How much is a pregnancy test?

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88 cents at Walmart or $1 at Dollar Tree. And they work just as well as the $15 tests. I’ve actually had a more expensive one come back with a false negative then get a positive from a dollar store test. They all test for the same pregnancy hormones, and it seems pretty silly to me to spend more money on another test that does the same thing. Shop smart :wink:


It’s such a shame how rude people truly are. She could be a first time mom. She could be comparing prices, why pay for something expensive when the cheap ones work just as good, if not better. (MAYBE she doesn’t know that). Just because she asked a simple question, doesn’t mean she isn’t ready for a child. She never stated she couldn’t afford one. We don’t know the situation because she chose not to explain.


Dollorama/dollar tree are 1.25 -4$ and they definitely work.


88 cents at Walmart. They are accurate. Ignore the people commenting on income, sometimes life happens. There are programs for low income moms, start with Medicaid/title 19.

And I have universal healthcare so don’t come for me, I just have compassion for people in a pickle.


Wow some people are so Rude lol Im laughing at all these miserable comments. She asked a question if you don’t want to answer it with an answer that fits then keep scrolling. :woman_facepalming:t2:


You are just paying for the name… All test are pretty much the same. But the Walmart ones for 88 cents were more accurate for me cause they can test lower amounts of HCG in your system, some wont show positive till after your missed cycle…


I used 2 from the dollar tree and they worked great. I also went to the hospital and had bloodwork done. That was $20.

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It depends on where you get it and what brand you get… I’d check your local Walmart grocery store or dollar general.

Dollar store has them :slight_smile:

Dollar at dollar tree. That’s how I found out I was pregnant all 6 times.

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Free at planned parenthood


$1 from dolla tree.

By all means go ahead and waste $20 on a test, you could’ve put that 20 towards the diapers you’ll now be needing :wink:

  • Smart Moms Save Money * let that sink in :sparkling_heart:

I have 2 babies. My own car, phone, and apartment. They’re very smart and we’ll off! I have NO problems raising them although they came from a positive dollar store test :+1:t4:


You can get it done for free and you’re local health department

This is such a dumb question lol. If you go to the store you can literally look :rofl::rofl: why ask a question when you can easily find out and a bunch of women won’t rip your head off for it :rofl:

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If you are worried about the cost of a pregnancy test maybe you aren’t ready to be a parent :woman_facepalming:


I think I paid like 8 bucks for the digital one that’s says pregnant or not pregnant last time I bought one but that’s just me cause I can’t see and hate having to try to see if it’s an evaparttion line or a positive

Free if you just wait 3-4 months


But the cheap one. It’s literally the same test as the expensive name brand ones just without the name brand.

I always got mine at the dollar store. Why spend a ton of money on something you pee on and throw away?

[email protected] on Amazon are so cheap and accurate

Depends on where you get it

.99-30 :joy: red dye tests at the dollar tree work

get a blood test from your pcp

Dollar Rama has pregnancy test also

$1 at the dollar store

She could be new to all of this and actually have no idea so quick to judge it’s a damn shame.


$1 at Walmart and dollar tree.

$1 at the dollar store! They work too… I used it and I am in fact pregnant lol

Look it up on google! :skull:


Dollar plus tax. Same ones they use at the doctors office btw.

99cents to 24$ :joy::woman_shrugging:

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