How often should babies feed?

Was looking for opinions on feeding schedules with a formula feed baby. Her schedule starts at 7:30am and ends at 10:30pm she gets purée and people food every 3 hours along with formula. Was wondering what others schedules are for food. She’s 7 months old.


Just about the same for my 8 month old son. First bottle at 7 am, 7oz every 3 hours and also 3 “meals” [4oz puree] throughout the day!. Last bottle is around 8 o’clock then bedtime !

My 9 month old is on a 5 hour formula schedule. 11oz every 5 hours with meals and snacks in between.

My lo is 6 months old and I do her first bottle around 530-6am 4oz then breakfast at 8am which is half a jar of veggies and 4 tbsp of oatmeal mixed with 2 oz of formula. Then milk again at 10am 4oz, tea or juice around noon, 2pm a jar of fruit or veggies, 3pm 4 oz of formula, 6pm 4tbsp oatmeal with 2oz formula with a jar of veggies, 630ish pm 4 oz milk, 7ish little bit of tea or juice, 10pm 4 oz milk and sometimes in the middle of the night another 4oz milk. Hope this helps, I know the struggle, I’m currently trying to see what works best too with the formula and solids, feel free to dm me for any questions or if u have any advice as well on the matter :blush:

Thank God you are giving her people food and not dog food. :joy:🤦 Sorry I couldn’t resist.

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When my kids were babies mornings started at 5/6 am. We did a bottle with jarred fruit & baby cereal in the morning, snack, nap/bottle, jarred veggies/fruit for lunch, bottle, snack, pureed meat, veggies, fruit for dinner, then snack & bottle before bed @ 7/730 pm.

My 6 month old has maybe 60 grams of puree a day, (1 meal) and BF’s on demand for the remainder.
She doesn’t really need to eat yet, I’m just introducing solids at this point :blush:

i’ve never had my daughter on a schedule… to each their own, but it just seems so weird to me… if she’s hungry i’m gonna feed her, if she’s sleepy i’m gonna let her sleep… besides the benefit for the parent, i personally don’t understand the point of a schedule for baby aside from making sure they don’t have their days and nights confused when sleeping