How old were you when you got your tubes tied and how did it go?

I will be getting my tubes tied Monday. I am 36 years old. My question is, any of you mommas out the same age as me when you had yours tied? How were the experience and recovery? Any changes to your moods, periods, etc.? Any complications? I’m asking because not too long ago, I saw many young (20s) mothers say they ended up needing a hysterectomy later on. Some said periods got worse. I was just trying to get an idea for around my age, lol. Thank you!

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Following I’m 25 and get mine tied next Friday

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I’m 31 and got mine done after my 2nd c section. My periods suck. They were heavy until I went to the dr and got a Rx to help the bleeding and I also got pregnant. My clips passed when I had a period and then ended up having a tubal pregnancy

Following. 23 getting mine tied next month.

I had mine done after my last child at the age of 32. Honestly, I wish I had never done it. Everyone’s bodies are different, but my experience hasn’t been the greatest. My periods only last about 3 days, but those 3 days are hell. Lots of cramps and lots of bleeding. The doctor says nothing is wrong, but it started this way after I had them done… so…:woman_shrugging:
The doctor told me time may change it and I keep waiting for it to, but 2 years later and it’s the same.:woman_facepalming:

Hi there. I have endometriosis so bad they had to fully remove my tubes. Im 26. It felt like i had ALOT of gas that wouldnt leave, coughing and sneezing was terrible lol. But pain wasnt too bad. I was up walking around with help the next day. I would recommend laying on either side as laying flat on my bad felt like i was ripping my cuts open. But in all wasnt bad! Prayers for a safe procedure and recovery!!!

I’ll be 37, Monday and I had mine done 5 years ago. Everyone is different. Ive heard so many different stories…but for me it was the best thing I did. Knowing I was fixed, actually boosted my sex drive and my periods are lighter and shorter. Before 7 days, now 3 days tops…sometimes 2 and a half and its gone. But every body is different

When you’re on birth control your periods are on schedule and my be painless and lighter than if you weren’t on hormonal birth control therefore when you get a tubal ligation that is your form of birth control thus stopping any other types which now hormones are just what you produce naturally making your cycles heavy, crampy, and not on a 28 day cycle

24 went just fine. I had a csection so I was already open. No regrets

I got mine tied during my c section in 2017 at 33. Only thing thats changed for me is I cramp more about 3/4 days before my period.

I had mine done 16 yrs ago and everything is fine with me.

My doctor said theyve decreased tying ladies tubes because if those reasons.

Age 30. Tubes removed. Sore for about 3 days. Hurt to laugh but super easy recovery. Periods are heavy. But if youve been on contraceptive your whole life your used to light shorter periods. Moods have been stable, sex drive is better.

I think the guys should be the ones who get a vasectomy. My hubby had one 5 months ago and recovery was so quick along with the procedure itself

I’m 24 & got mine done a year ago. I regret it. My periods are terrible and I have severe pain CONSTANTLY. I have bad headaches too. But the only good thing, is that it’s different for everyone. Good luck :two_hearts:

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I had mine done 11 years ago and my periods are freaking death. I cramp and bleed way more now than before.


I was 35 periods got way worse.

Got a tubal last month, I’m 26. So far the worst thing was that I had really bad neck and shoulder pain afterwards and I needed to get a alignment. Haven’t had a period YET, don’t know when it’ll be since I’m breastfeeding. But it’s an outpatient procedure… if they ask you if you want anything for the nervous feeling while you wait, say yes

I was 26 …cut , tied and burnt…no issues at all . Very minimal bruising and not really any pain. Periods have not changed.

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28 and my period became the period from hell!

This was me and it was the worst thing ive ever done nothing but problems and still after my last baby eight years ago. If i could go back i would have never done it

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I’m 38 and I got my tubes removed. I was driving the day that I got out of the hospital. I had no pain and wasn’t prescribed any medication.

I was 38. Periods were awful. Ended up with an ablation and have been period free for 14 years !! Whoop :raised_hands:

Ive had mine clamped 3 years ago when my youngest was born via emergency c-section. I was 23. Only issues I had after was I had to get an iud due to pain from menstruating but I’ve always had terrible periods so it could have been from the csection or clamps. I am unsure if I will need a hysterectomy though due to all the older women in my family have had one. But it was completely worth it. I got pregnant easily, even on birth control, and lost easily as well. I have not had nearly as bad periods since the iud and tubes clamped. I did try an iud before the clamps but it made it way worse.

Doctors are now recommending removing them completely as there has been a link to cancer in ligations.

23… when I first woke up after I was in a lot of pain but they give me Tylenol & it got better. I had to rotate Tylenol & ibuprofen for about a week & a half before I didn’t have anymore pain. It made my periods a lot heavier! My mom had hers tied at 35 & she’s now 60 & hasn’t had any problems with hers. Just heavier periods like me.

25, I had it done with my c-section 13 years ago. I had issues of heavy bleeding but I also had a plental abruption.

I thought I was getting my tubes tied. Guess we didn’t discuss specifics enough… I had them clipped. I swear i felt them for years but not anymore.

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Seeing all this is crazy. But yes everyone is different. I had mine completely removed at 28 due to the fact we couldn’t take a chance of an accidental pregnancy. But there was 3 incisions minimal scaring the recovery wasn’t bad at all and my periods have always been bad so I don’t see a change there. The only thing I experience that is bad is that I get random hot flashes.

I had mine tied at 31. After my 4th child. My periods were a little lighter and had no problems :blush: I did however get pregnant with my 5th child 2 years later and had to have it done again after he was born its been 4 and a half years since the second time and everything is fine

I was 31 when I got my tubes tied, which was 31 years ago. I had zero problems. They went through my belly button and I went home about two hours after I came out of surgery. I never regretted doing it.

I was 33.No problems.

Had my tubes done at 25 by 35 needed a hysterectomy. It totally messed everything up. I went from having a very regular period to bleeding 21 days a month. Dr decided to do a hysterectomy because nothing else worked. I never had an issue before my tubes were tied

I had mine done at 29 after 3 C-sections. No issues. Periods are pretty similar to before

I was 26, I think lol
I ended up with an infection afterwards and had to have an endometrial ablation.

28 when they were done. And since then I’ve had lower back problems through the roof, periods where I’m rolled into a ball crying (which as a single mother is not a good thing), I’ve had migraines and serious fatigue. Make sure that you look up Post Tubal Ligation syndrome before you follow though on something that can make things worse. Dudes getting the snip is a lot easier and a day surgery with a quicker recovery time.

I got the essure procedure done when I was 30-31. Its been 8 years since then.
If a doctor suggest getting that procedure done RUN!!!
I should’ve just gotten my tubes tied tbh


Had my 3rd child by c-section when I was 29…had tubes tied in same procedure. I’m 45 now and am perimenopausal so periods are erratic. But no problems at all for 15 years post tubal ligation. Periods were short & mild pms, just like it always was before getting tubes tied.

I was 29 when I had my tubes tied but I had just had my 3rd baby and was done

I had a tubal ligation done at 27 almost 28 and I just turned 29 a couple days ago, I’ve had nothing but problems and some how had a bad miscarriage on Halloween. Somehow baby was growing in my endometrium… I’m still having problems and I’m going to start seeing a specialist soon.

I was 36 when I had it done. No problems what so ever. I am happy that I did it. Recovery, no pain and I have normal periods.

I had one at 34 after my 2nd child was born. Immediately after my c-section. The recovery was easy because I was recovering from giving birth too so I didn’t notice much difference. Now, I will say that my periods did gets worse. I bled a bit more than usual and the cramps were awful. Nearing 1.5 years now and it’s gotten better. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

I was 39 when I had my son. I had a cesarean and tubes tied during it. I’ve had no issues. I have had endometriosis since I was 19 and it helped with my pain. Not the bleeding at all. It’s still super heavy but the pain is way less

25 nothing but problems had a hysterectomy at 27…

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I had them removed, not tied. I was 34 and no issues.

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I just got them done 2 years ago (age 33) and I have had a couple REALLY bad fluid filled ovarian cysts since. Over all no other complications. I want to make note that I’ve always had ovarian cysts just not as painful. I also chose the clamps rather than cut and burn because of the horror stories I heard of with second option. Recovery was very quick and you can’t even see the scars bc they go through your belly button and a tiny incision right above your public bone.

I was 36. Wich was 3 yrs ago. Recovery wasnt to bad but my periods are horrible. The first 2 or 3 days are really bad. I have to wear an ultra tampon and a pad and change like every hr. I should really get to the drs but I’m scared to :pensive:

35 years old postpartum…had an iud put in 2 years later to reduce pre menstrual symptoms…7 years ago…still working…

My mom got her tubes tied after she had me. I was going to get my tubes tied after I had my youngest and she urged me not to because she felt like having her tubes tied contributed to her having a hysterectomy, so I didn’t go through with it. I’m glad I didn’t go through with it

I was 21 and had my tubes completely removed. Absolutely no regrets. First 3 days I was really sore but after that I was back to doing my normal routine (some slight pain but nothing unbearable). Almost two years later, i still have no complaints…short/ light periods- minimal cramps etc. Again, everyone has different experiences but im happy with how it worked for me


Hairou Er Solis check the comments :scream::scream:

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Not sure how much this helps but I’m 25, I had my tubes removed about 7 months ago. I’ve gotten two periods since (I’m breastfeeding) and they have been heavy bleeding wise but pain was non existent. I had been taken low dose hormone birth control since I was 15 for very painful periods… best decision so far honestly. I got pregnant twice on the pill :joy:

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Done at 29. Sucks. Periods same if not worse. Never regular. Migraines worse. Weight gain/can’t lose weight. Fatigue is absurd. Cysts… please don’t make me keep going

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I’m 26, 3 kids via csections. I’m actually only on my 2nd cycle since having it done ( had it done during csection for my last baby)… the cramps are pretty bad and heavy flow for the first few days…

i was 28…and used to i would go a whole week on my period…now i go 3/4 days…my moods havent really changed all that much.

I got my tubes removed and im 23
My periods are great 4days long and no cramps. I wish I didn’t have to deal with periods but oh well
Having tubes tied can untie and you can still get pregnant I didn’t want that chance
My mom is 39 and got her tubes fully removed so no periods. For some reason I wasn’t allowed the doctors told me no but let my mom and didn’t have no problems

My 4th child was my 3rd c section so I opted to do it then. That healing felt different on the inside compared to previous ones. I was 28.
My periods are about the same but different. They don’t hurt as much as they used to, sometimes very regular sometimes not- I’m a week ‘late’ right now :roll_eyes: I don’t seem to bleed as much more clotty.

I was 31 and i had mine tied wben i had my last kid during the c section so i was recovering from that but i had them tied cuz we were lucky we got our last kid i have a brain disease spinal disease hip disease and other health issues and we were lucky me and my baby came out ok so we decided to not put my life or a babies life in danger again so i got them tied my period is diffent though worse cramps my back hurts more i never really had a heavy period ever but now i have to wear a pad and tampon and even when i dont wear the tampon i use over night pads all the time cuz its so heavy

Had one at 22. 31 now still going strong… the only thing is now I have lady issues and I go to the gyno and their like oh it’s because your tubes are tied… soo I mean… that shit sucks. But still the best choice I’ve made by far…

I was almost 32. Best decision of my life. Surgery went well recovery was fine. I had to take 3 days off of work. But my period was heavier after this. Good luck you should do fine

I had mine done when I was 25 I’m 49 now and never really noticed a change at all

I had mine done at 23. Have never had any problems, I am now 43.

I had mine done after my 4th and last baby age 38. Same day as his birth. Never had any problems. None. Not then or later. That was back in 1977. Good luck.

2 kids 27 when I had mine tied. Its been 3 years now… worse periods than ever before, but my recovery time was barely a day. 2 days off from work, I never needed the pain meds, but caring for a 1mo old and a 6yo was a bit much right off the bat. The gas dissipates up through your body after surgery so that sucked, but was tolerable.

I just had mine done 4 weeks ago after a csection. I just turned 37 and this was my 3rd baby. Ive got a tiny bit of postpardum and havent stopped bleeding as of yet but overall everything seems to be fine.

I’m 29 … had it done with my 3rd.

Tied 3 years ago after my 4th son and heavy period and bad cramps since smh I regret it I never had this problem before that

Gosh i know i was in my early 30s. Just dont remember 30- what??? Anyway i had No trouble at all. None. Went smoothly no after trouble. either.

I’m 37. Had mine removed 3 weeks ago. Sore for 3 days but a very easy surgery / recovery :ok_hand:t4:

I wonder if you just get them tied to where you are able to get them reversed ( not saying you will ) if that wont be as bad. I have heard alot and read here that if you do the whole clipped, tied, and burnt is where the main problem is. Even having them removed seems like an issue. So if you go the lighter route it might not be so bad. I was having issues before i tied mine. But i made sure they did all they could since i had so many problems with both my pregnancies. And since then ive had more problems. So maybe you should talk with your doctor a bit more and ask more questions since reading all these comments. Then make your decision. Do as much research as possible before you go through with it that way you can feel a little more confident with your decision and know the possible effects it can have. The more mentally prepared you are over the possible effects it may help with any mood change or regrets. Some people’s bodies handle it different than others so you only know your body. I knew most of the effects I would get when I did it cause i knew my body can only handle so much. I do not regret my decision and yes I have had really heavy periods since and a few other issues but I didnt have much of a choice. I’m glad i did it cause there is no one way my body could handle another baby. Now I’m waiting to save money so i can still pay bills while off work for getting a hysterectomy cause i now have endometriosis. The endometriosis is not from having the tubes tied. It runs in my family plus i was already showing signs before i got my tubes tied.

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I was 46 after my daughter. My periods were much worse and developed a lot of fibroids and ovarian cysts.

Take charcoal tablets right after. It helps get rid of the gas

I had mine tied when I was 25. I got pregnant a few months later and miscarried 2 days after I found out. had them removed this past December at 32.
I ended up having a massive amount of pain, like couldnt take a full breath of move even an arm because it felt like I was getting hit with a baseball bat, a seizure, and passing out after the tubal. It was hell. The tubal removal happened during my section. Recovery was a breeze.

I got my tubes tied at 43, I was sore but helping my husband change the brakes in my vehicle the next day. My periods have been okay since, no worries when I miss one(my age that happens).

I was 42 when I got mine done and after a few days all was back to normal.

I just had mine done in June I’m 36 just had my last kid in December of 2019 nothing really changed for me other than slightly more pain while cramping( tho idk if this is because of herniated disc my pains have always been more towards my lower back) i was fully able to do pretty much my normal routine the day after surgery

I am 39 years old and had my tubal ligation after my fourth child when I was 35. I don’t notice any difference with periods or anything else. I had it done after my c-section so I’m not sure about recovery… I healed well from the c-section though.

I was 25 when I had essure done. :roll_eyes: 7 months later I was pregnant with my 4th child. After careful measures to ensure a normal pregnancy with caffe flu monitoring incase of erotic pregnancy. Thankfully she was not and I carried to term and then at 27 they clamp them both even though only one essure fell out :woman_shrugging:t2:. Thankfully I had little side effects minor autoimmune disorder and migraines and that’s it. I don’t regret the device falling out my e baby is almost 11 :slight_smile: for now I just deal with minor side effects. Also each time recovery was simple. After essure and clamps I had semi normal periods sadly I had to have an ablation so I am extra not having no more kids. It’s a choice you make. I was willing to sacrifice any possibilities of side effects and chose this. I still stand by it. Wish u luck on your surgery.

I had my tubes removed May 17th 2019 at 33 and i ended up having to have a hysterectomy Oct 5th im now 34.

I was 31, six weeks post partum after my third child. No problems at all. It didn’t affect my periods.

I was 30, had it done 3 months after my 2nd son. It went great, I was walking around and hanging out that night.

I was 38… I can’t say anything about periods Bc my iud got left in… oops lol. I was sore for a few days nothing horrible… after my iud was taken out a year later my periods are fine which is weird Bc I have PCOS lol

I was 36 and I had an extremely heavy flow afterwards. I had to have a uterine ablation.

Im 30 and just got my tubes removed about a month ago. Haven’t had a period yet since I’m breastfeeding so we will see how that part goes. The actual procedure was easy. Just sore for like a day. The gas that they put in you was the most painful part for me. It gave me really bad shoulder and rib pain.

  1. 2 kids. 1boy, 1girl. Tube removed (not tied) and absolutely no regrets.

I had mine done, immediately, post delivery of my daughter. I don’t think that I had a period after the surgery. (Don’t remember one) I did have post partum depression for several weeks, there after. No other “side effects.” I was 37 at the time. That was 35 years ago. No other issues.

I did it last year, I was 27 after having my third baby, I haven’t notice any changes, everything is the same. I did however have discomfort in my belly button for 3 months after surgery but I’m fine now.

I had mine done at 32. Period cramps got worse then at 43 ended up with a hysterectomy

I was over 40 when I had mine. Was in and out in a couple hours. No side effects, no change to my period, no mood swings. I guess it depends where you have it done

I got my tubes tied when I was 29 after I had my 4th child. There were no changes in my body afterwards and no complications whatsoever. They were done laproscopically so the healing time was quick.

I had my older daughter at 31 and then my younger at 37 and 5 months later I had my tubes tied I had no problems then and still have no problems and I’m I’m 66 now

I was 22 with no regrets. Iam now almost 65.

24 when I got my tubes tied, I had to have a hysterectomy less than a year later

Tuesday cut and burned, 2 years to the day I thought I had the flu! My son was born 8 months later!

Don’t do it! I had a tubal after my 4th baby. I was 29. Since having a tubal, my periods have gone from a walk in the park to UFC Fight Night. :sob: They used to last 3-4 days, no cramping, no clotting. Now they last 7-10 days and it’s like someone stabbed me. It’s heavy, there’s clotting and pain. I now have an IUD. Not for birth control, but to try to regulate the bleeding, clotting and cramping. My doctor is trying the IUD to help, if it doesn’t help, I’ll end up with a hysterectomy. If I could do it over, I would have just gotten the IUD and skipped the tubal.

I had my tubes tied at 32 and then ended up getting an uterine ablation three weeks ago. If I had it to do over again I would have gone straight for the ablation. I am 39 almost 40.

I’m 33 recovery wasn’t bad not to scare you but the periods are absolutely horrible after.

I actually got my tubes completely removed. At age 30. After having my 4th child. It was during my scheduled c-section.

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I was 31 and recovery was pretty easy , periods got worse ( on bc for periods which i don’t mind cause they really help) ill be 35 next month and haven’t had any problems at all .

I had my tubes completely removed during my C-section with my son nearly 2 years ago (I was 24). My periods have always been irregular and awful but after getting them removed they come at the same time every month and aren’t nearly as bad as what they were beforehand.