage right now. I mean he talks and screams very loud. Never stops. Enjoy your peace while it lasts

My son is about to be 1 and only says dada?? My first son didn’t start talking till way after this so don’t worry he doesn’t need to be saying all sorts of words just yet

I honestly wouldn’t be worried about it, my daughter is almost 2, yrs.old and she babbles and sometimes uses her words, she also growing up in a bilingual home, as her doctor told me, as long she understands what you and her daddy saying to her that the most important, I work with my daughter all the time, even her daddy does. Some children just take a little longer to use the words, just keep working with your baby and keep talking and soon enough the child will understand, and before you know it, and start using words.

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My daughter didn’t speak phrases until she was 2.

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My son is a year and a half old and he doesn’t talk much. He knows a lot of words but he just doesn’t care to say them

Very common, ask them to use their words when appropriate.

He is fine he is only 10 months let the baby to be a baby :wink:

Let the baby be a baby. He is merely making sounds now.

Bite bite
Bye bye

All babies are different. Just make sure you talk to him, and read to him.

As an adult… Aren’t there days you just don’t feel like talking…ijs

Never heard 10 month old say anything my son 10 months tomorrow :woman_shrugging:t2:

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He’s not even a year old… it’s completely normal.

Once they start talking…it’s nonstop. :heart:

My 10 month old says mama, papa, and bye bye. I think she’s trying to say cat but mostly it’s just noises blended with spit bubbles and drool

I was saying “mama dada and no” by a year old but my sister didn’t speak her first word which was “why?” until she was 3 and until that point my mom swore she was mute. Every baby is different. Just keep working with him and give it time. He’ll speak more when he’s ready.:heart:

Your baby is 10 months old. They are right on track.

Mine is 19 months and he is now picking up on words and has a conversation with people but can’t understand alot of it but you just keep working with them every day and some days he says very little he will babble and talk and laugh he knows what he is saying they all learn at there own pace when you hand him his juice say juice or his bottle say milk he will pick it up just give him some time good luck momma you got this

Before a year there voice box and vocal chords are not fully developed and in place so they can not fiscally do more than baby talk.

My baby is 20 months and only really says no, yeah, and mama.

Mine was papa, mama, and sushi.

I think my 18 month old only has 4!real words (mama dada nana bye bye). I haven’t really been concerned. My 2.5 year old only just started stringing words together and they have their own language.

They are kids they will talk when they have something to say. Pretty soon the doctors are gunna want the kids talking as soon as they are born… don’t stress just be the best mom you can be(which sounds like you are)don’t let others tell you what to do with your kid/little one.

My 8 month old has a few words (bubba for her brother, mama, boo for bottle, ball, book). Sometimes she uses them and some days she doesn’t. The only one she says literally every day is bubba because he’s her bestie. All kids develop differently and some don’t have any words yet at that age with no cause for concern. So if yours just chooses to use them sometimes I wouldn’t worry. They’re probably just concentrating on something else :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughters first word (and use properly not just goober talk) was Dad at 8 months. Other words came quickly. She talked very early! It was crazy having a one year old using full sentences. One of my nieces was saying Dog at 8 months as well. (My boys, not so much :joy:)


My daughter didn’t speak until she was two. And then it flooded out in full complex sentences all at once. She is turning five soon and picks up all languages so easy. She prefers to do math in Spanish. And recently she decided she wanted to learn mandarin. Kids will reach each milestone when they are ready. Not when the doctors are or when the charts say they should. Don’t stress about it. And do not let others talk down on you about it INCLUDING doctors/nurses. I had a nurse shame me and blame it on my husband being gone (he was deployed at the time) and I let others opinions affect me and I had major amounts of mom guilt and it wasn’t healthy. So breathe and know that your baby will be just fine :heart:

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My 6th COULD talk, but rarely did. She didn’t REALLY start talking until she was over 2.5…but boy when she did…She was 3 and pronounced and used the word 'extraordinary" in a sentence correctly, and could speak in 10-12 word sentences. This was much above her age standard (3-5 word sentences at age 3)

They usually learn a word n then say it for a few days/weeks then move onto others or revert back to ones they already know. My lo is 11 months exactly and can say mama, dada, doggy, tree, lady, car, bird, he said ‘All done’ yesterday. He started with mama followed by dada at 7 months. As long as they can put two words together by 24 months they arent classes as needing support with speechx

My 6 year old was like that. Barely said anything until he was like 1.5 years old but now he speaks amazing. We later found out that he was “blind”. But really but he has terrible eye sight and it caused him a lot of problems and made him feel very withdrawn and kept to himself. Once we got him glasses, he started talking a lot and comibg out of his shell. They say that a lot of behavior or learning problems actually come from eye sight or hearing problems that go unrecognized. Worth a shot to get it checked!

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I think milestones are different my daughter focused on walking more then talking. I do hear mama and dada but that’s about the most. She is 11 months now and started walking at 9 months so probably wouldnt be too concerned yet. Just enjoy the milestones already done

My little boy didn’t start talking until he was 2 years old. Making sounds and saying mama or dada is totally normal for kids around your little one’s age. You’re doing a great job, mama! Don’t worry about it and just keep showing him all the love :heart:


The best thing is always talk to him in conversation and the speak some words louder like cookie., drink apple. Cat, dog ect.

My daughter was like that. Didn’t hit milestones the time frame she was supposed to. She was born 3 weeks early because she wasn’t growing anymore and wasn’t getting any nutrients. She was a good baby. She cried when she was fed because it hurt her tummy. Other than that, she was so happy. Just hit milestones a little later. My pediatrician said it was nothing to worry about. She’s healthy and happy now at 7. All kids don’t hit milestones when they are “supposed” to. My mom said I walked, said my first sentence at 9 months old. “Shut up dog”. Lol. No dada or mama. I climbed curtains and on top of my tricycle. I was early hitting milestones. No different than anyone else. Score high on tests, but not exceptionally intelligent. My daughter got very sick with encephalitis and meningitis at 18 months and is “developmentally disabled”. She has a hard time with some things but is still very smart. She suffered brain damage from the seizures during her illness and almost passed away. I’m eternally grateful she is here and happy. That’s all that will ever matter. Children are absolutely precious. She has come extremely farther than expected and it’s because of her hard work and determination. Mine and my family’s too.

My second son didn’t start speaking multiple words until like 16 months, before that my husband and I were concerned about a delay of sorts, but turns out if you just let your child go at his or her own pace the words will come with time. My son is now 2 years old and can say 2-3word sentences, and says new words daily. Just be consistent with the words your trying to get him to say, be repetitive “ would you like out of your chair” say out, “would you like up” say up. In due time you’ll have him chatting like there was never a problem in the first place.


They are all different my great granddaughter says different words she is 22 months it depends on the child and can’t compare :blush:

My son didn’t start speaking until age 3. He is 6 now and speaks very well, is a great reader and likes to use big words. Some kids are just late bloomers.