How should I go about starting potty training?

Alright, Mama’s 18-month-old daughter is showing signs of wanting to start potty training. We got a toilet, and she’s super into it; what is the best way to start potty training when she doesn’t talk yet, I mean, she communicates but isn’t speaking… I’m so nervous about potty training! HELP!

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Put panties on her and Start taking her to the potty every 20 to 30 mins…if she gets it then thats amazing if not then she’s not quite ready yet

I would definitely wait until she is 100% ready or she could back track and lose interest

When you go potty set her potty in with you and sit her on it then just use key words to encourage her. Congratulations! :grin:

I would take my kids in and do the tinkle dance when she goes jump up and down praise her when she doesn’t tell her it is ok let me know if you have to go and always say you love her and get diaper panties

I trained my kids by having their potty in the bathroom, bringing them in when I go and when they used it they got a smarties that was the only time they ever had smarties, till they got s good grasp of the idea.

I got a kid sized toilet and started potty practice with my daughter when she was 14 months. Give her a tablet or something to hold her attention and sit her on the potty for 10 minutes every couple hours.

She well go when she feel good about potty chair it just take time

My 3 year old and I used a kitchen chicken timer to remind us to go sit on the potty, she was psyched every time it went off.

Take her in thebathroom when you go and set her on the potty if she goes make a big deal about it. Also set her on the potty every half of an hour. If she is ready she will pick up on it fast.

My daughter (2 1/2) became obsessed with watching Hatchimal eggs being hatched. I told her you go potty on the potty for 1 week I will get you those eggs. She started that day and has not looked back. Give her an incentive something she really wants.

First off practice saying “ANYONE can have an accident”. Get training pants that are easy to pull on and off, put an X in the back and pile them in a basket next to a laundry basket. When she has an accident, she changes her pants. It worked for both ours. Being around other kids who are already trained helps, too.

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We used M&Ms with the last one. She using the potty by one but we had a lot of girls in the house so we took her every time we went. 1 mmm(m&m) as she called them if she sat with us and a few if she went. She went on the potty before she walked and walked before age 1 well a few days before. She started going longer between diaper changes and she loved princesses. Her potty made noise if she went. Every child is different. Just take her with you and show her how its done. Don’t worry. You are momma you will know what to do as she progresses.

Just put the potty and let her go when you go and don’t pressure yourself or her she will pick it up when she is ready


There is a great book you can read. It’s called “Oh Crap!” You can get it off amazon.

make sure she is dry during the night first

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Consistency is key we use the potty whiz app,and a potty sticker chart,on the app set a timer and stick with it. My son is trained but now im training his sister and for me she’s been more stubborn lol so good luck to all that’s in the same boat as me​:blush::joy::heart:

Show her the way at common times. Wake up…bedtime…leaving the house… And ask in between!!! Good luck :wink:

For all 3 of my girls, during the day I had nothing on them and would sit them on the potty every 15-30 minutes. Night time I’d put diapers on until they got the hang of it during the day. Took me no more than a couple weeks to potty train all 3 of my girls. They’re usually pretty easy and show more interest in learning to go than boys, so I’ve heard lol.

Honestly . Since baby was a year old I’ve had the potty. He shows no interest but I have caught him pooping and put him on. I have associates the psssssss sound with it . He knows what this means at 16 months old. Still no interest but he has an association to it at this point . Just a matter of time before I catch him before he poops .

You put her on it every hour or so and after doing that a couple days she might run to it to go herself. Do a reward: m&m’s, stickers whatever motivates her. Pull her pull up up and down for her until she can herself. I still help my 3 1/2 year old with her undies. Usually nap time and night time are the last she will stay dry through. My daughter still has accidents but never poops herself.

She doesn’t have to talk to be potty trained. Just get a potty chair and start having her sit on it.