How should we prepare for new baby?

Parents with two under two! We have a 7 month old and are about to start trying for baby #2(we did fertility treatments with the first so we’re expecting to try awhile). What did you do for rooms? We have a 3 bedroom and right now my 7 month olds nursery is tiny. Our spare is a spare/office that’s actually used quiet a bit but I was thinking of turning it into her room/play room and making her nursery the new babies… we also thought about combining the rooms but our girl has slept in her crib through the night since 8 weeks old and I don’t want to throw off her routine with new babies sleep pattern.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How should we prepare for new baby?

Me too, I am going to wait and watch because some of us cuddle and then me, I throw them in like oh look, what’s one more?

I had two boys close in age…. So I just put a crib in my room and shared with the baby until the youngest was big enough to share a room with brother.

Put the cribs in the same room, kids tend to do better sharing a room and it’ll be easier on you. While the baby is still little you can have it sleep in a bassinet in your room. By that time they’ll be on a schedule

I have a one year old and I just had a baby in june 0/10 would not recommend


2 seperate rooms until they are older (that’s if they are the same sex) share room once both are transitioned into single beds that’s if they are the same sex. But if boy an girl then they will need their own rooms.

Toddler in their own room - newborn in ur room.

U gotta think of day naps aswell. Some days it’s nice to have that one sleep that bit longer. If they are in same room - one will wake the other.

I wouldn’t worry about it until you actually pregnant but if you have 3 bedrooms get rid of office and give babies each own room

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My daughter was 9 months old when I got pregnant lol accidently though :joy: Wouldn’t recommend. I cried a lot.

I put a toddler bed in my room and the crib. She was a heavy sleeper. Neither one had their own room as babies because my ass wasn’t going to walk down the hall to get them at night. They do share a room now (3 and 5).

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