How should I throw a baby shower?

Hi, my first grandbaby is arriving after Christmas. With this virus going around, and things may change yet again. I’m not sure how to go about throwing a baby shower. If I even should. Ideally, I’d rent a hall to have enough room but wonder how to have the 2020 new moms and expecting families handled this. I’d like to know what worked and if there’s anything, you would have done differently. Thank you!


Maybe a virtual shower, via Zoom? Like, everybody sends the mama to be a present, and then she waits to open the packages until the shower? There are probably games you could play virtually too.

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My family had two pregnancies and babies during this, we did virtual baby showers over FaceTime and mailed things to their houses. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just have a baby shower! If you’re not comfortable doing it then try an online one or a drive through baby shower. Make plates to hand out as they come by. I also seen someone do time slots to limit the people in the place at a time.


You could also do a drive by baby shower

My family is having an in person baby shower in 2 weeks, im having an in person first birthday party in 2 weeks. Both will be outdoors so the comfort will be up to everyone on spacing. :woman_shrugging: But I’ve also had famiky members have drive by birthdays and showers.:woman_shrugging:

I’m having two to cut down on the group size. One is at a home and the other is at a rented space.

Drive by shower! Decorate the front of the house for mama to have a seat while everyone drives by with their well wishes and gifts.

Drive by shower a family member did and had snacks and stuff in the yard and people chose if and how long they stayed

I just had my baby in August. We did a drive through baby shower. Everyone who came stopped by they wore a mask and they dropped off a gift and we had food ready and packed for them. And afterwards with just our parents we did a Facebook live while we opened our presents and had a cake for just us. It worked out so well! Had a tent set up outside it was great!!


Have the shower if people don’t want to come then they don’t.

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Couldn’t do it at the time, it was impossible. The only way you’d do it is extremely small gathering or virtual.

I did my shower with a small group of immediate family and had all gifts mailed to the house where the shower was being held. We took tons of pics for social media and did an online diaper raffle via a Facebook group

I had mine in July. I only invited 7 people, and we had tables spaced apart to sit at. It worked out well

Heard of one where it was a drive by baby shower. They had plates of food in to go boxes.

Really its up to the mother… How does she feel about having a gathering? If she is hesitant then you can always do a drive through type of thing


My family put baby showers together throughout quarantine
It was more like a drive by baby shower
They had a whole set up out front for the new mom to sit, wave, and give thanks
As family drive by greetings, gifts, plates of food, and well wishes were exchanged briefly


We did a drive by shower. Got some tents and decorated them, table for gifts and a table for little goody bags to send home with whoever dropped something off. No getting out of the car.


For my sister I just throw a baby shower like normal just had less people sitting at a table. Also went to a drive thru shower which was beautiful

We didn’t do a baby shower. Rather we are thinking of doing a welcome to the world party when baby is older. He got here a few days ago so we’ll see the state of the world in a month or so


I had an in person babyshower and it was a good turn out and everyone enjoyed it.

We had an outdoor coed cookout. Where everyone could space out. We also only had one side of the family so the mom to be had a couple different showers.

I had a baby in July we threw a normal shower in June. People either don’t come or they do. Most of our guests showed up; we had sanitizer and masks for people if they wanted it

I had my shower two weeks ago. We did family only on both sides that way we knew they were healthy and made sure they tested negative too

My best friend is due in December and I am due in March. We are constantly pestered by friends and family to have a shower and we are not comfortable with the idea. Luckily out area just reduced numbers on gatherings with fines. As mentioned above please consult with the mom on what she wants.


My friend did a drive by baby shower for her daughter

Make sure the mother to be is okay being in large groups. During covid, I helped plan 2 babyshowers. One was outside, and at the time, there wasn’t restrictions on people, so it worked out.
The other baby shower we were planning on having it at my in-laws house, we had everything we needed, but then restrictions were tighter and had to limit gatherings to 15 people. So we reached out to everyone to let them know we couldn’t have it in person. People dropped presents off at the house, we allowed aunts to come, so numbers were low. And we had her open presents virtually.

My baby shower will be in November, hoping things are better. I have family planning mine right now. They’re planning it, hoping things are good. But if worse comes to worse, we’ll cut the guest list down to just aunts/sisters to come, and will open presents virtually. People understand

Drive by and hand out cupcakes blue or pink cupcakes decorate front yard

My friends 1st grandbaby due soon.she had a drive thru bs for her daughter and close family stayed outdoors. We gotta keep momma and baby safe at all costs.its a scarry time.


Just throw the baby shower and only have the closet family and friends. I’m sure no one would come if they weren’t feeling well. Don’t let this virus take away anymore of your life.

I had mine in August, outside but only had both sides of close family only. My brother’s girlfriend is having her next month & they’re renting a place but having a drop off. Close family & friends come anytime between the time they rented the building so not everyone is there at the same time. They come in, eat some of the finger foods they’ll have out, give their gifts, & leave.

My cousin is doing a small group and then extra people invited virtually.

I’m going to say something and some may agree , some may not … throw a regular normal baby shower , enough is enough already , we have all lost enough and this is getting ridiculous … the CDC and other health officials have been lying to us about how many cases and how many deaths we have … If people who are high risk and have health issues and they want to go to the baby shower , everyone bring a mask so that everyone can be protected , depending on how the weather is … have the baby shower outside where everyone can be spread out … it’s time we take a stand and say enough is enough … There is no reason why there can’t be large gatherings , safely

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Ask the mother what she wants. Right now a lot are doing drive-byes

Do a drive by or virtual baby shower. A lot of states still have regulations on gathering sizes so you may not be able to have an actual baby shower. Everyone I know has substituted with drive by ideas. They set up a table outside and allow people to drive by to drop off gifts or sign the guest log. There’s party favors on the table for the people to take as well. Mom stood on the porch or inside the door to take pictures in front of from the yard. Then do a live stream opening the gifts.

You should ask the mother what she is comfortable doing. Lots of great options listed to discuss with her.

Have The new mommy register have everyone go online and have The gift sent directly to her and do a zoom when she opens them everybody stays safe that way

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A drive through shower? Have little snacks ready to go to hand to those who come by

We are doing a drop in style baby shower. People can come to a shelter house at the park. They can stay a few minutes or as long as they would like. This will help us keep our numbers down, but doesn’t feel rude like a drive by. Definitely ask momma what she wants.

I had a drive by baby shower and it was great. No germs and since I was on bed rest I was able to sit in a reclining chair and wave as people dropped stuff off.

We did ours outside so everyone could come we just kept our distances

Have a drive by put a book out so people can write comments to the mum to be and she can open presents on zoom and read the comments from the book after with the father to be.

Hello! I had my baby shower this June, we held it in a park and everyone was socially distanced (brought their own lawn chairs) and wore masks if needed. It went very well! Although, I had only about 15 total people in attendance

Extended family is doing a drive by shower, always something new.

I’ve done a baby shower via Skype for my sister. She was in TX and the family was in MA. People either bought gifts online and had them shipped directly to her or they brought gifts and I shipped them to her. It was just like a regular shower. Food, games, chatting with mumma to be. It was actually kinda fun.

You can throw a virtual baby shower. I had one for my son due to distance.


I had a friend do a drive-by shower.


Have close family and do a little shower with virtual for everyone else and have them send/ship/ drop off gifts so momma to be can open them like a normal shower


I just did 2 small baby showers of 10 to 15 people outside so we could socially distance…

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I work retail so social distancing isn’t really an option for me lol. We’re doing a normal shower with a drive up option for whoever prefers that

Just have the baby shower. Whoever wants to come can come.

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You can do an online registry and then do a virtual shower live streamed

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Have the shower and if people want to come they can. Make food individualized… ex, individual bags of chips for people yo grab. Have hand sanitizer out for everyone and you can even kindly ask people to wear masks. Personally, you have to live life to some extent, even with all this going on.

If they care fr u at all they’ll bring a gift to your home!.

I had a baby shower for my daughter and everything worked out just fine. No masks, no virus. Some ladies decided not to come. I think people worry too much and put too much into this virus.

Im due in march… We are just throwing a small shower with close family and friends

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We have done a few close family / friends present in person & the rest virtual … set up a fb event , Do a registry … and they can mail the gifts straight to the home ! Just put all the info in the fb event ! Good luck !


With 2020 you have to be outside the box. After Christmas is rough weather wise??? Maybe a drive by with cars decorated. Good luck!!!

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I’m due in January of next year and currently planning a baby shower (although this is my second child - 7 yrs apart). Instead of a typical shower with a longer guest list we are going to have lunch at a nearby restaurant and are only inviting about 10 people. I have seen other moms having virtual showers, drive by showers where guests stop by and drop off gifts at staggered times, and some who are still having traditional showers just limiting the number of guests. I guess it’s all about the risks your family is willing to take (health wise) and how many guests you have that are important to invite!

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I had my in person shower in July at my house and everyone was fine. Just do it as you normally would.

Maybe rent a place and have a drop-in or drive-by shower where they drop off a gift, grab a cupcake, and leave.

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Drive by…table and thank you gifts too. Maybe cookies and hot cocoa would be adorable too. Have fun make your own rules.


I had a baby shower. With family and friends. People that I see on a daily basis.

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My daughter did a Facebook live shower. People had dropped off or mail gifts then had a bingo game online and sent out prizes to the winners.

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You can do a drive by baby shower.
Set up a table with balloons and have people drive me and she can grab the gifts as they pass.
And hand them a cupcake or a gift bag in return.
Noone has to get out of the car.


I had a drive by shower where everyone stayed in the car except one person to get down and hand us the gifts instead of trying to shove it through the window and let them get their treat bags, didn’t have a big turn out though. Sent out over 50 invitations and maybe 15 people showed up. At least we know who not to invite to shit


I had my baby in June. We did a drive by shower in May.

I know someone who did a virtual baby shower. She registered for gifts online and set a date then did a video conference with everyone and opened gifts, got to thank everyone and chat for awhile.


Hmmm…here’s an idea. With the baby coming after christmas, maybe set up something like a wishing well. People could send cards with money or gift cards so that the mom to be could purchase what she needs and take advantage of all the great sales before and after Christmas. I would have everyone send the cards to you and you could present her with the cards during a family gathering to celebrate baby :heart:

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It depends where you’re living I guess, I live where the virus wasn’t/isn’t terribly bad, but I still didn’t have a baby shower. It wasn’t worth the risk for me. I would see how your daughter or daughter in law feels about it before setting anything up. It’s ultimately her decision :woman_shrugging:


I take it your in the USA.
I’m in aust and we are allowed 20 guests at home right now in Sydney. Or booking of 10 at venues.

I had my baby sprinkle (my 2nd) at a restaurant with 10 friends (haha mums gone wild, we stayed out to 10pm :sweat_smile:)

I had a friends baby shower at her place with max of 20, and same in a week with another friend.

A few days out they requested if you even have a sniffle not to attend, and we will catch up later one on one.

But in Melbourne right now you cannot have guests in your home OR travel 5km from your house.

I say plan with what restrictions are in place for your area now, and modify closer to the date

I had a virtual shower—just made a group on Facebook and had it for a whole week

I cancelled my baby shower was due back in April, less stress for everyone an I was happy with that

I had my baby in May. We just bought everything we would need. It was at the beginning of the pandemic & I didn’t want anyone to feel forced or uncomfortable leaving their house if they didn’t want to.

I just went to a baby shower last weekend. The expecting Mom had 3 small showers instead of 1 big one. Had them outside and limited amount of guests at each one. And no hugging!

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I’ve told a few people this but make an Amazon registry or something and then host a baby shower at home via zoom or some other app. People can send the gifts straight to your house and then everyone can watch it from the safety of their home. You can still do baby shower games too.

Depends where you live and what the rules are. We can have up to 50 and we are in phase 1 still. Make sure people RSVP and if you rent something out, make sure they are following safety protocols. If you do it in your backyard or outside, more people can likely attend but you’d need to do it sooner as the weather is getting colder. We have had friends throw normal showers at their homes. With games and all. Just depends on the restrictions where you live.

I lived 2,000 miles away from my family with my first. I did a Google Hangouts baby shower and dis a registry on Amazon. It was actually really fun! We didn’t do any games, instead I asked for fun stories of when my husband and I were babies and asked for advice.

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As a virologist I seriously advice against having groups of 10 or more in any place. If you are with someone other than those you live you should always wear a mask! You can always have everyone send the gifts and then get together on zoom when they all arrive and open them.

A family friend had a baby shower parade like people have done with the quarantine birthdays. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Drive by baby showers are going around lately during this pandemic, good luck

Ya a drive by my nephew and his girlfriend had one really nice got alot of nice gifts

We did an online zoom baby shower and the money was sent to my mom and my mom brought everything

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I’d be asking the parents for their opinions on things before even looking at organising anything

Drive by baby shower!!

Had a baby in May and my husband and I bought all of stuff ourselves for the most part, we had a small gathering to celebrate baby but didn’t require people to buy us anything- if they wanted to we left it up to them what to pick. I feel like most people (or a lot of people) these days depend on others to buy a lot for their babies for them.

Use the drive by baby shower. Our granddaughter did last summer and they set up a time to open gifts live threw video on the phone. It was safe and nice.

I would not have a bany shower at all. Not worth the risk. In case no is noticing the virus is not better. Its getting worse

I saw a pregnant woman outside while people drive by and leaving present for her baby to come soon

Drive by baby shower is new and super cute, you could always give the people a little gift back in return :slight_smile:

I did a drive thru baby shower worked really great got plenty of essentials and it was fun! Better safe than sorry was my thought

Virtual shower these days to be safe especially for the mother to be. :heart: this way you’re not putting anyone in a situation where they feel they have to come but it’s not safe for them. Just speaking as a mom of a 1 year old with an 82 year old mother that I love.

Yep we did a drive by and afew people stay for a small get together,mainly being immediate family

I’ve seen some drive by baby showers or maybe do a zoom( or similar group video chat) and have a registry and have the gifts sent to the mom and then do a video and let everyone chat .

My baby shower is in November and I’m doing it on zoom :slightly_smiling_face: