How much screen time for kids?

Hi moms I’m just curious how often you allow your children to watch cartoons?


We literally always have cartoons on our tv :woman_facepalming:t3: the kids play but rest and watch them occasionally.


Everyday but only learning ones

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About an hour a day, if that. Except for the cold days, it’s a free for all on whatever activity keeps them from destroying the house and my sanity😋 Mostly, I promote much more play and reading than tv

My tv is always on. Mostly just as background noise. They will stop and watch whenever.


Probably a lot more than we should :woman_shrugging: a lot of the time he’s not really watching though

I’m a terrible mom. I don’t restrict t.v. or electronic time anymore. :joy:


Our tv is literally on all day. The kids barely watch it tho

We do pbs ones in the morning before breakfast but after that it’s off. Unless we are having a rough day or need extra cuddle time.

Every morning until nap time. But she only really watches it in the morning waking up

Always cause they play and nap

My tv is always on but my kids come and go on watching it but my kids do spend a lot of time outside, reading, crafts and playing so just cuz its on dont means anyone is watching it

It depends on the day. Rainy days suck and usually the tv will be on in the bg - they never watch it for long. My kids are really outdoorsy so they ask me to go outside all day. Nightime is okay after dinner and bath - my son has a tablet he uses to fall asleep.

Cartoons are usually on all day but neither of our girls really just sit and watch them unless they are tired. It’s more like background noise to them playing.


My son is 15 months old I usually put on a movie like loony tunes or something he goes n plays n watches it when he wants but some days I don’t turn the TV on at all lol

Whenever… Hes 9 and makes good grades and does chores and homework first. Then he can watch TV or youtube till dinner time

It’s on cartoons or movies all day but she plays with her toys and me most of the time

Whenever they want. I don’t mind because they keep themselves busy playing and aren’t too interested in TV.

Never. I just put music on.

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Maby 3 times a week if that. But I don’t have TV only a dvd player hooked up to a monitor and I don’t have WiFi ether. 🤷

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My son is 2 and recently started actually watching TV and being interested in it . If it’s something he likes , I have maybe 20 minutes to get some stuff done uninterrupted before he’s bored with it.

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TV is on all day, video game time is limited to an hr a day on school days and non school days is 2 hrs unless it’s raining

The more you withhold the tv the more they will want it from my experiences of watching people limit there childs tv

My 2 1/2 yr old never really got into “cartoons”…yet! Except sesame street…thats the only thing he watched and i don’t really consider it a cartoon. Now educational videos…LOVES them! He knows his abc’s…count to 40 (maybe higher now) all shapes…including hexagon, octagon…etc, colors, body parts, spelling. Most of it came from videos…so sometimes it can be educational!

It’s always on. But my daughter has learned ALOT from the shows that she does watch.

Everyday damn day lol

It’s mainly on stuff I want to watch since he is playing, I do let him watch his"puppies"but if he gets to sedentary then we turn it off and go outside. It’s all about balance.

Never. They watch a movie here and there in their rooms…other then that theres no tv really. I have them play, read, do puzzles, make art, create a game, play a board game, go outside, listen to music etc.

Whenever he’s over toys and we already played outside. My toddler LOVES Little Baby Bum on youtube, he’s learned so much from those videos.

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