How to budget?

For mamas that live pay check to paycheck. Where do you shop for grocery’s? Money is extremely tight lately.


Off brand budget dollar store has good things as well also check out local food pantries as well !!

I love Aldis and save a lot! Not sure where you live or if you have either of those stores.

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Coupon like no tomorrow

Shoes has meats 50% sometimes

Kroger… I’ve shopped at Aldis and there’s really no different but I literally get Kroger brand everything… and I go through what’s on sale… cause they always have sales and that decides what’s for dinner that week.

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Dollar Stores since the Safeway where I live is crazy expensive.

Ruler Foods and Walmart even dollar tree for some items and snacks

Kroger. I am the coupon queen.

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Kroger, with their customer card, and shop the sales. I have a family of 10, and if I’m super careful I can swing it on about 500$ a month. Seasonal fresh produce, meat sales, and we do very little pre-packaged.

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Depends what I’m buying. If I know I can get it cheaper in bulk At Costco I’ll go there, I go to our local grocery store for meat and the rest of snacks and other dinner meals I get from Walmart.

Market basket all day kid

Join some coupon groups… download digital apps with coupons…use the ibotta app also

I also coupon in target

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Dollar stores and Aldi’s


Sams club and dollar general

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Coupons!! Clip coupons!!

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If you have an Aldi near you, there is the best place. If not save a lot, the pick 5 is awesome. Coupon as much as possible.

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Our Dollar General also offer $5 off on Saturday if u spend $25 thru the week

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Watch the store flyers and try the pantries they are god sends i know


Aldi. Great prices and good selection.

I shop at bilo and only shop the weekly deals.

Sams club has discounts on meats if you go early in the morning. They are due to expire if they don’t get frozen. Really good deals

I shop all over and use the Flipp app to check out the sales and compare prices. I also get the Sunday paper and cut coupons. Plus there’s apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 where you could get money back too. Also check out the Krazy Coupon Lady’s website. It will list all the current sales and coupons you can use (it’s more for household, but sometimes has food).

Aldi,Wal-Mart (the great value brand is reasonable priced and not to bad ) , or even the dollar tree it sounds crazy but alot of their dry goods they have a good selection at times and mine even sells eggs and it’s a dollar still around my area and dollar genreal down load there app and they have loads of coupons .

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Aldi, hyvee and walmart

Aldi’s, Save A Lot, Walmart

Save A Lot. I’ll get some things at the dollar store or dollar tree.

Heb but that’s a Texas store only

Honestly the $1 stores have a nice grocery section
I get stuff from there
Food banks and some churches do boxes of staple items like bread and milk and cereals

I do all my meats at Publix’s / pretty much everything else sams

i go to our local food pantry 1x a month

Save a lots
Dollar stores

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I go to Walmart and also have WIC to help out.

Frys, Dollar store, shop around, check the new ads weekly on tues. Build your menu around whats on sale. God bless you, i was widowed, 25 with 2 kids. Good luck.

food pantry for dry goods

Not much help with where to go grocery shopping, but I would definitely recommend listen to Dave Ramsey and applying his principles so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck. Good luck!!

Aldi, Walmart. Check the local churches for food banks.

Check your local Salvation Army pantry if you get in a pinch. They will hook you up with the staples plus extras.

Aldi, I recently became a single mom and I just got a job after being a stay at home mom for a year so my money is extremely tight. Aldi saves me a lot!

Check around, a lot of churches give food 1-2 week/month.

Food 4 less and I don’t buy name brand

If you plan out your dinners is pretty good

Aldi saves my family a lot and making meal plans every week helps me as well

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Kroger’s let’s me earn fuel points as well.

I always seperate needs and wants… prioritise… write a list to work around your budget.

Meal plan! Only buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Aldis!! I get a whole cart full literally bottom to over top for 185. I have family of 9 pluse day care kids. It lasts us awhile. I’d b spending 3xs as much at Wal-Mart if I went there. Only thing I do get from Wal-Mart is r meat and pop.

The boyfriend and i are kinda the same way we always shop at aldis and what we dont get there we get at Walmart

WinCo, or a,discount food store.

Aldi and meal planning

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Save a lot helps alot with my big family of 7

I buy my meat at Sams club. Borrow a members card if you dont have one and can. I like to buy my hamburger there. By far the cheapest and best quality that I have found. Its a big pack. I split it into 4 sections and put it into freezer bags for 4 seperate meals. I also buy one of the big long pork loins and seperate it as well.

Aldi saves a ton… However I’m picky on certain things and will look to see where my other products are on sale. Meijers 10 for $10 get 11th free, kroger 10 for $10.

Publix. They always gave really great BOGO Free sales

Aldi all the way! Avoid Walmart and target like the plague, idk if your little ones are in diapers but pampers has an app and you can get gift cards sometimes. Also, kwik trip has cheap bread and eggs and you can freeze the bread! Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are my go to. If you have room or time for a garden that’ll save you a bit and fishing is entertaining and economical!

Aldi. My husband and I saved so much money when we were making a lot less by getting all groceries and whatever else we could at Aldi. We also never spent more than $100 every two weeks for groceries and had plenty.

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Coupons, aldis, 5 for 5 meats at Kuhn’s and giant eagle. Rice goes with chicken and beef, crock pots are your best friend. Look for weekly sales on fruits and veggies. Experiment with meals. You gotta be creative.


Yes, as the lady’s have said, find a grocery story that is not a chain. Google how to grow your own vegies in a pot, it’s pretty simple, and taking care of them will alleviate a lot of stress! Take care my dear!

Kroger has great 10 for $10 deals

Make your calories count. More vegetarian meals & use meat more like a garnish vs. large portion will save you $ and be healthier. Organic yoghurt, cottage cheese, eggs, brown rice (make a bunch then freeze meal-sized portions for quick microwaving), whole wheat breads & pastas, sweet potatoes have more nutrients than their white counterparts.

Dark green leafy vegs are great; iceberg lettuce has very little food value. Red & green cabbage is cheap & nutritious raw or cooked. Beans & lentils are cheap & w a grain (rice, barley, corn) are a complete protein. Quinoa is a complete protein by itself; much cheaper than meat, poultry, seafood.

Stretch organic milk by mixing with powdered milk; frozen fruits & vegs have same nutritients as fresh & will last longer; buy non-perishables in bulk. Cook from scratch when you can. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Marinate cheaper cuts of meat &/or use a slow cooker/crock pot. Stretch meat, fish, poultry by adding vegetables and starches, & making soups & stews.

Use leftovers (including making bone broth by boiling meat & bone leftovers) to make homemade soups: cheap, filling, nutritious. Blend in tofu to make “cream” soups for extra protein. Add cubes of tofu to anything with a strong flavor to provide protein (will absorb flavor of dish).

Hot dogs & bologna are SO bad for you as are American cheese & (surprise!) ramen noodles. Skip them. Skip most prepared snack foods & make your own: pop your own popcorn (add grated cheese or spices if you want), cut up fruit, make popsicles with fruit & juice, cut up vegetables & dip in ranch dressing. Freeze grapes, berries or melon balls for summer treats.

Use stale bread for croutons: cut in cubes & let dry out. Mix garlic powder/salt, chili powder, cayenne to taste, onion powder, paprika in a little olive oil & add croutons & stir to coat; briefly bake or fry in pan for seasoned croutons. Eat low on the food chain, less processed food.

Chances are if there’s a coupon, it’s more expensive & less nutritious, so be aware & compare prices against store brands & look at nutrition labels.

Baked apples (core, fill w butter, raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon & nuke ‘em until soft), bread pudding, chocolate & fruit or jam nuked in crepes/thin pancakes (Bisquick + 2x the milk) & rolled or folded are cheap & healthy desserts. Skip desserts for normal meals & save $ & calories.

Don’t buy soda. Drink tea, coffee, milk, water (tap & store brand carbonated), dilute juices, make water infusions by adding a little sliced fruit, mint, &/or cucumber. Make iced tea from hot tea. Add honey, lemon, fruit or juice to flavor it before adding ice.

You can save money if you cut up cheeses, meats, poultry, fruits & vegetables yourself, though it does take a little time.

Make/eat cheaper breakfast foods for dinner, but add fruits & vegetables. Add chopped pecans or dried apricots to whole wheat or buckwheat waffles. Add salsa, greens, peppers, breakfast meats & cheese to eggs for more nutrition; roll in a whole wheat wrap for fewer carbs.

TP is cheaper than Kleenex to blow your nose. Eat out/order in as little as practicable.

Love Aldi & look for sales @ other stores, food pantries—though they have a lot of nutritionless carbs—get the canned tuna & beans, paper goods incl diapers & wipes.

I shop almost exclusively at aldi

Coupons, coupons, and coupons! I stick to a list and only get the things I need… occasionally something we want but don’t need. I normally look at the sale ads on Sunday and look at all the deals and see which one works best with my coupons and that’s where i go. Normally it’s weis but I honestly shop a lot at Walmart for sides and some produce. I tried aldis but I’m not a big fan… it’s a lot cheaper don’t get me wrong but they don’t have everything I need just a lot of stuff I want lol

There s app like Ibotta …that gives you money back …
Its worth looking into …I personally have used it and… they do payout…

If you have the room, try to buy things that you can in bulk, like big bags pasta, tins, pot snacks etc. I find not sticking to one shop helps, look closely at all deals, as some aren’t as great as they look, dates run out quicker then you can use certain products, therefore wastes your money. Watch out for poultry in Aldi, it used to be quite good years ago, but now although the price is good, the quality isn’t, they sometimes sell gone off meat etc, even though it’s still in date, which shows that it hasn’t been stored in the correct way. though they have some nice biscuits, and pannini bread in there. Iceland, is good for a few items, but watch out on their slimming world items, as the prices go up and the amount you get lessens. Sandwich fillers, like tinned tuna in spring water, is cheaper in places like Home Bargains, but Asda also have a cheaper one, for £2.84 jars of paste, value ones, aren’t too bad, chocolate spread, jam, peanut butter, mar-mite, make cheap sandwiches in the long run. ,Cereal, crisps, and cleaning products Poundland are good for. It all depends really if you’re willing to shop around. But will say Asda have large sacks of potatoes, for £3.50, you can, make homemade chips, roasties, smiles, etc and then freeze them, and still have some left depending in the size of your family. Make sure you don’t go shopping, whilst hungry, as i buy way too many snack things, when doing so lol x

Dollar general dollar tree. Piggly wiggly

Save a lot food city

Winco bulk section. Making food from scratch is cheaper in the long run. Rice, noodles, cheese mix, gravy mix, then just mix it up. Mac and cheese and noodle casseroles…make enough and you got lunch the next day. 60 bucks a week goes a long way there. and bulk cereals and oatmeal for breakfasts

Aldi or save a lot. Walmart, too, but all off brand stuff

Aldi and coupons, digital deals, watch the ads. Great app in the play store called Flypp that has local ads