How to clean a pack n play?

Mommas what do you use to clean your pack n play ? I scrub down the mattress wash the blankets and pillows and ect, but what about the hard Matt and over all pen? I’ve used Clorox wipes several times before since they aren’t extreme scented but it isn’t satisfying me cleanliness wise :persevere: My baby girl sleeps the best in it so I want it to be as clean as possible.


fill your bathtub up with really hot water and add OxiClean and vinegar let it soak for a about 2 or 3 hours Take It Outside and let it dry


I spray mine with a vinegar mix and let it sit in the sun.

I’ve scrubbed mine with soapy bleach water and let it air dry

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Hand held Steam cleaner


I used resolve and it brought any stain and dirt right off

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I took mine outside water hose, scrub brush and resolve and lay it in the sun after to dry.

Only clean it the way the manual says please for Pete sake. You will ruin the pack n play. And cause mild and rust you may not see but your child breathes in


They all come with instructions on how to clean it

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Collapse it and stick it in the bath tub with laundry soap. Sundry.

I always used scrub brush. Water hose. Dawn and a slash of bleach…

I’ve never washed a pack 'n play. Just wipe down soiled spots with a wet rag.

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Vinegar and dawn. If u don’t want to use bleach. And it’s safe for baby

I took my may outside and in a flat surface prayed it with a pinesol and water mix then scrubbed it good, rinsed it till all soap was gone and let dry. That kills over, bacteria, mold and anything else that may be on it.

I fill up my bathtub with laundry detergent and stain fighter and wash it in there and then let it sit outside to dry if you don’t have a bath and only stand up shower you could always try just hosing it off and using soap :grin: