How much does your 10 month old eat?

How much formula do you give your ten-month-old at each bottle feeding?

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9 ounce in the morning and nine ounce at bedtime, the rest of the day he has lunch dinner and some finger food snacks or fruit inbetween x

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With the lo I am watching I was giving him 3 formula bottles a day. One after he woke up with his breakfast an then one to with his lunch an then one for bed. In between those bottles I would give him juice or water.

I think my son ate 8 ounces. I breast fed my daughter. I could pump 11 ounces out of each breast and she would drink it dry at every feeding.

At 10m we were down to maybe 2 8oz a day and the rest was finger food and some regular foods like spaghetti and mac and cheese then juice watered way down. Mine had a few teeth by then so he had no issues eating.
Now, I have barely gotten him to eat all day at 2yrs🙄

My little one is only 8months but she is a good eater loves her food.
She eats 1weetbix for breakfast and 150mls formula when she goes down for her morning nap. ( she still breastfeeds so sometimes shes happy to breastfeed to fall asleep and have bottle around lunch time)
Lunch she has pureed apple and yogurt or vanilla custard etc she snacks on sweet potato rice sticks thru days too with her sippy cup of water only. For dinner she has mashed pumpkin/brocoli and has another 150/180ml formula right before bed. She breastfeeds here and there but getting less and less now.
She just started sleeping thru the nights nearly 2weeks ago too.

Mine power slam formula esp at night. And they EAT all day long

Depending on your child. I have 4 and all 4 have have been different. The youngest still insist on milk. He won’t drink juice or water. His pediatrician isn’t concerned he has told me that some kids until 4 just won’t give up milk. To keep encouraging. We had a formula bottle with three meals and the snacks were nothing but snacks bc he wouldn’t drink water

I think that should vary depending on how much the child eats in solids.

My 10 month old daughter has 4-5 6 ounce bottles a day and maybe one at night. She also eats meals with us but it’s mostly playing with it. She eats about half of a serving. So like 6 green beans and a few bites of potatoes or something like that

we do 7 ounce in morning, 5 ounce at dinner time and 7 ounce before bed. obviously having food in-between aswell x

My son eats about 6-7 ounces per bottle several times throughout the day and about 10 ounces total before bed. He isnt much into eating solids.

My kids probably got 24-36 ounces of formula a day at that age, in the morning I did not give them a bottle until they ate solid foods, and they had a sippy cup I put the formula in and water only in the bottle, as recommended by their doctor because of toothrot, no they did not have it but the doctor explained juice and formula in bottles once they have teeth is hard on teeth. The last formula was given half way between dinner and bed time mixed with cereal and they would get a bottle with water before bed.

My son will be 9 months on dec. 12th and he has 4 8ounce bottles a day with having solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has snacks all day

10 ounces per bottle.

At that age, my son was drinking anywhere from 18-26 oz of formula. He was right on track according to his pediatrician. Each bottle was anywhere from 5-7oz or so, sometimes bigger before bed

When my boys were that little, they both are 4-5 eight ounce bottles a day plus table food and had a sippy cup for water or juice. Each kid is different though. But no matter what, there is no such thing as an obese baby. The baby knows when it’s hungry, all you have to do is feed them

3 to 4 6oz sippy cups. They’re off the bottle. My child is on table food and drinks his bottles with his meals. I’m getting my child on a toddler schedule for when they move to the toddler room, he’s good.

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My 10 month old has 3-8 oz bottles a day and 2 containers of baby food. Some snacks but they’re more for gaining better eye hand coordination than any nutrition.

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My daughter will be 10 months on December 4th and she drinks 2-3 8 ounce bottles a day. She also eats baby food, table food, snacks and has her sippy cup for water or juice.

9 ounce in the morning and nine ounce at bedtime, the rest of the day he has lunch dinner and some finger food snacks or fruit inbetween x


We do 3 8 oz bottles
Morning, afternoon, and night

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At 10 months they should be eating food.

Mine varies but usually between 4-10oz before bed

It solely depends on if bottles are all they’re taking. At10 months if they have only milk/formula then it should be 4-6 bottles throughout the day around 6 ounces or so. If they have food obviously they’re going to eat less. It depends on their metabolism too. My baby had 3-4 bottles a day between 6-8 ounces and she ate food 2-3 times a day.

I believe a 10 month old should be drinking at least a 8ounce bottle of formula if your concerned about how being consumed go to your pediatrician have your child weighed ect. Good luck

Find what the total ounces he should be drinking in a 24 hour period and then split it according to how often you give him a bottle.