How much does a tubal ligation cost?

My husband and I agreed no more kids after this one. I want to get a tubal but don’t know how much it costs and whether insurance will cover it. Does anyone have experience with ths?


Not sure about a tubal, but my husband’s vasectomy only cost me $35! Just saying.


Our insurance covered my husband’s vasectomy.
I think the price just depends on your insurance. You’ll need to talk to your Obgyn about it so they can go over everything for you first and then if you still want one, they’ll set it up for you.

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My insurance through my work covered it

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Without insurance, about $10k

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Depends on your insurance. If it’s a religious insurance or they just won’t cover it, you can apply for special programs through your state (I’m in California and we have a few like PACT and Access)

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I had it done years ago I got it for anything

Much much easier and cheaper to have him get a vascectomy.


My tubal was covered by my state insurance but I heard that the government has passed a law and not sure if it’s only in specific states but they said that birth control may no longer be covered by insurance. But if I had to pay it would of been a little over 5,000$

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My insurance covered it completely. Call and ask. Make sure you word it right as a preventative for getting pregnancy, yeah I know that’s common sense, but it matters.

My tubal was covered by my insurance. I had mine done same time as my c section.

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Depends on insurance!! My husbands covered his vascectomy!

Get him to do it- one day off and not major surgery

Research it to the core before making that decision. I wish I never had! PTLS is real!


I’m getting one done through my state insurance and I was told that they’ll cover it.

I would get him fixed!! Less risk. Cost less.

Have your husband get fixed. Getting tubes tied is so much harder.

Just got mine done 4 months ago after my third c section. All covered by insurance .

Medicaid pays for tubes tying for first 6 weeks

My experience is that kids cost way more :smirk:

It’s cheaper and easier for him to get a vasectomy. You it’s in hospital with sedation. Him it’s lidocaine some Valium in office


Defintly recommend vasectomy my tubal has messed with my hormones so much they want to put me on bc :confused:

Hubby got a vasectomy after my last delivery. $500 out of pocket and a simple in office procedure

It just depends on how good your insurance is. Your best bet is to call and ask, then go from there.

My tubal was covered 100% by my insurance. I had mine done the day after I had my last child.

If ur gonna use ur insurance and ur pregnant now u gotta tell the 30 days prior because if not u have to wait till after I think it’s easier all at once but I’d go the vasectomy to b honest

Have your husband get snipped! It’s easier and not as invasive! Cheaper too apparently.

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If it’s an option definitely get your husband to have a vasectomy… Most insurance companies will cover it… I’ve had nothing but problems since I had my tubal 15 years ago…


Call your insurance carrier

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I feel so bad for Americans and the healthcare created debt. I’m going for a tubal shortly and no part of the process is going to cost me anything. I’ve had 3 c-sections not paid anything all three came with a week in the hospital. Two of my children had nicu stays. I’d be up to my eyeballs in debt if I was in the states.

I’ve had nothing but problems since I had mine done 6 years ago! Don’t do it!!

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I would think hard before getting them tied I had mine tied 20 years ago and had nothing but problems ending up having to have a hysterectomy at the age of 37 hot flashes suck why can’t he get snipped?

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I had mine done after our son was born.he was our second I had to have emergency csection dam near killed me. The doctor said my husband babies are just to big for me ( I’m 4ft9inch 117lbs my husband is 6ft4inch 250lbs ) so doctor tied them when I was 20yrs old our insurance paid for it in 1994 it coast 4thousand$

Most insurance will pay for it

I having had any trouble at all. I had mine done 26yrs ago cut burnt and tied not one problem

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Doctors have linked cancer to tubal obligations. Now they prefer to completely remove the tubes.

Mine was covered. Ive never had any issues. I had mine done 6 years ago.

No problems after a tubal ligation 42 years ago. Ask the insurance company.

Just going to warn you… tubal ligation isnt 100%… I just got pregnant after my tubal which was 6.5 years ago… and it was ectopic

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Most insurance covers it. I had mine cut and burned but ended up having a hysterectomy less than 6 months later due to cancer.

My insurance covered it. Had it done shortly after I had my daughter, while we were still in the hospital.

Free if you live in Canada

Most insurances should cover it

My state insurance paid for my tubal. But every state an insurance policy is different. Better chance with asking your doctor. Tubals aren’t so bad. In and out day procedure. But about a 6 week recovery time. If you get it done at the same time you have your baby, you’ll probably heal during the same time and not need any extra time lol but it you have to do it at a different time and can’t take extra time off work or something, or afford a lot, maybe talk to you husband if he’s willing to get sniped. It’ll be cheaper. Done in the office. Less healing time. All that. But should be discussed between you guys. And before a decision is needed lol where I live, to get a tubal, you have to sign a paper 30 days before you can make an appointment for it to be done (or before delivery of you’ve decided already and they’re gonna do it then) so you have a month to decide and change your mind. I was only 22 when I got mine done. I didn’t know my insurance would pay for it. They didn’t pay for vasectomies though lol. Until I had my youngest son (my second) and the nurse asked what I was wanting for birth control. And I learned they’d pay for it. My doctor didn’t wanna do it. Cause I was only 22. Had only 2 boys. My ex and I weren’t married (just been together 6 years at the time) but, he was emotionally and mentally abusive. I didn’t think we were gonna split up. And I did not wanna have any more kids with him. An I also only ever wanted 2 kids. We split up 4 months after I got it done. I’m married now. And 30. Doesn’t bug me to much, I don’t regret getting it done really. Cause well I was with my abusive ex for almost 8 years, from 15 till 22. So after him, I had some one night stands. One might’ve ended with an unexpected one lol. There’s times where I wish I could have a baby with my husband. Or I get baby fever. 🤷 But my husband also says, the boys are enough. I have full custody. And he’s helped raise them. They’re also a handful lol and idk what I would do with 3 kids at times either. But go insane ha.

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Most insurance will cover it. Mine told me it’s considered preventative care. You should look into it.

Contact your insurance company, they are really the only ones that can answer those questions

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Talk to your insurance

I had the clamps done almost 2 years ago and got a $40 bill from the doctor. Everything else was covered 100%. BTW…I love them and wish i had done them sooner. Very little down time and pretty much no scarring. I was terrified to get them burned (I thought that was the only option) bc everyone I talked to who had that done has has issues since. I wish i could go back 8 years, after I had my youngest and do it rather than dealing with BC all this time.

Have him get a vasectomy and then if you decide you want more kids he can have a reversal

Cheaper and quicker is him getting a vasectomy.

Coverage depends on your insurance. Have to call and find out. Also need to ask hospital and doctor for pricing.

Mine covered it. They considered it preventive care. They cut and burned the ends of mine. He said that he made mine easy to be reversed (like left enough so that if I chose to have it reversed I’d have enough tube left to do so) since I was only 23 when I had it done.
I don’t regret having it done but it has caused me alot of problems. I’ve heard a vasectomy is quicker and cheaper and not as many risks.

Do the clamps, less painful and quicker healing.

It’s covered by medicaid. I had mine done 6 years ago

I was scared to be put under and have surgery. I’ve never had surgery and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle my 3 boys because of all the down time I would need. My husband decided it was better, safer and cheaper for him to get snipped. I took him in to our general doctor, he got numbed up and was out within an hour. He was sore for a few days but other than that he was fine.

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My insurance covered mine but I’m pretty sure I met my deductible prior to the surgery. Same scenario last year when I had a complete hysterectomy.

It varies. It would have been $300 for me with insurance. And the recovery is 6-8 weeks. My husband volunteered for vasectomy when he heard the recovery time. Only cost him $50 with insurance and a few days recovery.

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My insurance covered it. I’d highly recommend he get it unless c section. Way easier on him.

Make an appointment with your doctor or an obgyn, they will be able to tell you if its covered or not. I had my tubes removed and it was covered, just had to fill out the paper work no less then 30 days and no more then 6 months before procedure


There are programs that are financial based to get your tubes tied, with that being said it is easier for your husband to get a vasectomy…3 yrs after my tubes tied I had my 3rd child then ended up having to have a partial hysterectomy due to problems after get my tubes tied other than getting pregnant again…

Completely covered for me…and I also had a uterine ablation (at the same time) due to heavy periods. That was covered also

Cheaper for him to get snipped. But if the surgery is labeled medical then insurance should cover some or all it all depends on your insurance. My insurance covered my medical hysterectomy last month


I wouldn’t do a tubal unless you’re having a c section. If you’re not, then I’d just have him get a vasectomy.


You will need to talk to your provider and insurance company. It can vary. However, unless their is specific reason you want one have your partner get snipped. Less expansive, less invasive and you have been through a lot already. It is his turn.


Unless it’s a non-covered benefit on our policy it should be covered based on your outpatient hospital deductible and co-insurance.

Depends on insurance. I have Cigna via employer and they covered it 100%. My suggestion would be to reach out to your insurance. Find out if it’s cover at no cost to you or if deductible would apply. Make sure you get documentation. At first Cigna applied it to my deductible but I appealed and finally they realized they screwed up and paid at 100%.They put you down so you have hospital charges and then surgeon and anesthesia professional charges. Good luck!

I think you would get more accurate info, speaking with the clinic and or your insurance. Every place and company would be different.

My insurance covered mine. Not sure what kind some of ya’ll had. I was back to normal activities in 2 days. Just no lifting over 20 pounds for 2 weeks.
For all ya’ll saying vasectomy that wasn’t her question and that’s your personal opinion :roll_eyes:


I had it, no issues, just a little scar. I have a EPO HSA, so my procedure cost me about $700, but it was way more, the Insurance covered that.

You. Would. Have. To. Check. With. Your. Doctor & Insurance. I. Had. My. Tubes. Tied. After. I. Had. My. 4th. Son. The. Doctors. Said. It. Is. Easier & Less. Money. To. Do. Right. After. You. Have. A. Baby.

The long term issues I’ve had because of mine if I had to do it over again just no no no… One side reattached (a few tubal pregnancies after 15 years)and the other side is connected to my abdomen which causes odd pains. Not to mention the known issues with fibroids after a tubal being much worse

I feel for you ladies who have to pay for these sort of treatments. Makes me appreciate our NHS. I had my sterilisation in 1991 and had clips put on. Worked a treat for me.

Some insurance do while others only cover it if it’s for your health. Call and ask your provider

More expensive than a vasectomy. Also more invasive. My husband went to work at his desk job the same day. If anything happens to me he doesn’t need more kids anyway.


Its honestly cheaper, faster, easy, safer for a vasectomy. Outpatient procedure and a cpl days rest.


My insurance covers it an was told take it easy for a week an would be healed in 2. They do 3 little holes an it’s all laparoscopically done

If you have a c section mine was covered at the time of c section…i .can’t remember cost otherwise, but was more as was a separate surgical procedure.

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If you are pregnant now… and have delivery choice …?!

I had my tubes tied at the same time as my last c section…
Was all covered be AB medical…
Good choice, no problems, was all ready recovering surgery so… and I was 42, so time was right… 50 now, no regrets!!!

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I had my tubes removed in 2018 after the last little was born and it ran about 15,000. So worth it, new studies show that ovarian cancer starts in the tubes so my doctor opps to remove just the tubes. 2 birds 1 stone!! Also 100% impossible to get pregnant again!!! It is 3 tiny incisions and your back up about 3 days later!!

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He should get a vasectomy. Much less invasive and painful. My husband had one and I watched. He’s a big baby but even he did fine.

It’s billed as preventative so it should be 100% free

Insurance covered mine and it will be 10 years ago Saturday that I had it done

Get it at time of delivery, will save you a ton…


Normally when doctors “fix” you, what they’re doing now is just taking your tubes and ovaries out. It’s to decrease the chances of cancer.

Isn’t this something you should be talking to your insurance company or Dr about instead of fb?? :roll_eyes:

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Call your insurance company. My husband got a vasectomy then 2 years later I ended up with a hysterectomy. Poor man… He was awesome.

vasectomy was $500 this year for us. way easier, next to no down time

My insurance covered mine but not sure how much it cost after

I had nine completely taken out a few months ago and it was covered

Most insurances cover it.

I had part of my tubes removed. My insurance covered all of it.

Mine was covered, I was down the day and back to work the next day.

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Insurance usually will cover that.

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Ins should cover it. The odds r low to get pregnant again.there was 10 if us had it done one out of 10 got pregnant

I had mine many years ago it was fully covered

I got one directly after having my 3rd kid quick and easy and never had any problems

Insurance should cover it. It’s than having a baby

Insurance covers it i believe its about 28,000 I had one 3 years ago.

Insurance covered mine I had it done after my 3rd child 9 yrs ago

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Had a tubal after birth. It is easy then because the enlarged uterus from pregnancy has pulled the fallopian tubes up where they are easily reached through your belly button.

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