How to clean out an infants nose?

I need suggestions for the best ways to clean out my 3 month olds nose. He has a cold and is so stuffed up he coughs all the time, is having a hard time eating, and is clearly draining into his throat. He’ll spit up and it’ll come out his nose too. We use a humidifier in his room to help his eczema. We won’t use a nose frida.


An infant needs a lot of suctioning and honestly, the nose frida does the best job with that. It can prevent complications and hospitalizations. Being sick at that age is very dangerous.


I used a manuel bulb syringe with my kids. This was before all the fancy crap that is out there now. My oldest is only 20! It worked great!

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A nice warm bath before bed really helps drain their nose then when they are out Suck whatever is loosened up with a bulb sucker or the nose frida!!

The nose Frida sounds gross but there is a filter so u don’t actually suck in any boogies! The same company also makes an electric nose sucker that has good reviews. If neither of the above get a bulb suction and use saline like someone else commented! Need to get that snot out tho!

Bulb syringe with saline spray. Also recommend swaddling while doing it


We use the electric boogie sucker

So i made some warm
Salt water, held him to the side over the sink and used the booger suck to shoot the water up one side of his nose and then it would come out the other side. My son wasn’t the fondest of this but he was fond of how well his nose was cleaned out after.

Bulb syringe. The big ones are the best.

My baby got sick when she was less than a month old and we used saline mist and a bulb syringe constantly because she was either super stuffy or just draining snot. I found that the mist works best for my little one. It seems less abrasive than the drops and she handles it so much better.

Nasal saline, my two month old has to have a humidifier and saline sometimes or else he gets really bad boogers and will start snorting like a little pig

The nose frida seems absolutely disgusting in concept but it WORKS.

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Nasal saline irrigation (or a few drops of saline in each nostril), using suction to remove mucus, warm baths and/or sit in bathroom with hot shower running for steam.

Another vote for the Nose Frida. I wonder why OP doesn’t want to use?


You can also take them to the DR or local emergency room and they could also clean out thier nose.
I’ve done it before with the local ER and they use the medical grade nose sucker and my baby was able to eat and breath fine. They can also give tips/tricks for helping with eating as well when baby is sick.

You can use these kinds of nasal aspirator

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I used this on my kids. Worked just fine. Also ask your pediatrician and see if you can use a saline spray in their nose


When you put him to bed,Put Vicks on his feet with a pair of old socks,works

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Saline and suction with Nose Frida.