How soon after a c-section did you get pregnant again?

How soon after a C-section, did you wait to get pregnant again? I recently had my 3rd C-section and want a baby closer in age to this one.

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I got pregnant again about three months after my csection. No complications. So I have Irish twins who are almost exactly a year apart.

I had one every 16 mo 3 babies in less than 3 years

1st csec 2013
2nd one was 23 months later in 2015
3rd one was 2017, jus 19 months later.
Having 4th csec In december

I got pregnant with my second a year later… they’re a year and 9 months apart
I really wanted a V-back but ended up having another c-section :woman_shrugging:t3:

We had 3 under 3. Had them 18 months n 16 months apart. They are now 3, 2, 8 months plus I have a 9 yr old. My dr did tell me when she delivered our last one that my uterus is very thin due to having so many c sections so close together and strongly recommended I not have another baby due to the high chance of a uterine tear. I am 36 I was 35 at that time.

My last 2 are one day shy of being 13 months apart. He was my 5th c section. Was not planned at all and had no issues during pregnancy.

I got pregnant again at about 5 months after my c section. Everything went well.

I got pregnant with my 2nd when my 1st was 12 weeks old. Irish twins & both c-sections

5 weeks later. My babies are 10 months 2 days apart. No issues.

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I’m having a second C-section on Tuesday, almost 18 months later. Doctor recommendations have been wait 2 years of your wanting to try VBAC, if your good with another C-section, and haven’t had major complications, wait the six weeks to heal up and then go for it.

I had my third child sept 18,2018 and then got pregnant with her sister and had her feb 12,20 and now I have a baby due March 14th 2021. My 2018 baby was a c section. They tell you to wait like two weeks to allow full healing but it was unplanned and I had a vbac with no real complications. Other than occasional high blood pressure I was fine and other than my potassium was really low for some reason in labor we had no issues.

It really depends on how your body is doing I have had 6 c sections. And I can still have more if I want more. My first two are only 12 months and 3 weeks apart. So she was 4 months when I got pregnant. With my second one. Then one 2 years after that then one 3 years after that. Then one 2 after that one. Then one 5 years after that. So it just depends on your uterus really.

I had one in 2018. I was told by my gynaecologist to wait at least a year before getting pregnant again to allow the scar in my womb to heal. Otherwise the pressure could cause it to tear

I’ve never had one but my sister’s first 3 kids are all less than a year apart all c sectons she had 5 total

14 months after my C section but had a successful vbac after my first C section and then 5 years later had another successful vbac

Mine 4 years apart…

2016 and the next is due Feb 2021. I have no idea why we waited so long just did

My first son was born 6/9/2014 then my other son was born 11/9/2016

I had twins in 2001 1 natural and 1 emergency c section. I got pregnant 8 weeks after

I had one in August 2001,December 2002 and July 2004.

1st csec 2013
2nd one was 23 months later in 2015
3rd one was 2017, jus 19 months later.
Having 4th csec In december

I had one in 2017 and I’m due in 2 weeks

10 weeks after my c section i was pregnant again. Suprise!! Lol

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2nd C child 5/23/1988 and 3rd C child 4/27/1989. 1 st C child was 11/20/1984

I had my last 2 18mths apart x

2014 and the next 2019.

1st was April 2014. 2nd is due April 2021.

You’re not really suppose to get anymore c-section after 3,but what do I know I had 4! Lol. But I agree with Janet. Talk to your doctor.

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Was told only 3sections so u need to talk to ur doc about safe timings, but here its 18months-2yrs or more depending on recovery/issues etc.

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I had my second 7 year and half years after my first i got pregnant with my 3rd 18 months after i had my 2nd

Mine our 16 months apart . Both c sections

My first was a csection 21 months later I had another baby via VBAC and three more after that VBAC

I had twins by c-section then 15 months later gave birth by vbac to my son, and 9 years after that had another baby by vbac. It depends on your particular reason for having your c-section, whether or not you should wait, etc…and if you will be able to give birth vaginally or require another c-section

I had 2nd c section like 4 years apart then 3rd c section 17 months after 2nd. And I was told not 2 hav anymore than 3 csections but people do hav more 3 but risks r higher after 3c sections. But its personal choice.