How often do you give your child soda and candy?

Once a day. They’re allowed to have a treat after dinner. But only if they eat their healthy homemade meals I make them. They don’t have to completely finish them but as long as I can see that they ate most of it.

I wouldn’t give a 4 year old pop and as far as candy goes it should be a treat from time to time. My toddler is 3 and I give her fruit snacks that she thinks is candy. Cheesies and stuff more often but candy limited and no on the pop

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My 4 year old will have a sip of my ginger ale every once and awhile. One or two pieces of candy maybe twice a week after a meal.

I never give my 4 year old pop, and never have. She’s tried like one sip of my pop if I have it here and there, but she doesn’t drink anything besides water and milk regularly. Candy occasionally but not daily.

Pop, juice and candy are a treat in our home. My kids are 14,13,10&6 and mainly drink water

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My kids had candy but never soda at that age and rarely even as teens.

4 yrs old. Never. My oldest is now 9 and he has soda once or twice a week (1 soda a day, never more). Candy, 1 candy bar a week at the most. If he’s been good. Otherwise holidays are for treats like candy. But at 4, candy is definitely just on holidays.

I give them what ever they want really. They are more likely to make good choices when they aren’t desperate to try something.


4.5 yr old boy Mom. We never give him soda. Water, juice, occasionally Gatorade (very very rare). We use soda sips as a bribe tool as a chaser, to take liquid medication if he doesn’t like the flavor, as needed.

Candy is also very rare, Halloween is really the only exception. But we don’t really keep candy in the house anyway. Chocolate is one or two pieces every other day.

We are very much in the mindset of, if he doesn’t ask, we don’t provide.

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Never really gave my kids soda at 4. Candy on holidays and special occasions.

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hardly ever :sweat_smile: soda usually if it’s the only option, candy on special occasions or maybe a small piece here or there as a treat.

No pop here but candy usually is once in a bit depending on the day really

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It’s not a regular occurrence in our home and probably why our kids have minimal cavities.

Why would you be overreacting

We do sprite when we go out to dinner but chips are rare

My 4 year old has had a sprite like once ever. Little bit of Candy few times a week at most

My children are ages 35 and 23. I have never bought candy for them. They got soda if we ate out or something like Sprite or 7-Up when they weren’t feeling well but otherwise, soda was never brought into my house.

We don’t treat candy or soda any differently than regular food. Everything is okay in moderation.


Hardly ever have soda unless it’s a last resort and there is nothing else to drink, and even then I water it down. We usually do something small after dinner if they eat well, one piece of candy or something like an ice cream sandwich. Special occasions are a different story like if we take a trip to the movies or birthday party, then they get spoiled.

My oldest isn’t fond of sweets or soda. So he doesn’t eat much candy. He does drink juice and Gatorade on a regular basis. My little one only drinks water other than his milk. No candy, but he also doesn’t seem to be too fond of sweets as of yet.

I let my kids have it whenever. Within reason. But, they don’t really ask for any likely because I don’t make it “coveted” for lack of a better word. It’s equal to all other food


I let my kids basically have whatever they want and always have. My kids have never over abused sweets, I think it’s the kids who are not allowed to have the stuff that over do it when they do get it


Candy, somewhat often pop never. They have tried it a few times but they don’t even like it.

My kids are only allowed pop on special occasions or if we get a takeaway for a rare treat

Sweets once or twice a week but sometimes we are a bit more lax on this or sometimes stricter on that so id say that varies but not that often

We have treats on occasion, they don’t get caffeine yet but we do indulge in sugar sometimes.

Candy once in awhile and soda never… 3 & 5 year old grand children i raise full time.

My 6 year old and almost 2 year old get sprite and fruity soda like once a day then i give them gatorade or water or juice and almond milk one cup of each except they get a bottle and half of water a day and as long as they eat their breakfast lunch and dinner and a peice of fruit in the day they can have whatever snack they want. My children are in the smaller percentiles so i try to feed them as often as possible

My kids are 2.5 and 7.5. My older son we never gave soda now he has had sips and hates it. My younger son will drink anything. We don’t give him soda but he has had sips of ours we he gets to our cup before we do. So, neither one of them get soda, it’s water, lemonade, juice, milk. Now for candy they get a treat after lunch or dinner if they eat well.

Here and there. Not very often. And never their own sodas. They can have some of mine but I’m trying to stop drinking it and don’t want them really to drink it like I have

Mine have whatever they want. To an extent.
They also are taught healthy habits, exercise, etc though.

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I am very firm on no soda, or most juices, till school age. Even then I don’t think it’s necessary to really ever have them have it unless it’s a special occasion. As far as candy goes, never, unless it’s a special occasion like a birthday party or the movie theater

My son gets one soda on weekend and he snacks off and on weekend with candy he isn’t to big on it

My kids eat what they want… never been an issue.

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Soda and candy are an earned privilege in my household. Happens more so on a weekend to reward good behavior or accomplishments at school etc…

Soda once in a blue moon. Gummies daily.

My daughter will be 4 in September. She gets soda on very rare occasions. Usually it ends up being when she goes out with her grandparents or on occasion when we are out for dinner. Candy she gets a piece or two here and there. Never a full package to herself though.

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Soda never. Candy maybe once a month.
I do sugar substitutes every time.

Mine get candy once in a while. I really don’t restrict it, but also don’t keep it in the house, either. I let them have Soda, usually one can a day, the rest is water, tea, milk or juice.

At the risk of being judged by everyone here…my boys are 4 and 7 and they drink sprite or ginger ale on saturdays when we go out to eat (family night) and they get to pick out their desert nightly as long as they finish their dinner. It can be candy, ice cream, whatever I bought really. But I had to do that for my own sanity because I went 2 years of cooking after working all day and then hearing i dont like it I don’t want it bla bla bla, and if I heard that one more time my husband wasn’t going to get home-cooked meals either cuz I was going to go on strike :rofl::rofl::upside_down_face:


My son is almost 10 and just recently we let him get like a sprite with McDonald’s or have a soda if we go out to eat. My kiddos get a few peices of candy if they eat their dinner. But if they get like a bowl of ice cream that night, no candy. My 10yo and 8yo are super active outside and also love their fruits/veggies.

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I have a 4 yr old boy no soda MAYBE just a sip of soda every once in awhile. As for candy maybe alittle less then half of those $1 bags or boxes…he gets enough where it comes to 3 servings. Does get a bag of gummies once a day if he wants them and then 1 other snack later in the day but everything is always after lunch never in the morning.

I let mine have candy as treats and no caffeine and sugar free soda Usually at meals. Sometimes with snacks. She drinks alot of water and milk

No soda, terrible for teeth and stomach, if its the only option when we go out I will let mine have orange soda but she’s only had soda about 6 or 7 times total and shes 5.
Candy’s for treats and holidays, not daily though also so bad for their teeth.

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Fruit juices and soda just destroy their teeth and put unnecessary sugar in their system. Special occasion one thing but daily not recommended.

Usually it’s a special occasion in my household but to each their own. :woman_shrugging:

No soda, but I do give candy maybe once a month

I mean 1-2 times a week on soda here. But if you don’t want your child having it all the time, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not sure whose making you feel like the asshole. But you’re not.

My son is 6 and my daughter is 1 and they don’t drink anything other than juice, water or milk. When we’re out at partys or special occasions I’ll let my son have like a orange crush but it’s caffeine free so :woman_shrugging:

My kids are 10 and 12 and are lucky to get 2 or 3 12oz cans of sprite with me in a year. Never at age 4. Candy is more often but within reason. No more than a few pieces a day, at most. But if they have several in one day then they’ll go a week or two without any.

Very seldom does my 4 yr old get soda. He asked for it because I have a 18 and 17 yr old as well. I buy sparkling flavored water and he thinks it’s soda. (So not really!) candy he does get like for holidays and a few pieces here n there.

My kids are 4 and 6. I try to only let them have sprite if we go out to eat (which is rare, maybe once a month, sometimes not even that) but they have grabbed mine and had random drinks here and there. As for candy, we treat them to m&ms a few times a week. I see nothing wrong with letting kids have treats, so long as you also reinforce healthy eating and brushing habits it’s not going to be detrimental.

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I let my kiddos have soda on occasion, but nothing with caffeine. Candy only if they get it at a holiday or in, like, a birthday goody bag.

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With the way I drink soda and energy drinks, a solid ban would make me a hypocrite. I let my 4yo have it every once and a while like maybe once a week. Candy and treats are more common just because potty training him has been so difficult with pooping, so he still won’t go without getting some kind of reward. Now I found out my 1yo’s dad is letting her have 7up every couple days and I was upset about that. I didn’t start my son on it until after 2 and even then it was only at birthday parties or holidays. She doesn’t even have teeth yet, FFS. :rofl:

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My grandson’s 7 and 9 almost, know that they can only have 2 timbits from T.H. when I bring some and have never asked for more. They have never had a bag of candy or chocolate bar or a bag of chips to themselves. On Halloween they automatically only take 2 candies to eat from their treat bag and after halloween they can choose one or two treats after supper if they think of it. They have never been disappointed. When they want a snack during the day they go and pick out a fruit, or bar or cookie. If they ever order pizza or McD.s mommy usually chops up some cucumbers or carrots to go with the meal and it always gets eaten. I can’t even believe it. I was the parent who let them take all their halloween candy in their room etc. My 2 grandson’s also have never had a cavity. As for soda the oldest one can order his choice, usually gingerale when they get takeout but the youngest doesn’t want to and he drinks apple juice or milk.

My 6 year old and 3 year don’t get any sodas whatsoever in my household. I don’t and wouldn’t want to drink it so I dang sure don’t want them drinking it. Candy is very rare unless it’s a holiday thing like Easter, Halloween, etc.

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At 4 never on soda, candy was holidays and special occasions. Now (at 8) she can have one soda when we go out to eat and switch to water after that, same candy is holidays and special occasions only.

No soda, ever. Candy on special occasions only & very little.

I eat candy an drink soda as i please . I sure am not gonna be a hypocrite an tell them what they can an can’t have .

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Soft drinks, no. Candy and chocolate, a few times a week. But he’s a decent eater and eats lots of veggies and fruits. So I’m a little more lenient with that.


Lol so I’m the bad mom here. 2 kiddos, 5&6 and They have one “bad” drink (juice, soda) a day. Rest of the day they drink water. I allow them every thing in moderation (chips, candy, gummies, even gum) and as long as they eat their veggies and/or try new foods. Both are healthy, cavity free & happy!!


Often and mostly likely whenever they want it, but they also have their teeth brushed everyday and bellies full of other healthy, nutritious foods.


Not good. Not many that I know of. You’re best off if you don’t. It’s better for their developing teeth and better for their mood. And it’s easier to keep them at a healthy weight if you limit sweets.

Pop, never. My kids don’t even like juice. Candy, all the time. Prob weekly. Not bags of it but a handful here n there.

My son turns 6 next month and has never had pop. Just water juice or milk. Candy on the other hand is in my house daily. I’m a strong believer that if they are around it daily they don’t always over indulge when the do get it on occasion. My son does very good and barely asks for any.

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Mine didn’t taste candy until 6 yrs and soda until 8 yrs

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My daughter is 8 and can eat or drink what she wants…she does drink pop here and there and as far as candy ,shes not a big sweet eating kid , she’d rather have fruits…
We dont have any trouble from her eating regular food…
Usually her Holiday candy gets threw out if her older brother dont eat it …
Which I try to get him to take it bc I hate throwing it away.

I don’t like my kids drinking pop.

Good lord no lol we dont do soda, candy is only a treat here , there’s so much sugar in foods already we try to not over do it


honestly the post sounds like someone judging another parents choice. If its not your kids or they are with the other parent of a split up family… its each parents choice what they do and do not allow.

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4 Year doesn’t like soda or candy . She is picky when it comes to sweets, she isn’t really a fan. Prefers water over juice, says water is “fresh”… she can have candy pretty much when she wants only because she doesn’t really like it when she does want it’s not a big deal

Soda never & candy only on holidays or once in a great while if we’re checking out at the store. Def not on a regular basis.

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Never soda, candy maybe 4 times a year if that depends

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My son is 3 he only gets milk or water unless were out to eat he can choose sprite lemonade chocolate milk or water the only other time I allow it is visiting with family members I hate to be too strict all the time but on a regular day only water or milk to drink

My kids don’t drink soda. Literally zero point. Lol. They have candy every few months whenever we have some lol

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Once a week uf that … not good and not recommended … they are earned as treats

My kids are 7,8,11. They don’t drink soda. Maybe a sip here n there. Candy is a treat. Bday parties, special occasions, bribery at the store :rofl:… but it’s not something I keep in the house or buy on a regular basis. It’s a treat. When they were 4, I’d say the never really had either. No judgement mama, just sharing our experience!

so i don’t drink coffee// so soda coke is my daily morning drink​:joy::joy: my son is 2.5 and he’s had soda :cup_with_straw: buuut never a whole can and i put it in a plastic shot glass and fill the shot glass 1/2 way. and he’s totally content with that much. that’s prob once a week. as far as candy—i give him candy for holidays. but also if he had a long day, and a peanut butter cup gonna make him cheese from ear to ear// of course i spoil him :heart:

Ours only gets sprite every once in awhile and candy is a treat or a little prize around here but anything is fine in moderation. just gotta do what you think is best for your child!

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Got 6 and 8yr old grandkids they never get Soda and they are limited to candy and sweets bc its better for their health…but my grands are not fond of candy at Christmas they hardly eat it and Halloween and they are offered it but they would rather have apple or oranges…but they love water and juices as well as get milk twice aday

No soda, I limit the sweets my 4 and 6 year old get

Very rarely. I think my 5 year old has had Sierra Mist a total of 6 times in his life. He’s a sugar monster, but I try not to keep any processed sugars in the house. They’re horrible for you and cause so many health issues, which we talk about honestly. We try to focus on healthy foods that help our bodies feel good. I notice horrible effects on my kids’ behavior when they do have candy or much of any sugar, and my 7 year old gets aggressive if he has any artificial dyes. It’s definitely hard because sugar is so addicting.

I never gave them caffeine soda. I would let my kids have a root beer or sprite when we go out to eat but other than that I didn’t want them getting use to it just because. Candy was rare also. Only for a reason or reward.

Candy I usually let them have one piece after dinner. Soda usually only special occasions (caffinated soda) for my 7 & 8 year old. My teenager I had to tell him he needs to cut down to like 1 or 2 a day because if I let him that’s all he’d drink.

No soda because he doesn’t like it. The only candy he likes is chocolate bars but we rarely buy those

My sons are 4 and 1… no pop…I have let my 4yr try sprite and he said it was gross and spit it out. Usually they each get a funsize piece of candy after lunch as long as they ate their food. Then after dinner they get their desert/bedtime snack which can range from a a small piece of candy to a brownie ect. (Alot of the times they don’t even finish eating the desert.)

No soda and candy as a treat a couple of times a week.

Zero pop for both. They have enough energy as it is. Candy, very rare. We still have Halloween candy leftover if that says anything.

Sprite ot orange pop maybe a few times a year. He’s 5. It’s a treat.

Candy dum dum suckers abd other small pieces maybe once a week or maybe 2

I don’t like to give my 4, 3, or 2 yr old soda or candy because I know grandparents will give them some and their grandparents are a big part of their weekly rountine.

When we get fast food, my som gets a cup of Dr Pepper. Maybe once a week or less. Candy I don’t restrict. We prioritize healthy snacks but I’m not going to give my children a complex about counting calories or watching their diets. As long as we’re happy and healthy who cares?


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My son doesn’t like soda so I can’t speak on that but I usually give him a little pack of the gummy fruit snacks after lunch as a treat. You just gotta make sure to practice healthy brushing habits with them

My littles get soda occasionally. Candy at school daily and little treats from mom. My older kids I don’t restrict food or soda.

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No soda. But I love candy and so does my SO :grimacing: and I feel bad if I don’t share with my daughter.

My son only gets Sprite occasionally when we are out to dinner, even then sometimes he still gets milk. He drinks water and milk only usually, Gatorade during sports. Candy is occasionally as in maybe once or twice a week. We watch sugar and We don’t allow any red dye so no red candy or red drinks.

I do not restrict but only one has a sweet problem

My 5 year old gets maybe on Sprite a month and never a whole bag of candy at a time! I’ll get her a bag for us to share though. That said sweet tea is a staple in my house and she’s had it on a weekly bases for as long as I can remember.

I have a 13,7, & 2 yr old and only allow juice or capri sun’s etc, milk or water. Only soda would be sprite/7up etc. Candy for Halloween or small treats once in a while…