How to become a surrogate?

How do i become a surrogate mother, & whos been thru the process?

My friend is a wonderful friend. Shes got my back.
She has adopted her son since he was 5 months old, hes 7 years old now.
She helps me alot, i help her alot.
She told me she would give anything to have her own baby ( dont get me wrong she loves her adopted son)
But she really wants a baby between her husband & her.
Shes infertile & cant get pregnant.
She said she’d like a surrogate mother & i told her i would do it. I am very fertile with 4 healthy kids.
But we are a bit unsure how to do this, money wise as well.
Anyone else done this?


My guess is a family lawer with a written contract is all youd need


I’m not sure but you are truly a beautiful person. :heart:


Tell your friends to research surrogate companies and make sure to look at different companies. Make sure to also let them know that they already have their surrogate. Also alot of comoanies have guidelines as far as health and weight.

If she has infertility problems it’s most likely comes from ovulation issues and if she doesn’t ovulate she can’t produce eggs to be able to have an egg for a surrogate so that the baby would actually be between her and her husband. Now I don’t know exactly what her case is so I’m just giving some info that I know. Otherwise you can get pregnant by her husband and give them the baby through adoption. I know this sounds crazy but I know a girl and a gay guy and he would jack off into a cup and she literally injected herself and they now have 2 kids. They just wanted a baby to raise as friends. Crazy , I know and not something for everyone but they didn’t have money for all the other options as it is very costly!!!

Well first off look it up and make sure you meet the requirements cuz no woman can be a surrogate just because they want to there are a list a qualifications that you must meet in order to be a surrogate but I believe you have to go through a fertility specialist

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I did some research not too long ago because I want interested in doing the same thing but I found out that I wouldn’t be eligible for a surrogate 1) because of not so good family medical history 2) personal history of having to be on bigh BP medication in the past. It’s super strict and really complicated if you dont have a legal expert leading your thru the process. I would probably go to a good lawyer first off and have him explain the process and then go from there.

There will also be therapy you have to complete during the process(a friend of my husbands was a surrogate) there was a bunch of legal as well. Best bet talk with a company who dies this or an attorney who works with these cases.

What is causing her infertility? A gestational surrogate would only work if it’s an issue with her uterus. If it’s an ovary issue she’d could do IVF herself with a donor egg, or a gestational surrogate with a donor egg, or find someone to do traditional surrogacy (IUI with husbands sperm). Unfortunately when it comes to infertility there is not really a cost-friendly way. Speaking to a fertility specialist would be the best option to get you guys started.

Check with a company that specializes in this. You will have therapy to make sure your all mentally capable of dealing with the process and throughout, then months of fertility shots, harvesting the eggs/sperm, fertilizing etc. Many have to do multiple attempts and its quiet expensive. Like 10k+ a round. A friend had a go fund me page to raise the money to be a surrogate. Unfortunately after 3 or 4 failed attempts they were unable to try agian.