How soon can you take a pregnancy test after sex?

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You can get a positive ten days after ovulation chances get better everyday leading up to your expected period


Google reproduction and how it works.


Better to wait the day after your missed period (?)

I had sex December 1&3 & on the 19th found out I was pregnant

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The recommendation is after the 1st missed menstrual cycle.

Give it a week or two

Use a digital test. They will pop positive sooner than the lines.

If you have to ask this question then perhaps you should question whether you are ready to be having sex. Smh


You can take a test right after having sex. :upside_down_face:


Go back to school and take a sex education class , while there take home economics !!! :face_with_monocle::thinking::sunglasses:


Possibly 5 days before your missed period


A few days before your period and/or after a missed period.

If you have to ask you shouldn’t be having sex. To answer you, after you’ve missed your period. If your period is irregular, I’d say about 4 weeks. But I’m no doctor.


I think the test should have instructions? Some of them are different, and claim they can determine so many days after a missed period. If you really want to know wait a few weeks and have blood work done to confirm. :woman_shrugging:

I’m no gynecologist but I’ll take a look. Roflmao


Good Lord!!!I’m sorry but if u have to ask this perhaps u shouldn’t be having sex let alone be a parent


I took the clear blue digital 2 weeks after and got a +

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Ppl please with your stupid comments,take a test a week after your missed period


2 weeks and bom… i pregnant :joy::joy:

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Fisrt see if you missed a period and 3 to 4 weeks min. and you can also look up information about preg. and don’t waste your money on expensive that get the dollar tree ones they work I never had one give me false results!!! There all made to do the same thing which is detect the preg. hormone!!!

Are you trying orrrr… trying NOT to get pregnant…?

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Some can do 5-6 days before your missed period. But some are sooner. I would recommend a blood test if you think you might be.

You can take it whenever you want… you can take it before you have sex if you want. Your money would really get its value if you just bought birth control of some sort…


To avoid getting ripped apart from your stupidity of asking a question like that… I think by now everyone knows just to google it…


Why wait until after? Take it before :rofl:

You can take it whenever. You don’t get the hormones for about 2 weeks though.
Best to wait after you miss your first period.

You can take a pregnancy test at any time. But it’s best to take 4 weeks after sex for best results.

After you’ve had sex education :rofl::rofl:

Morning after pill is what you need by the sounds of it.


The answer is two weeks.

I tested positive 12 days after intercourse with my last daughter

A week and a half after sex for early pregnancy test. 2 weeks is usually a better positive.

Just inquiring are you trying to have a baby or not?

Mine was positive 3 weeks after sex, and it was a strong positive. And I know it had been 3 weeks because it was the only time I had did anything in months.

Usually day before or after missed period. For me it was negative say before (during night time) positive the next morning right away

I took one 1 day before I was supposed to start my period and got my positive

Mine worked 6 days before period was due! At night time :grin:

two weeks after you miss a period is the go-to to know for sure.

Lol it it not about how soon after sex, but how soon after you miss a period. I wouldn’t start wasting money on tests until you are actually late for your period. Then if you are late, test with your first morning pee for quickest positive test.


Honestly I just wait until after missed period
I would take mine before and they would come out negative with my son and now I just found out I’m pregnant again I had implantation bleeding with both as soon as that started one I got a positive
It’s funny because I took them a day apart one was negative the next day positive

12 days post ovulation is the soonest I’ve ever gotten a positive pregnancy test. Be sure to only use pink line tests as blue line tests leave bad evap lines. The best test I have used is first response early result.

With my first I only got a positive when my period was 2 weeks late

I knew i was pregnant 6 days after. High hcg from it being a twin pregnancy

10 days after ovulation is when I got digital tests

I would just wait until a late period… avoids disappointment and I’m cheap and wouldn’t waste money on testing early :joy:

You can take them whenever. Even if you dont have sex.