How much should an 11 month old eat?

My baby boy is 11 months. He eats breakfast, lunch, & dinner. He drinks 3-4 oz of juice in his sippy & then an hour later he will drink a 6-7 oz bottle of formula. Is this normal? Is he drinking to much? How much do your babies eat/drink? Just a curious mama, thanks


Babys are tiny humans they drink when they are thirsty just like anyone :heart: it’s normal 100%


He does not need juice!


That’s how my daughter is & shes 9 months

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Kids grow…mine was always hungry/thirsty…food every couple hours… breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack…liquid in between…not a ounce of fat…very active .think ahead to school… didn’t you ever grab a snack at recess… don’t you ever have a snack through out the day…have something to drink…and they are growing…I don’t mean junk food

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My 6 month old drinks that way sometimes too. Thirsty and normal. I remember lactation telling me that not every meal is the same- sometimes it’s like Thanksgiving and other times it’s just enough. You’ll know if it’s enough (or not). And as far as juice need- our little one has awful constipation issues. After tons of natural ways trying to relieve, we went with 2 ouces of prune juice daily to keep him regular. So there can be a ‘need’. Water is empty calories, so it’s like a double edged sword sometimes.

Totally normal and dont let anyone put you down for letting your baby drink juice my baby is 16months and has been drinking juice an water since she was 9 months completely fine​:heart::heart: You do you momma


No he doesn’t NEED juice but if she wants to giver her baby some juice she’s allowed! As long has your baby is digesting everything well you have nothing to worry about Mama. Do your thaaaang :heart::heart:


He doesn’t. Need juice but if you do dilute it so like 2 oz Apple juice 2oz water something like that


I wouldn’t be giving him juice! My little guy is 18 months and has never had anything but water in his sippy cup. My doc told me to hold him off on juice as long as I can!


Normal! My daughter (eldest) was always drinking something when she was younger. She’s calmed down but she does drink still quite a bit at almost 4.

I give my little man apple juice watered down. It helps his tummy. Have since he was off formula at 10 months… I know gasp right.

10 months
Breakfast lunch and dinner he takes a morning nap after each meal where he gets a 4-5oz bottle when it’s time to lay down and a full 9oz bottle at bedtime which is about 2 1/2 hours later he’s a big eater. And don’t let anyone tell you not to give you kid juice… i give my son about 4-5 oz of watered down juice during the day and sometimes he sips off my cup of water or juice when he sees me. There’s nothing wrong with it

If the juice is diluted it’s fine. Stop telling her she can’t give her baby juice just because y’all choose not to.


Juice destroy teeth fast.


My son is 11 months old as well. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks throughout the day. He drinks 4-5oz of watered down juice, 1-2 sippy cups of water a day(it varies), and still wants his bottle of formula when he goes down for his two naps and bedtime every night. It seems like all he does is eat and drink all day, but his doctor says it’s normal so honestly I wouldn’t worry about it.

No just like u when you’re thirsty my kids both grown now drank water too

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1 year old. She might have 5 oz of juice/ water/ something other than milk a day. She drinks about 20-25 oz of milk a day and eats breakfast, snack, post snack, lunch, post lunch snack, snack, and dinner.

Pediatrician says for us to do what works for us. My kids get water, juice, milk…a variety of all foods. As long as their weight stays up and their belly’s tolerate it it’s fine.
Obviously use your best judgment…i dont give them pop or very many sweets purely because it’s not healthy but they get an occasional mini donut and some apple juice! …I’m just happy it’s not cheerios from under the dryer :rofl:

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He’s fine…water down the juice tho.

My littlest eats and drinks non stop all day every day. Always has lol

No juice until 2 at least they dont need ANY its basically sugar water


Do you give straight juice or do you water it down? Most juice has sodium in it which could cause him to dehydrate. Do you ever give him water?


Kids drink like they’re dehydrated 24/7. It never ends. :woman_facepalming:t2:
Unless you have diabetes in your family, it’s all good.

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No it’s perfectly normal, I would give him a water sippy through out the day also for when he gets thirsty. Just to even out the juice

Get 100% juice & water it down

Girl my 10 month old will eat her lunch and 30 minutes layer down an 8 oz bottle and pass out. Feed your baby till hes full.


At 11 months he should still be having anywhere from 24 to 30oz of Formula a day with no more then 4oz of additional water a day. As far as the meals go that’s good but his formula is still his main source of nutrition as that’s where most of his calories and nutrition comes from. It’s totally normal to drink a lot but the Juice actually takes away from the want of the formula which he needs for growth and development. I know a lot of moms that give juice and after a year it’s ok as long as it’s diluted but before then it really shouldn’t be given.


Sounds about right to me.

My 6 month old tonight had 2oz of formula then ate a slice of whole grain toast and a small peach yogurt half hour later and then about an hour after she ate that she had 5oz of formula . she just started baby led weaning but she still drinks about 25-30 oz of formula a day and 4oz sippy of water a day

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I think smoothies are a better option than juice or watered down juice, because at least there are digestible fibers which will help to slow down the sugar absorption.

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My granddaughter drinks a LOT of water every day as well as lots of milk and food. My daughter not leaves her sippy cup in her crib with water in it and it is finished each morning. She also sleeps longer now that that’s done every night. Dont worry about drinking water.

My 3 yr old has always and still chugs down drinks like he lives in the desert.
He’s healthy as a horse…went through a LOT of diapers though, lol. Some kids just like to drink more I suppose.
I just let him go. If it continues, and he starts acting off when he has sugar, starts getting lethargic often, I’d definitely have him checked for diabetes. Otherwise, sounds fine to me.


He may just be thirsty better that way than dehydrated

No my daughter drinks lots of juice and water she’s 14 months and drinks about 2-3 bottles of milk before bed

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Babies only consume what they need. So yes, it’s normal


My son is 10 months and eats breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks quite a bit we don’t do juice it’s horrible for teeth and no reason for it but he does drink a lot of water and a few bottles during the day and night he’s constantly hungry and I was told by his dr and nutritionist that you feed them till they quit

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I wouldn’t suggest juice everyday. Also I would do about 1/3 water in the cup if you do

He’s doing fine… nothing wrong there

I wouldn’t give him juice at all

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Sounds normal. I still don’t give my 18 month old juice yet. She’s only ever had water really. However, I have found 100% pressed apple juice and have given her a little of that diluted.

Its fine. Thats exactly how my oldest son did. But he was 8- 9 months old . I replaced the bottle with more of his sippy cup. He started pulling the nipple of the bottle out & spilling his milk . He was 10 months old & never missed the bottle. He drunk everything out of his cup.