How often do you give your child soda and candy?

Just a little question. How many moms give their 4 year old pop? And bags of candy On a regular basis? I’m just trying to see if I’m over reacting here.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How often do you give your child soda and candy?

no soda. but we have special candy treats maybe 1x every 2 weeks or so.

No soda and couple times a week they may get a piece of candy

Not no soda or candy but they have snacks. Most healthy snacks.

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When mine were younger I gave those rarely. If I gave them soda or juice I’d water it down. But I didn’t give it to them regularly.

I try not to give her candy a lot… I don’t give her soda… every now and then I give her sprite… my child has never had any cavities :tooth:

No soda! Pieces of candy maybe every other week or so, not full bags. Some other sweets occasionally such as yogurt pops or cookies

Soda as long as it’s caffeine free. He likes root beer… other than that he drink milk or water. Doesn’t care for juice lol… as for candy if I have some I’ll offer which he usually says no too but occasionally like gummy worms n he’s 4.5

Personally I feel like 4 is too young for soda. My 7 year old still doesn’t drink it (he’s had sips here and there but I would never give him a full soda). I try and stay away from gummy type candies as my dentist says they can cause cavities faster bc getting stuck in the teeth

My sons 4 he only gets pop when we’re out to dinner or someone else’s house.
He gets juice at dinner time. Sometimes I send a juice box for lunch at school but other than that usually it’s always water. With the exception of like sipping off of ours here & there

& he hardly eats candy only because I don’t buy it & holiday candy I usually toss out after a few days

I’ll give my kid a few m&ms on occasion when we’re working on learning activities. But never soda. Absolutely not.

Just weekends, no candy, soda or junk food allowed during the week, Friday through Sunday she can eat anything she likes

Our youngest only likes water or milk. Only juice she will touch are huggies. Once in a while when we get fast food sometimes the older three get a sprite or if we go to dinner. Candy happens once in a blue moon.

No soda regularly they’re allowed to have sweets when we go to birthday parties and holidays but regular days we try to keep the candy and soda out

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My 4 year old doesn’t drink soda. He tried a sip one time and didn’t like it.

Sweets or candy maybe 2-3 pieces a week. We really try to not give them any but grandparents always have candy bowls out :roll_eyes:

Never full candy bars! And soda occasionally, but my kids choose water, and normally waste the soda so they haven’t had any in a long time.

My almost 6 year old is not offered soda and even if she was, she’d refuse it, not sure why. :joy: as far as candy, a few pieces goes a long way and she understands that. “Mom, will this candy make me go crazy?” Haha

It’s an occasional thing. We don’t do any of that regularly.

No soda. But I do gummies almost daily for a snack with other things.

Candy we do a lot when we’re out places or around holidays. But brushing teeth is essential for all that sugar!

I will give her a sips of my pop or suckers something and she’s 2.5 years.

I think In moderation it’s no big deal at all. If they aren’t eating cookies , candy pop and crap at every meal

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Never pop mine are 5 and 6 and as long as they eat there healthy food they get a special snack after dinner once in a while they can earn prizes which can be candy somtimes but they have normal kid gummies and cookies and stuff for snacks the odd donut

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My kids have sprite if we get mcdonalds or go out to eat. At home they get water or milk and sometimes juice.
They occasionally get candy but it’s not a common occurrence

My son is almost 6 and has never had juice or soda. He does get a few plain chocolate chips a couple times a week for a treat.

I don’t want them to have either ever but realistically, she steals my pop n takes a sip once in awhile. I don’t buy candy so they almost never have it

Never on pop/soda. Once or twice a week on candy

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I let my kids eat and drink what they want, I don’t care what anyone says or thinks it my kids and I do as please. That being said if I keep anyone’s kids I do ask their preference and rules, if my kids have friends over that are restricted then they follow those restrictions while guests are with us. My kids know they have it good but also know to respect others feelings


No soda. Candy sparingly

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Really only on holidays but even then it’s not crazy. We have zero everything on pop but we also don’t just give him pop just because. Lol Halloween, Easter, etc. i think just make sense for him to be able to have some candy and treats.

4 year old. Sugar free sprite or fizzy water. Fizzy water is daily, pediatrician approved!
Sugar/sweets almost daily, but he prefers healthy snacks instead so it’s not an issue when he does want sweets.

Our daughter is 4 and she never has soda. She gets juice, milk and water throughout the day. Candy she gets when we go to Walmart and we’ll let her pick out a candy bar🤷🏻‍♀️

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Soda he can have one a day and candy whenever he wants. He rarely eats candy

We don’t drink soda so we never have it in the house. So never. I don’t like sweets neither does he. So hardly ever.


When my kids were little it was a highly rare occasion for them to have soda. Like when we went out to dinner they could have a cup. But if they drank it all they only got water afterwards. Even now in their teens they only get maybe a can of soda every few days

Only time my kids have soda is if we get fast food or go out to eat which isn’t often at all and candy I’d say maybe once a week.

Candy, almost daily. Soda occasionally. She’s 6.

I dont drink soda, so neither do my children. And they might get a little candy for a holiday or a birthday.

We have sweets everyday after school. But no pop, because he doesn’t like it anyways x

My 4 year old gets soda when she can manage to steal one from someone. Lol. Candy…once or twice a week just about. Not a lot either. Maybe one fun sized candy bar and one sucker. My toddler mainly gets juice and milk. Watered down juice

my almost 3 yr old barely gets sugar he’s already hyper… my soon to be 6yr old nephew in May Lives on McDonald’s and candy and other junk foods.and soda all day long everyday… my nephew has rwdy had surgery and needs a second surgery do to how bad his teeth are from poor hygiene and all the crap he getz

I give my 3yo son golden oreos sometimes but candy is rare. If he does have soda I give sprite but that’s super rare like golden ticket rare.

Never. Their grandma let’s them steal sips sometimes. They get confused maybe 3 or 4 times a week after they have eaten a healthy meal of course. You don’t eat your healthy meal, you don’t get any junk food, snack or dessert.

My kids drink soda and eat candy not on daily basis but my kids are completely healthy. Don’t feel bad cause you occasionally let your kid have candy and soda. Moderation is the key. Don’t listen to everyone do what best for you.


My kiddo is 8 and I just let her try soda last year, she still only gets soda maybe 1/month and she doesn’t actually prefer it. As for candy, a couple times per week depending what it is and what’s going on.

My kids never drank any kind of soda when they were little, Even as teenagers, unless they did without me knowing it. As for candy, they did get some, but limited.

My kids don’t get soda unless it’s their birthday and they only get juice on weekends. We only do candy on holidays but not a lot because they’re sugar sensitive

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Absolutely not. My littles are not allowed to have soda or tea. They do not get candy on a regular basis and when they do it is limited. I do let my older 3 (they are 12, 11, and almost 10) have soda sometimes. Not on a regular basis. They only get caffeine free sodas
like orange, strawberry, grape, etc.

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Whenever they want. Because they don’t really care for either one. They have never been big on candy or soda. So when they do want it. I let them have it

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Neither are a staple, but on occasion as a treat.

They get soda when they get a kids meal but never a soda with caffeine. We don’t buy soda for the house. They get a treat every Friday and sometimes another piece during the week kids are 6 & 10

I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I never let them drink soda. Candy and chocolate eh here and there throughout the week they will get some. But I’m not big on giving them candy and chocolate like all day everyday.

Unless it’s their birthday I don’t

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Everything in moderation is key.

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My daughter started having soda at 4ish but my son is super hyperactive so I didn’t let him have it until he was 6. They only get one a day and very sparingly on candy

Mine never get pop. They are 2 and 5. Candy I let them have a little more often. But I do limit it because I don’t want them having a stupid amount of sugar. The only pop my 5 year old has ever had is some 7-up when his stomach is upset.

I try not to limit sugar at all honestly. I feel if I limit it he will have an unhealthy relationship with food and I want him to willingly make good decisions.


My 9 year old by choice doesn’t drink carbonated beverages. The first time I gave her sprite, she was 2.5. We were out, she refused to drink city water, and also refused the pop. She looks horrified every time. Candy, uh whenever she asks. Which is probably less than I have it.

I didn’t give them any pop at that age but they have it sometimes now. I bake sweets sometimes and we do get the odd chips / chocolate junk but it’s definitely not a constant thing and they have fairly healthy diets with all of the food groups otherwise. Balance!

Yeah no. Neither of my kids. 2 .5 and 7.5 my 7 yr old has took a sip and hates it

My girls are 13, 11, 5, 4, and 3 and none of them get soda or candy often at all. Soda only at a birthday party or something like that. And candy mainly only at Halloween. They only drink water and love fruit.


Hardly ever give soda. No one in our house drinks it regularly. The random times I drink it, I give my 5 year old a few sips.
And 3 gummy worms or a pack of smarties every day before school. And I “super charge” one of them so he will have the best day. :joy: we tried daily affirmations and they’re “boring” so I just shake it in my hand and say “super charge super charge super charge” then he does it 2 times in his hand and eats it

My 4 year old has never had soda, but he gets candy (like gummies or m&ms) if he does good at something. Maybe every other day or so

Not a whole bag of candy but at my house if they want a coke they can have one if they want candy they can have it :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Soda no. juice yes and water lots of water. Candy guilty but my kids are 3 n 8 and never had a cavity they brush their teeth and we help them floss. And they go to the dentist twice a year since 1. No issues

My 5 year old hates soda lol she rarely asks for juice its all about water for her

Candy as a treat usually it’s suckers from Trader Joe’s (healthy ones lol)

My kids get Sprite Zero when we are out at restaurants or fast food. Candy is a reward in our house for behavior and chores and homework. But not like whole candy bars. We buy a pack of starburst or small treat size bags of m&m and skittles or dumdums and they get to pick. If it’s a special occasion like Halloween or Easter or Christmas then we bend the rules but they typically don’t beg for the pop or sweets. They know they can have it but they prefer water or juice most days

My son is 7 and had soda like once in life and it was 7up cause my then boyfriend thought it was ok to give it cause my son was sick at the time. Ya no not ok by me he didn’t even ask me if it was ok to give it. I don’t even drink soda. We have options of candy for snacks in my house as well as healthy snacks

My 4 year old gets some kind of candy juice or soda every day. Brush the teeth twice a day and your good to go. It really shouldn’t be a big deal as long as it’s in moderation. I feel like it’s not the best idea to try to ban sodas and candy all together because if the kids want it they will get it from somewhere (if they are old enough). Moderation is key


I only give my 4 and 6 year old caffeine free pop and that’s rarely. I do give them candy more than I should though lol

My 6yr old has had a pop once maybe 2x in her life…candy is a bit diff but everything in moderation. I try n teach her that she has to keep it balanced w the good stuff. I did this w all my kids. My older kids will drink pop occasionally but prefer water

Not bags of candy, but, the kids get dessert if they’ve earned it and it can be two pieces of fun sized candy. But, we very rarely give them soda.

Soda, never- he thinks it’s a big people drink lol but chocolate on the other hand… shidddd. That’s his main food group lmao he’s 5.

My 4 year old asks for my soda. I let her have a few sips only.if it’s gingerale or like orange soda or cream soda. Not dark pop though! And chips I do let her have.

My daughter didn’t have her first soda I don’t think till about 6 and it was a little bit of sprite. Baked goods that kind kind of thing if we had it sure and candy was limited

Mine get root beer or Sprite some times but not all the time. My 5yr old doesn’t like it and the other 2 are 9 & 10 this year. They didn’t have soda until 6 or 7 I think

One sweet a day, I buy soda once in a big while.

I guess im gonna be the odd ball out here my kids almost 10, 6 & 2 eat/drink what they want they get juice at school but home I let them have what they want :woman_shrugging:t3: im not gonna tell them no they can’t have a drink or candy so


Sprite and the fun sized candy

My 6yr old I think had his first sip of pop when he was like 3. He’s not a fan of carbonation in drinks so he might have a sip like once every few months. Definitely no more than like three to four times a year. He gets a certain amount of pieces of candy depending on how well he acts in school. But that’s it for it. I can’t imagine giving my kid a BAG of candy to have for a day everyday or even every week.

None of my kids had soda growing up (mom of 16, 6, and almost 2 yr old). My 16 yr old occasionally will have one…like once a year. My youngest have never had it. 0 need for it and it’s poison. Might as well give them cups of pure sugar. Candy is once in a while for my 6 yr old. Like a party or Halloween. My 16 yr old doesn’t even care for it.

My kids get pop once in a long while, usually for special occasions like a birthday party or something and candy is pretty much the same thing. Candy isn’t even weekly here. Halloween time is the most but that’s just for maybe a week and then it’s gone or I toss it cause I hate having piles of candy so my kids ask for it constantly.

My kids like to drink either milk or water regularly, they’ll sometimes get a chocolate milk. We get takeout once a week and that’s when they get a small or kids sized Coke. If they finish they’re dinner they can have an ice pop at the end of the night. Daily snacks usually consist of granola bars, apples, oranges, grapes, a snack pack pudding if they’ve been behaving particularly well, pretzel or original goldfish crackers, peanut butter crackers and fruit snacks. Candy we don’t really keep in the house so it’s usually only around holidays they get it, like Halloween but they only get to pick one piece a day to eat. When my husband was deployed I got a huge jar of Hershey kisses and for every night he was deployed they were allowed to get one “kiss” before bedtime from daddy.

Neither, ever really. Fun sized candy from holidays and stuff occasionally. He will definitely eat other junk food until he explodes though

At 4 yrs old they get candy only after they eat something healthy and then it’s only a piece or 2…pop not until they are 5 and only for special occasions until they are older…

my 10yr old isn’t allowed to drink pop…he has had a sip a few times over the years but that’s it. as for candy he doesn’t eat it very often except around Halloween(from trick or treating) and Christmas(from Santa leaving some in his stocking).

Whenever he wants :woman_shrugging:t3:
He doesn’t have the biggest sweet tooth and he likes pop with his dinner, the carbonation helps his digestion

I never let my littles have pop. My big kids 9 and up only have some on the weekends :tipping_hand_woman:

I didn’t when my son was that little. I was actually extremely anal about what he ate once he started on table food. But it’s amazing how 15 years can change things! He eats what he wants now :sweat_smile: yea he eats some crap food but he also gets a home cooked meal every night and he eats fruit, so I don’t complain.

No soda. But we eat candy, I don’t ever give them the whole bag to chow down though lol unless you meant the little individual bags.

Mostly juice and sprite most often then they should. My kids aren’t big on sweets but eat a lot of fruit which is just as bad sugar wise

Soda- she will have a Diet Coke or sprite if we go out to eat so maybe 1-2 times a month. Candy probably daily lol she’s 4.5

We don’t even buy sodas, candy she can have in moderation

Mine is 2.5 and she gets candy usually after she eats an actual meal. Soda she will usually just have a sip or 2 of ours if we have some. So maybe a few times a year

My kids get soda rarely as a treat, they love water…candy is in moderation of course.

Soda at home never…only times my kids have drank soda is at party’s Where there was no juice and only caffeine free soda…but if water is available they drink that before anything…candy not often either…if they finish all their dinner they are allowed a ice cream or a cookie but it’s not all the time

My kids (11, 8, 6 &5) only get soda when we go out to eat… juice if they eat all/good amount of their food… candy on holidays that are “for” candy &I’ll give candy as a reward

My kiddos eat and drink whatever they want. We figured if we make it desirable, they’ll want it more… so we say “yes” to their requests and have found they make balanced choices based on how they’re feeling or what they’re craving more than binge on sweet stuff because it’s an occasion. It works for us.


My daughter never liked soda or sweets. She would only drink water, milk, apple juice, and cranberry-apple juice on occasion! She only ate fruit, now she loves her snickers. She is 15 now though, but she still doesn’t drink soda or eat cake, cookies, or most sweets. She still only drinks water, milk, and cran-apple juice. She will still choose fruit over any sweet. Her cousins wanted her to try soda and she took one sip and decided it was the worst thing she had ever tasted.

I hardly ever give my daughter soda a sip or two if I have some myself that’s it. Candy I’m more lenient with but no more than like twice a day. If she’s had chocolate or cookies I try to give fruit in between and never give sweets close to bed time

Only when we eat out. Candy is limited.