How often should you bathe a baby?

Hi I am a FTM and just wanted some advice :blush: how many times a week do you bathe your baby mine is almost 3 months is there such thing as bathing them to much ?


It can be bad for their skin I think. My baby had eczema and still does so the more often we bathe the worse his skin dries out. We bathe every three days, or twice a week which was recommended by our pediatrician


I was told every couple days so their skin doesn’t dry out.

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Yes you can bathe them to much. Dr suggested every other day to me

To much baths can dry out there skin. Give a bath skip a day next day give them a bath. Plus they don’t get dirty as much when they are babies all they do is lay there, only there Neck gets stinky lol or there creases lol :joy:

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Every other day. Too much bathing will dry their skin out.

1-2x a week while really little and 3x a week once their crawling everywhere

You can give them a bath everyday, but you don’t need to use soap every day. I would rinse my daughter off every night and use soap about every 2-3 days. It helped her sleep


With mine I bathed them two to three times a week

My little guy got a bath three times a week until he started sitting, rolling, crawling, then it was every other day. He’s 17 months now and gets a bath daily.

I bathe my 1 year old every other day (unless she gets too dirty) and my bathe my 7 month old every few days since he doesnt really get as dirty. I wipe them both down daily and lotion them really good to keep their skin moisturized. Too much bathtime can dry their skin out.

Yes. It can be terrible for their skin. Every other day is fine.

Me personally I did every third day!! But as soon as he started rolling over and crawling, it was every other day… still do the every other day because he does have eczema… just do whatever you feel comfortable doing Mama!! I also used warm wash rags between real baths to get any drool or funk off, especially his neck and private areas!!

Yes you can over bathe a baby it can cause their natural oils to dry out

Yes there is such a thing as bathing them too much. I also don’t follow a routine. I bathe when they’re dirty or smelly. Sometimes that’s once a week and sometimes that’s every night.


I give my 9 month old a bath every other day

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I bath my babies every single day and thier skin is not dry it’s still healthy

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Everyday its part of our bedtime routine. Bath, book, bottle, bed. Just use no fragrance good lotion and they should be fine. :blue_heart:

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when i had my son his nurse told me to bath him every 3 days and yes if you bath them to much their skin will dry out when you know their skin is dried out when the face goes red. and you start seeing dry skin

I was bathing my daughter every day but found her skin was getting dry so started every second day until she was about 8 months or so. Now that she’s 18 months i bathe her 2-3 times a week (depending on my work schedule & how dirty she gets lol)

With all 3 of my daughters once a day. They are grown now and just fine and I also used baby lotion.

I bathe my almost 4 month 1-2 times a week

I bathed my baby every night for a solid bedtime routine,plus some times during the day. It can be an activity and it’ll break up your day. Also since they wear diapers,it washes away the urea and fecal matter. Just don’t use soap every time! Let the water wash stuff sway and always moisturize! Preferably with coconut oil. This was per my pediatrician

My little one is 7 weeks and I bath her every other day.

When my son was that small we gave him a bath once or twice a week and wipe baths in between but not everyday

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I did it everyday because my son LOVED bath time. dr said it was fine. he is now 11 months and he takes a bath about 3xs a week

when washing the head wash it in circle motion. if you rub to them its going to feel like sand paper because the head is still new

Mine is 4 almost 5 months we do bathtime 3-4 times a week but he gets a “washcloth bath” on the off nights of regular baths! He’s a chubby boy so I’ve gotta wash his wrinkles out really good especially under his neck or he gets a rash from his sweating and all his slobbering

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Every 3 days so skin doesn’t get chapped

Every other till this day for soap. But every day she gets a tub. She’s almost 4. I do every other day for my self as well.

No such thing as bathing too much and 2-3 times a week

My babies have very sensitive skin so like 2x wk

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Every other day for mine unless he’s been in puddles and mud or trying to help grandpa or daddy with trucks thinks he’s helping he’s only a yr old but then I’ll do it every day but if he hasn’t done anything to get dirty I don’t bother

I do every other day, sometimes I even skip and extra day. She’s 8 months and has the softest smoothest skin. With my son I over bathed him and he had skin issues, eczema etc… I faithfully believed in bathing him every night and I dried his skin out in doing so but that was over 8 years ago. I know better now, my daughters skin feels like butter and she doesn’t have any breakouts. Smooth as a baby’s butt! Lol

My son is 10 months old and I bath him every second day, and apply a moisturizing lotion every night before bed.

Everyday, one day with soap, one day with just water.
It’s part of his bedtime routine

I bathed mine daily… sometimes twice… but I always lotioned them as well… after every bath

both of my kids get bath every other day unless they get overly dirty

Yes, its not good for the skin to be washed daily. Every 2-3 days or if theyre super messy/stinky. Stick with just water unless theyre particularly yucky. Soap dries the skin.

I’ve always washed my two girls every single night

At that age, maybe 2x a week.

I’ve always given my son baths every other day. Realistically they could bathe once a week

It can also depend on the state believe it or not

I had super chunky babies so they got a bath everyday. But I also used lotion EVERY time I changed their diapers so their skin wouldn’t dry out.

Unless they’re all mucked up from breast milk under their chin, or behind the ears. Or a nasty blow out lol

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We did like once a week unless he absolutely needed one

Maybe twice a week. Too much bathing will dry it out the skin.


Every night. Or morning

Yes the natural oils in their skin need a break from the water and soap. Pediatricians suggestion every other day.

Each night. Be sure to use baby oil in the water after youve washed the hair to keep moisture in the skin

I bathed every day and used lotion. My daughter never had a problem with dry skin. She’s almost 5 now and I still bathe every day :slight_smile:

We try to do every other night if not every 3 days with my now 2 year old. Shes very active outdoors tho so sometimes its every night. Since day 1 it’s been this way.

If you use baby oil in the water (after you wash their hair bc otherwise their hair will be greasy) or put baby lotion on them after, then you’re fine bathing them daily or whenever you think they’re dirty.


There is a thing as bathing your child too much but water actually moisturizes the skin if lotion is applied within 3 minutes of leaving the water so bath away mama

Daily at the least and sometimes 2 or 3 times daily especially in the bunker

I did it two or three times a week. As they get bigger and into more messes, especially after feedings, daily. Always put lotion to not dry out the skin.

I bathed my daughter a few times a week. She wasn’t dirty and didn’t want to dry out her skin. Would wipe her down daily in her private parts and put lotion.


We’ve been keeping a 2 times per week bath schedule since day 1. She’s 15 months now. That’s just what works for us.


Every night in order to establish a routine. On the off nights we have to skip bath time, bedtime is awful. Like everything else in parenthood, do what works for you & yours.

I did my son every other day unless he needed one. And he got lotioned afterwards. And he never had dry skin. Now he gets one daily cuz he’s a toddler an there dirty everyday and he loves bath time

I only bathed my baby every two days until she started eating lots of solids and getting messy then it was every other day to everyday depending on how messy she gets

You don’t bathe a baby every day. Their skin typically can’t handle it & it’s really unnecessary… I mean if you keep your child clean as a rule, what’s the reason to bathe them every day???


AAP recommends bathing your infant 2-3x a week until their first birthday, and then every other day or so after that. And of course sponge bath, or fully bathe as needed in between! Kids need germ exposure and you don’t want to dry out their skin, as well as daily bathing can worsen skin conditions like eczema.


To much dries out their skin and until they are more mobile they aren’t really able to get dirty so 2 times a week maybe 3 is more than enough, keep this in mind that the NICUs only bath the babies 3 times a week no matter what their age is.

Depends on the babies skin my baby had dry skin I did daily at first …but then I switched to baths every other day and sponge baths in between with lots of lotion

2-3 times per week…washing them too much doesn’t allow their immune system to build up…on nights you don’t bathe them you wipe down neck and diaper area

Every 3 days unless it’s summer then I’d say every second day, we were told not to use soap at all unless she was sweaty or dirty that day and not to bathe her daily In order to avoid drying her sensitive skin out! It’s worked for us and she’s 7 months now :slightly_smiling_face:

I bathe mine every other day. She drools a lot and spits up a bit so I don’t like letting her go more than 2d

About 3 times a week and as needed. Also apply lotion after every bath

Bathed my baby ever single day and she’s now 2 . Never had anything wrong with her skin :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine got, & still get one every single day. I’d had baby oil to the water so her skin Wouldn’t dry out. And lotion afterwards. Shes 5 now. And I still lotion her after each bath. Her skin is still newborn baby soft and I love it🖤 and her😂 do what u feel is needed! I was an and am, and “everyday” momma. I can’t stand that milk drainage under their necks from eating their hands touching the floor while crawling and everything in between. Mine GOT one Everyday and sometimes twice if need be…use baby oils , Vaseline , lotion so skin dont dry out. Every baby is different🤷‍♀️


I made a million typos sorry^

I would think so,but then again doesn’t help them sleep,maybe bath every other nite,but wash the bottom everyday,?? Ya know cause pea n poop ,ugh idk,cause milk under the neck ugh,tuff one,

Every other day is fine

I give mine a bath every night, it helps her sleep. She’s almost 3 months.

My doctor recommended every 3 days. Eczema, along with too many baths was really drying his skin out.

Every 2-3 days depending how stinky he gets :joy:. Mines a puker so he tends to get pretty smelly.

2-3 times a week. Usually bout every 3 days

No I bathed mine when I thought they needed it

My baby gets two baths a day sometimes 3 she is 10 months and loves messy raw fresh fruit

I do every other day have since he was born