How much to charge for babysitting?

Idk where you live but you gotta think bout what the parents make and would it be worth it to the parents to work? Single mom making $7.25 an HR then ur gonna ask for $10 an hour?!?


I think $25-30 per kid and they should provide snacks at least. I used to watch 1 kid for $20 just to feed them dinner and to put them to bed at night.

So many factors play into your question. Where do you live, what kind of income does the family make? Are you licensed, do you have your CRP certification and so on. Thankfully me and my husband are on opposite work schedules because people want so much for baby sitting.

I would’ve at least done 60 actually call some daycares and just ask how much they would charge you don’t have to let them know your competition and either charge the same or a dollar less to keep business

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I’m in Edmonton Alberta Canada
Not many dayhomes would do those hours. But if they did it would be $10 per kid per hour

My regular hour drop in day(between 7am and 5pm) is $50 per kid

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These comments show the disconnect we have here in good old Murica.

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I would never charge my family .

Per week for 1 kid is what I paid

My daughter watches one child (4yrs old) 12hrs per day m-f and makes $180 A DAY. She cleans, organizes, takes care of the pets, laundry, sometimes cooks, the child goes to pre-K for 3hrs and she does tons of activities with him. That’s just not enough money a week for 3 kids and one probably doesn’t walk and is in diapers.

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Kayla Baptista $50 a day is what my daughter pays for 13 -14 hour days, nurses hours.

Nooooo my daughter makes $15-20 an hr. Both parents have very good jobs and she is there from 6:30am-6:30-8pm. She definitely brings home $900+ a week. We live in NY.

I live for this comment!.! You are so correct!.!

She is a full blown nanny/housekeeper if she’s doing the cleaning for them also. So would make sense she makes that a day.

Kaykay Miles confused!.! Where did it state it was her family??

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Thats awesome!.! W all she does that is good she makes that. Dont let anyone doubt you, you dont have to explain yourself… Plus being in NY everything is a lot more pricey… So her making that is still saving them money instead of their baby being put in a actual day care. Plus she does all the other stuff so it’s a win win for that family and your daughter.

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When I lived on Cali my rate to friends was $25 per child a day. Those kids that were on formula & diapers parents did provide them. Some parents provide food some didn’t. I watched up to 6kids a day. I had the freedom to go where I needed to (with parent permission) shopping, out to eat, playground, library, play groups, pick up/ drop at school, sport ect. No I was not license daycare, yes I am 1st aid & CPR certified.
I now live in Washington I had to quit my job when I got custody of my niece because daycare/ before & after school care cost me $120 a day in a license place. I tried finding a person to watch the 3 littles (5,4& 2yrs) they wanted $13 an hrs each kid. 6:45am- 430pm, get the 5 &4 yr olds on bus at 7:55am get them off at 355pm.

I would ask $75 a day. If the family is struggling I would go down to $50. Either way parents need to provide diapers, wipes, formula, clothes and if children are picky they need to provide food. And because it’s not standard hrs they need to give you permission in writing the children can go into the car with you & permission for medical treatment.

I mean charging only 50 is generous of her. I would def. Charge more

Paulette Wiedner exactly! They do save because that’s a lot of hrs for daycare and it would be a separate cost for a housekeeper. (The housekeeper would be me or my daughter at $20 per hr) Their commute to work for both of them is an hr and a half. The child also has some “high functioning special needs.” It’s a blessing for everyone around the board. My daughter is young and the cost of living here is very high, she’s able to be independent comfortably. I wish this person who posted good luck. I personally don’t feel it’s enough money per week though.

I charge $10 and hour and $10 for each kid.

Girl can you babysit my three kids…that’s a huge deal for almost 10 hours and ages. I used to pay 75 a day just for one baby and when I had my other two my mom had to start babysitting because I just couldn’t afford it

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Sounds cheap. Most daycare places I look into charge at least 15 dollars an hour for one child. So a minimum of 130 dollars a day per child. It’s why I stay home. Daycare is just to much for us.


Seems reasonable to me

My day care lady would charge me 15 part time 20 full time. Yours would be full time for 3 kids so 60 a day. She feed them breakfast lunch and snack. She would also do tons of activities with.them including field trips like park library and swimming

I pay $20/day per child

wow by the sound of all your comments I’m getting ripped off lmao…I been getting $15 a day for two kids and I provide all food an Xtra curricular activity fees


$50 a day for all 3 is way to cheap for those hours and you providing food

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many daycares are around 800-1000 a month for babies

If you’re happy with that then that’s fine. They’d probably be asleep a lot of the time anyway? Just charge what you feel comfortable with :slight_smile:

Super reasonable. Going rates for babysitters in my area is 30/hour. I live in California though :unamused:

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I was a licensed family hone daycare and I was paid. 600.00 a month for infants, 550.00 for 2yr olds and and 500.00 once they were potty trained. Thats 10 hr.days thats 3.00 an hr. And 2.50 hr for potty trained. They had pre- schooled also.

We didn’t baby sit we were daycare providers.

At least $100 per day

Samantha no pays me :joy: m-f 645a-530 I provide food and boy do they eat. I also teach them and have them ready with all their colors, shapes, sight words and writing before they get to kindergarten.

Reasonable. Where I’m at everyone wanted that a day for one two year old fir 2-3 days a week for 5hours a day. I didn’t take the job.
Now I pay 2.50$an hour to a friend to watch him