How much should I pay my friend to babysit?

I will be starting a job here soon and a friend of mine will watch my 9-month-old daughter now my question is how much should I give her as payment from Monday - Thursday 6:30 to 4:30 and Fridays 7:30 to 2:30 I don’t want to under or overpay her she said whatever I can give, but I don’t want to rip her off either I will be providing diaper food formula clothes and literally everything she needs


I run daycare and I charge $20 a day and I’m in a small town

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Depends where you live and if shes doing it cuz she wants to or needs money… I’d say 20-30 a day

I watch a little. She is between 20 and 30 a day depending when she is picked up.

The cheapest daycare near me is 155, plus everything needed

I live in a moderate size town in the midwest. My sitter provides everything but diapers and charges $150 a week.

If it is only your child she is watching, $6-$8 an hour.

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My mom watches my kids and my nephew. She charges me 15$ a day but only has them for about 4 hours. My nephew she has all day and charges my brother $20 a day

Depends on how much you will get paid an hour? If it’s $12 bucks an hour I would say $3-4 an hour goes to the babysitter. If it’s $16 an hour I’d say give $5-6 goes to the baby sitter. And if you get paid like say $20 an hour or more then baby sitter gets $8 or more an hour.

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My sitter charges $35 a day. I provide all diapers/wipes/formula/baby food.

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My family friend charges me 10 a day for a few hours

Because you are friends and you trust her id pay her a little more. I watched my friends kids and it ended the friendship because i ended up feeling totally taken advantage of. $150 a week would seem pretty fair I think.

Wow I want to find this $20 a day. Ppl want $15 to $18 an hour here. When my 10 year old was in daycare I paid $350 a week when she was 6-weeks to 9 months old.


Yeah about $140-150 a week

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Where i live it’s $150-200 a week

My daycare charges $100/week no matter the age until school age. Then it’s $50/week

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I charge 35 a day and I don’t provide any food, but I am in California, and that is pretty standard here.

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I have never heard of crazy low prices everyone else is saying
But I live in WA state
If you wanted to not rip her off I would do a minimum of $200 a week
Full time daycare for a child that’s in diapers here is $400 a week
And that’s on the low end.


Where do you guys go? I pay $130 a day for my son to go to childcare


I charge $125 a week and parents provide the diapers wipes and formula.


I keep one little one for a friend. She provides all necessities. I charge $25/day.

$100.00 a week at least

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Check out your local daycare prices. Mine run between $100-140/week for m-f for 12-14hours with you providing diapers & formula.

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I paid daycare $40 a day…so I’d say around $20 or $30 seems fair.

Widely varies depending on where you live. For us it’s $150 a week in a moderately small town, we paid $175 a week in a bigger town.

I’m paying 238 a week for a licensed day care so half that for your friend

I watch a friend’s daughter. She is 3 and I have since she was 6 months. $25/day

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I charge 25.00 a day

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25$ a day or $125-145 a week if 8+ hours a day.

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I would call local home daycares where you live. Get quotes. Pay her slightly less. You want to pay near the going rate or you might end your friendship if she feels used.

I pay $125 a week. 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Thursday and 730 to 3 on Fridays

For 47 hours a week $40 a day

Gotta think if she’s watching your LO during those hours its a inconvenience to schedule appointments around that shift.

I would say 40 a day

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I charge $40 a day for 8 hrs, it seems reasonable

Daycare in NJ is 475 a wk…I think 250 at least

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I pay 170 a week which is about 35 a day.

My friend and I usually do $10 a day but we have the agreement that I will watch her daughter when she needs it as well.

I wouldn’t want to make someone who was taking care of my child feel underpaid. I’d say 80 to 100 a week!

will you be claiming what you pay her on your taxes?

Where I live the standard cost is $55 per day :neutral_face: I need to move where all of you live lol

Depends where you live.

$25 a day would be fair.


It really depends on where you guys like. Anywhere from $20/day-$50 per day is pretty typical (although for a kiddo under a year, $30/day is pretty well the minimum)

$20 a day is NOT enough. At the VERY least, $35 a day.


If you can afford it at least $25 aday. She and you know your circumstances. If she is your true friend you won’t take advantage of her knowing your child is in the best of care. It is hard to find. Friends do help friends out though.

$40-$50 a day… I did this for my friend a while back and that seemed fair for both of us

Yeah I say like $25-$30 a day

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I think it depends on where you leave. Call around and check to see what the going rate is for infant care near you. I would also be open with her… let her know your method of deciding the pay amount, as those costs generally decrease as the child gets older. I’d stick with that. Generally at 18 mo the cost decreases and then again when they’re about 3. But that’s here in Texas. See what the norm is in your area

I paid my home daycare 120 a week

I babysit and I charge $20 a day. No matter if I have them 8 hours or 12 hours. I am in kansas.


I agree with the person who said call your local daycare and inquire about their prices for a baby your child’s age for the hours you are needing. Many friendships have been ruined because of financial misunderstandings. Look into daycare rates and base your finances off that, that way if something happens and you end up having to put your child in daycare you have already budgeted for that


I would do $50 a day. Shes gotta make enough to live as well…

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I’m Australian, child care where I live is $100 a day, so I say half that :woman_shrugging:

I pay 15 dollars a day.

$40 is normal where I live, but the cost is typically more for infants. So I suggest that and maybe treat a few times like coffee, etc

If you claim it on taxes, you force her to report it, there for a higher pay should be made and vise versa

100-150 for the week

I pay $25-35 a day depending on how long

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I pay 30$ a day for daycare so I’d say around there give or take depending on where you like

You all realize that $25 for a 10hr day is $2.50 an hour…to care for living human being…


We pay my mom 100 a week for 8 hours 5 days a week and I also chip in extra if they wanna go so where or do something. But she’s also my mom. Or maybe offer 100 as a starting point and let her tell you if that’s good or not.

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Depends. A non licenced sitter here would charge $20 a day and a licenced daycare charges $28 a day. Min wage here is $11.50 an hour. Some people make more and can afford to pay more. Don’t pay her more then u make…


I pay $100/week in Missouri for in home. She’s the cheapest in town too.

I would say 30 to 35 a day.

These are mostly low ball. Since it’s a friend it may be different but your baby is getting much more than they would at a daycare with 20+ kids. Therefore you have to pay more. Nanny’s in my area make $16+ an hour.


Im in ca.2.50 an hr is going rate to pay the teenagers a lil more for licensed daycare

Wow! I know there are times that I babysit. Doesn’t matter how long the hours and I charge $10 a day.

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My sitter charges 90 a week for 5 days. Hes there from 6am-330 M-F

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I’m unsure of your situation, i.e., married, what your income will be, etc. She’ll be caring for your loved one 47 hours a week. I think to be fair & if you can afford it, she should be pd $150 - $175 per week.

I’m in VA and pay $160 a week to daycare for my 9 month old.

Talk with her about it… if shes not working its extra cash for her so ur doing eachother a favor… have a conversation but I wouldnt pay more than $30 a day… because ur doing each other a favor… u dont want spend ur entire check on daycare…

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You should re read your post!

So at our child care center, it’s $350/week. How many other children will she have? I’d say minimum wage at the least. None of us babysit under 10.00/ hr.

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I pay my friend 200 a week. 8 hr days M-F and I provide everything in my home she needs

Google prices for Daycares around your area, and go with the average. I know here it goes from 30-45 a day. But it depends on where you are.

If shes not a licensed bsby sitter. 20 to 30 dollars a day seems reasonsble.

I pay $4 an hour. Comes to no more than 180 weekly. She has him no earlier than 645 and no later than 315 earliest and latest ever

Wow in Alberta :canada: it’s like 50 a day at a day home and more at a daycare bc of the age.

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Can you go through the state for her to get paid you need to find that out it will be a lot cheaper for you!

I always paid $20 a day for all the kid’s. Just talk to her about it.

I would do $150.00 a week

I had a friend that watched mine for 50 a weeks specially if you are providing all stuff for baby I could see more If she was but she didn’t I provide all snacks and sometimes even brought some for her 3 kids

I pay my friend $20 for my 3.5 year old. My friend went to tech school for child education/development and worked at a daycare. She gets him 3 days a week for about 5 hours each day… before her my son was going to a daycare and we paid $130/week full time all week…my friend is AMAZING with my son. She’s teaching him colors, letters, his name, etc

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I pay my friend 25$ a day per child

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I think it would depend on minimum wage so I live in the east bay area in CA and I pay my lady $55 per day from 8am-3pm. But she also works with me ect that’s why she has been with us for 3 years or so. She also however has 15 years experience teaches him colors, shapes ect takes him to the park and zoo and doesnt ask for anything extra.

We pay $2.25 an hour for my granddaughter at an in home daycare


At my daycare they charge 40 a day

I pay $75/day for my 10 month old. About 12$/hr

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I pay my mom (she doesn’t work anymore so it’s just extra money with what she already gets) 8$ a day, for 14 days. I get paid biweekly. So I pay 125$ biweekly. But the price will be going up in May once my 2nd baby is here.

I babysat for a friend and just asked for what she could afford realistically. We went with $25 a day and we were both were perfectly ok with that

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How can people afford to work!


I pay $25 a day to my one baby sitter for anything over 4 hours under 4 she refuses to take any money. My other baby sitter charges 5 and hour for 2 kids

I watch this girls two kids , she only pays me 130 a week for BOTH … Really feel like it’s not worth it but I don’t know :woman_shrugging: I hate to say something to her lol

I do $25 for an 8 hr shift and $20 for a half day. I dont charge by the week

125 to 150 a week i would say

Average daycare cost around me for a child still in diapers is $125 to $150 a week

I pay 55 a day at a center

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I’d love to know where y’all are finding these cheap daycares lol. One I was looking at for mine was $90 a day.


I babysit a 4 month old, she provides everything and I charge $130 a week from 7-5 m-f

I was paying $50 a day, and that was the friend discount.