How to announce pregnancy?

I need some cute ideas for my daughter to tell my boyfriend I’m pregnant! I want to involve her in it. :blush: I just can’t find any ideas for her. She’s not biologically his… but he treats her like she is. It would be so much more meaningful if I can involve her! She’s 2 1/2 by the way!
Thank you!!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Get her a t shirt that says “best big sister” and have her either wear it or have her give it to him


While the family is together, sit her down with crayons or markers and a paper and have her Color a picture for him of you with a very big belly. When he comments on it she can tell him why

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Have a shirt for him made that says something like clever like #1 daddy of 2 . Baby coming __________?


The shirt is a great idea my friend announced to her man they were having a baby by asking him to get their daughter ready and her shirt was one of those tutu dresses that said best big sister or something like that


I would take her shopping & have her buy some baby items! Then have her give him the gift and see how long it takes him.
Buy stuff like diapers, gender neutral bibs, basic socks, a rattle & bottles. That’s what I did for a family member! They liked it.

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Take a pic of her with a sign that says IAM gonna be big sister print frame it wrap it have her give it her daddy


Baby shoe n cute mystery poem… Treasure hunt n at end pregnancy test?

I did this for my third and my husband’s first, he took my older two on :blush:

I put the ultra sound picture in a frame and gave it to our 3 year old to give to his daddy. :slight_smile: at first he thought it was an ultra sound picture our son found of himself. :wink:

It would be cute to have her give him a gift with a 2 pairs of marching shoes. One in her size and a newborn size. Maybe a poem in the box about Daddy walking by his children’s side in life.

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Matching shirts! Daddy’s could say Best dad and hers could say best big sister!

I did a shirt with my daughter! I just found one at target that said “super sister” and took her to see everyone :joy: but for my boyfriend, I gave him some funny “how to be a dad” books and waited for him to catch on :sweat_smile:

I made this shirt for my BFs 10yo to tell everyone


Check out Pinterest! They have great ideas!

Get on pinterest and look. There are tons of cute ideas!

How about a her wearing a shirt that says Im the big sister when he comes home

Big sister T-shirt have her wear and see if he notices


Put a real bun in the oven (dont turn it on), & have daughter tell him to come to kitchen, & tell him theres a bun in Mommys oven. Have him take it out & have the positive test laying behind it!


A big sister tee shirt.

Buy her a “big sister” t-shirt, have her wear it and see how long it takes him to realize lol


Have her wear a big sister shirt and tell him to read it.

That’s how we told my husbands family that we were expecting baby #2

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I think it would be cute if you did a mommy and me mini photo shoot and put them in an album she can give him and at the last page it’s you both holding a sono picture and a sign saying you’re going to be a daddy


Have a shirt printed for her. Or get her a big sister shirt

I made a big “license” for my oldest lol it said
“Name: (xyz)”
“Birthday: (xyz)”
“Expires: (due date)”
And in smaller letters on the very bottom it said
“*Big Brother Card will be issued upon expiration”


We did this with our 3rd to announce to everyone.

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I gave my son the pee test and a note and said give this to daddy. He cried


This is what I did with my 3.5 year old

I made my daughter a shirt that said “big sister to be 2019”

Pinterest is the way to go. Or you could always get a t-shirt or onesie and hand- decorate it with a saying like on insert due date there will be one more apple of your eye. Or something similar.

Put a bun in your oven and have her get him to check out the oven to find the bun???

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Put her in a shirt and let her tell him hes going to be a daddy.

Coming soon big sister on (month your due) shirt.

  1. Get her t-shirt that says Best friend coming due date, or Daddy x2 and due date. Buy a baby item and wrap it let child give daddy a present.

Big sister shirt and have her give him a gift with a positive test inside

Maybe…wrap up a positive test and have her draw him a picture and give it to him.

Everyone is saying put a tshirt on the child how bout have a tshirt made for him that says I’m going to be a dad (year) and then wrap it up and have her give it to him as a present!

Get a big sister shirt

Get a shirts that says “im a big sister” and see how long it takes him to notice. Lol

Make a puzzle for them to do or a scavenger hunt