How to calm your nerves before labor?

I’m due in a few weeks and I’m getting real nervous for the labor and hospital part. I’ve never had to stay in a hospital so I’m not to sure what to expect? And I’m also a FTM so for labor I’m nervous. Any advice from other mommas? What should I expect with both? Anything I should definitely take to the hospital for me, dad or baby?


The shakiness and the nausea were the worst part for me. I never got nausea during pregnancy but during labor I was so bad. I was also super shaky like the feeling when your cold and shivering. Not sure eif that was from epidural or just adrenaline/nerves

Definitely some chapstick, maybe a book to read or something to keep you occupied. dad’s going to want snacks and drinks(money for vending machine) and something to keep him occupied also a blanket and pillow if he’s staying. An labor you’ll have bad contractions best to just breath through them or get the epi. Baby bag is pretty simple to pack.

Just make sure you tell whoever is going to be in the room or even just the nurses that you need nothing but SUPPORT. The support you have during labor is so important because honestly it really does help you. Ask the nurses any questions or concerns you have. Its going to be scary, but you’ll do great and soon your little baby Will be in your arms :blue_heart:

Chapstick! And a good hair tie!

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You won’t need to take anything except clothes for yourself and baby a few outfits. The hospitals (usually) provide diapers, wipes, formula and anything else you’ll need for baby during your stay. I’d suggest, from personal experience, to take a house coat and bed shoes :wink: lol. They’ll take good care of you, no reason to worry…promise :green_heart:

I would bring your own pillow. I was so thankful for a comfy pillow when it was all said and done :upside_down_face:

Only hospital stay I’ve had were for pregnancy. Contractions were bad for me. And when your water breaks you leak til you have the baby. But it was all temporary and worth it when you hold your baby for the first time. Lol I told myself that my first was the only pregnancy I would go thru but here I am on my fourth.

Our hospital didn’t provide wipes. They used wet washcloths. Pack wipes, plenty of chapstick, phone/tablet chargers and comfy clothes for you. As soon as I could walk, I changed into leggings and tank tops for the rest of the stay. Also just expect the unexpected and just focus on delivering a healthy baby no matter which way. One other thing, having my own pillows helped too.

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Expect the best but prepare for the worst! I was told that as a FTM I would probably be torn open completely or end up with a c-section, and I was also told labour would be long and super awful. I held out for 8 hours of my induction unmedicated, my epidural experience was extremely positive, and I only had a very minor tear after just one hour of pushing!!
Not all FTMs have traumatizing experiences, and I tried to keep that in mind after reading lots of positive birth stories. I think going into with that mindset really helped!

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Grab as much hospital underwear as you can.

I just had my baby less than 48 hours ago. Make sure you have a good support system. If I didn’t have my husband, I wouldn’t have gotten through labor. The hospital stay is not bad at all, but be ready for the lack of sleep. It hit us hard. Labor was a little rough for me but I promise as soon as you have your baby, it makes it so worth it. I did tear a little and honestly, it’s not as bad as I thought. Don’t give up and enjoy that baby. Good luck!

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Do your best to relax. Its not as bad as in the movies lol. I try to laugh through the contractions. The worst part is after the fact and tryjng to get some rest

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I packed so much stuff and didn’t use it.
They give you SO much so make sure you ask exactly what they give you.
They gave us diapers and wipes and travel size baby care products and a brush
They gave me PP care supplies. Like bags of it.
I didn’t want to put clothes on at all so everything I packed was useless.
I only stayed one night so I didn’t shower but they had shampoo and stuff for me.
Make sure da packs stuff because they cater to you and baby.
My hospital did the first meal in the room free.
I took a suitcase expecting to be there 3 days and stuff and used none of it.
Same with baby. Packed cute clothes and blankets and stuff. Didn’t use it.
I kept her in a diaper skin to skin against my chest.
She wore jammies home.

Do not be afraid to ask for medication! Omg. Pain is no joke and if you’re scared and tense your body can’t progress. Medication will help you relax and let your body do it’s job. Once my body relaxed, I went from barely effaced and only .5 cm dilated to holding my baby in just under 12 hours. You know your pain threshold and you don’t have to cross it.

Phone charger, chap stick, and your own towel.
Pack clothes for a few days. Nothing tight. Loose clothing and big undies you don’t mind getting ruined. Clothes, of course for baby. Toothbrush. Maybe your own pillow and a comfy blanket.
I would have given just about anything for my comfy blanket!

FTM. By the time I got to the hospital, I would have never had any time to get drugs. I was pushing not 15 minutes after walking through the door. Had to have an emergency C.
Believe me. When the time comes you will know what to do and what us necessary to help you through the process. If you want drugs, do it up! They are wonderful.
If you want to go drug free, do it up.
Whatever happens, you will have a beautiful baby at the end. No need to worry!!

Honestly they provide everything. Comfy going home outfit for yourself and baby. A cute comfy shirt if you plan to have the professional hospital pics. Maybe a baby blanket. And then snacks and drinks! So you have stuff in your room between meals. And then you don’t have to waste money on vending machines!

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First put every. Thing in gods hand and ask him to see you though it and he will ,Amen.

3 foot extension cord for your charger. I’ve been in the hospital like 45 days in 2 years and the outlet is always further away from you then your charger cord. They’re like $3 at Dollar General and every time the nurses tell me I’m the only one they’ve seen ever bring one.

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Besides having my son I’ve had a lot of hospital stays for surgery…best thing I can recommend is to start with head and work your way down…small bottle of shampoo, conditioner, comb, face…only need good lip balm…dry in hospital, toothbrush, toothpaste…use small…and keep going down, nursing bra, very comphy clothes, nothing tight…good luck… congratulations.
You will be fine…they take great care of you

It’s a process and a lot of work that’s why it’s called labor. Don’t crowd the delivery room. You and your husband need privacy and concentration. I know you have had classes but they did not have them when I delivered. I chose to think of contractions as a wave that starts small and grows to its peak and then ebbs away. I know it sounds crazy but you don’t know me, I even put a small sail boat on the wave. Worked 4 times. Good luck and God bless you all.

All my pregnancies ihad to argue with one nurse same nurse each time. ‘MY CHILD IS NOT LEAVING THE ROOM ALONE’

Make sure u tell the nurse exactly what u want. They tell u this nd that but u have the final say. Nd If u want to bathe ur child urself tell them they like to take over whatever

I think of it like this , if this baby is wanted and a blessing to you then you will be looking forward to labour and delivery. I couldn’t Wait!! Took me 7 years to have my first. Just oi into it with a happy spiritual, relaxed mood .tell yourself you’ve got this, most natural thing in the world . I had all 3 of my children natural, not even a tylenol. Tv really is a joke when it shows childbirth. Its a beautiful thing. Have someone with you that will be calm and help you to relax your body, makes the process shorter and easier. Walk till you cant anymore before you resort to the bed. Even use rocking chair. Maybe read if you need to pass time. Listen to soothing music. The baby isn’t our to hurt you but is trying to come into your loving arms, picture that. Rest as much as you can the few days before, sleep. Remember, any discomfort you experience will pass the monent you see your child. Good luck. Take something comfortable for after tho, the gowns choke ya. Ha. Can you go to birthing class?? Thats what we did.

My first labor I was terrified of til it happened. My water broke around 7pm after my 12 hr shift at work. The nurses told me to come in to be tested to see if it was my water. I rode the hour with my hubby I was super excited but in pain every once in a while. Contractions werent any worse than braxton hicks til I was 8cm. Then it hurt but not anything I couldnt handle. I focused on feeling the baby move instead of labor or focused on hubby or my aunt rubbing my back. A hot shower helped too. By the time I was done with the shower I was ready to push. 1208am my son was born. I only tore a little and the stitches felt weird but not painful.

I felt the maternity area was way nicer than other parts of hospital i had seen when visiting sick people. Depends on hospital you chose but where we are delivering it’s all decorated very nice, flat screen TV, large couch next to my bed for Dad, a cafe near by in hospital…it’s like a little home away from home for a couple days.

Just bring everything that keeps you comfortable, I brought my own pillow and had my laptop with me for the stay afterwards . labor is alot easier if you just go with the flow. Trust your body and you’ll be fine

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The hospital stay is the best. Stay as lomg as they let you. Theyre so helpful. Nurses running to get you whatever you need. Cooked meals for you. Its great. Lol

All you need is an outfit for you and baby to come home in. Your phone charger maybe some snacks especially for dad as the hospital will furnish you with everything you need they will even bring you snacks if you ask.also a car seat for baby to come home in.

If you have long labor ask if you can have an internal fetal monitor put on you. It will accurately keep track of baby’s heart rate & your contractions but it will give you the freedom to move around. You will want to take a change of clothes for you & for baby, possibly your own pillow, body wash, your own pads, things of that sort. I highly suggest looking up aloe pads for after the birth too. You will need a car seat (if you don’t have one most hospital will give you one), bottles (even if you plan to breastfeed just in case) You are going to hurt, take it easy and follow the rules that your dr tells you to do.

Many have come before and many have survived.
Don’t over think this.
Listen to your doctor and nurses.
Your body will go into auto pilot mode and you will know what to do to have a beautiful baby.
Good luck

I had taken care of multiple babies, BUT pregnancy and labor was a whole new deal. Back then they always shaved the pubic hair. I did not want that. Labor pains were nothing to me so didn’t know. Except when I could not walk w/o pain. I did not pack anything cause I wasn’t due for another 25 days. Hospital provided everything. I went home with the same dress I went in with. I never wore maternity clothes.