How to clear UTI's without medicine?

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Hi, I had a scheduled c-section about 7 weeks ago and since then I’ve had 3 UTI’s. The first one I figured was normal from the catheter, but I had another one that I finished antibiotics for almost a week ago but now I’m having symptoms again. I’m going to call my OBGYN on Monday, but has anybody else had this happen after a c-section? Before the section I’d never had a UTI before so I’m thinking it must be related to it.


Drink a lot of water. That’ll help clean ur system out

Yup. You need to drink alot of water and cranberry juice that helped

I had the same thing. Although I have had no more for about 2 weeks now. I had drank enough water to drown a horse. Flushed my system is what my OB said

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Are you sure It’s clearing up all the way? After finishing the antibiotics you should get checked to make sure it went away completely. I’ve had them ease up but not go away fully and come back full force after finishing meds. Lots of water, cranberry juice (not cocktail). Also I’ve learned a beer or 2 before bed helps clear them up for me.


Water, water and more water, and cranberry juice. Oh… and water…

Have them treat the actual infection with the right antibiotics. Don’t hold your pee. Drink a ton of water, like a gallon everyday. Take a probiotic.

Are you drinking enough water? I notice symptoms when I’m not, but I get back to drinking more water than anything and they go away… also make sure you’re not having to hold it. I know that can be difficult with certain careers but that can cause them as well

It’s most likely the same UTI. They need to send the test off for culturals. That will tell them the actual strain and what kind of antibiotics will kill it.
UTI’s are horrible. I feel for ya. Hope they get it cleared quick.

Op Update

I’ve been drinking lots of water since I’m breastfeeding, but since the section I’ve lost sensation in my bladder so I can’t tell I need to go until my bladder is full. I have cranberry supplements I’ve been taking as well, beer isn’t an option because I’m only 17 lol.

Yes, I had the same thing happen to me too.

I have intercystial cystitis.
Mimics UTI.
Its absolute hell.
Ask Dr about that.

I got 4 UTI after my csection. My dr said to stop washing with soap down there, drink lots of water and cranberry. When you have a c section they disinfect everything and it can throw off your balance fown there.

Cranberry juice!! I kid you not! Best stuff for UTI’s! It may take 24 hours for you to start feeling the relief but if you drink a glass a day between now and when you deliver, it should help to stop further resurgences.