How to change a childs last name?

Hi!! I live in Upstate New york and when I was 14 I made some decisions and ended up pregnant. Being so young my parents kept me away from my boyfriend and father of my child and when she was born pressured me into giving her my last name and not putting dads name on the birth certificate.

After she was born my parents pressured me into taking him to court for child support ( i was 15 , he was 16) so paternity was established and he was automatically put on our daughters Birth certificate ( it didn’t go any further because i refused to).

Fast forward 5 years and we are still together and are on our own and currently expecting our second baby any day now, How do I go about changing our daughters last name to her dads? We are engaged and of course I want all of us to have the same last name. Any suggestions on where to start?


Clerk of courts. Its mostly online from there. Cost me 185 bucks per kid. Good luck

It has to be done in the courts, it’s very simple to do and not very expensive

All you have to do is go to the health department atleast that’s how we did our daughters

You have to petition the court for a legal name change. Go to your county courthouse and ask about it.

Ok so it depends on where you are but for me, my oldest son had my last name and then when we had our daughter she had her dads last name. Both are his bio children and so all we did was go to a registration office, gilled out the forms to have our childs last name changed, paid the fee and once his new birth certificate and name change certificate came we then changed his healthcare etc it was very easy to do

So glad things worked out so well for you.


Go to the court hose and get a packet to go about changing her last name

Your parents pressured you into it… good parents!!!
That being said congratulations on making it! I got pregnant young and am still with my now husband of 16 years

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So do your patents still dislike him

Courts pretty easy process

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To change the actual birth certificate is almost impossible from what I’ve heard, but just a name change at the courthouse is pretty simple

Had to go to court to change a letter in my name when I was 6. Call your local court clerk’s office & they can help you

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Courthouse for the county she was born in

Go to the courthouse in your area.

The court house. Seeing as though he’s her father and you’re the mother asking for the change they shouldn’t have an issue with it. He’ll my sister had her kids last name changed twice and the last time it wasn’t even her bio dads name. And I’m also in upstate NY.

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Go down to the courthouse & ask them what the process is to change her name.

I can share what I did pm if you want to know good luck

I dont think you can change original birth certificate but you can change name by depoll

You can go to the vital records office and have him sign the birth certificate and they will add him it was $30 in Tennessee

A regular name change with Social Security will run about $80.

Google “child name change” and the area you’re in…you both sign off on it. It shouldn’t be that hard

First off go to court and ask how much it is because legally changing a name is not free. The courts will tell you everything you need to do.

when you get married since shes his daughter it should be able to be changed along with yours but neither one is free