How to breastfeed?

i have a 1.5 year old son(tried breastfeeding didnt work) and just had my daughter(only gets breastmilk)about 8wks ago. well i needed an occasional break to shower and cook dinner so i would have my fiance give her a bottle. everything was going great. had no problems with her breastfeeding. well out of nowhere just one random day she started refusing my breast. she only got 1-2 bottles a day and not even full bottles but just enough to keep her content so i could do a few things. everytime i go to put her in the feeding position she cries. sometimes i have to trick her with a bottle to latch on. i still pump when she doesnt feed to keep up my supply. i have noticed a little drop in the amount of milk im producing but i do believe its from my milk regulating out. its very frustrating because i didnt get to do this with my first child and im afraid that im going to have to stop with my daughter because eventually i want make enough milk if she doesnt start feeding from me. any tips on how to get a baby to take the breasts better? im a little on the heavy side and very busty so not every position works for us. we do the football hold and the cross cradle. help me moms! :blush:


Maybe a nipple guard? It might feel more like a bottle

Dont allow bottle at all and look on youtube for help with latch techniques or call your breastfeeding consultant from the hospital with baby being so little may have to retrain her latch

Bottle nipples are easier for baby to suckle STOP giving bottles! When she gets hungry enough,she will latch on to you. Sound cruel? It’s not…

Sometimes when they get used to taking bottles they can get lazy and frustrated. Bottles allow endless milk to come out quicker than breast. I’ve had issues with this. I pump during the day and nurse at night. If shes sleepy she doesnt fuss like she does during the day.

You can just become an exclusive pumper. You’ll be able to get your supply up and freeze some. I did it for 8.5 months

Are you using a premie bottle nipple are very slow flow nipple. Are you pace feeding with the bottle. Look up pace feeding and make sure that is the technique being used. You may need to take a break from bottles for awhile then go back using pace feeding and slowest flow nipple you can find

Nipple confusion, stop giving her a bottle and only offer breast, if you are wanting to EBF still, or you could switch to just bottles and pump :woman_shrugging:t2: