How to cope with anxiety?

Hey Mamas, just curious if anyone out there is like me, in that they worry all the time. I have anxiety, that doesn’t always flare up BAD, but it’s more consistent. And it seems my worries are always health related, like I am terrified of something happening health wise where I won’t be able to seem y kids grow…etc…I don’t want to see please tell me I am not alone, bc I wouldn’t wish for anyone to be like this, but what are some good coping skills with this kind of every day worry, I am wasting time I could just be enjoying…worrying…


No your not alone either am I there’s lots of mothers that have this I literally vomit just at the thought of having to take my kids to school or if I’ve not gotten their cloths out the night prior or having a good day think ooh I’ll make their lunches in the morning and then wake to a anxious attack and push through it well try them get angry at my partner coz he has nothing clue why the hell im so made and just wish some one else could do it I really hate it

All the time and im pregnant with my second and its got worse i have rebooked myself in with DAS i went doctors last year and they gave me some numbers. Iv been told to focus where i am now, what i see, hear, feel just to get me out of that mind set. Not a thing that will last but when its bad just breath and think whats around you. Its good to talk x

My family have no clue and when I feel I’m getting bad I blam it on my toothbrush say I reach when cleaning my teeth

I’m in the same boat. I’ve been off my depression/anxiety meds since September when I found out I was pregnant. Some days are better than others


There is no need to worry, you are certainly not alone. I have diagnosed anxiety, and I also get really anxious about health and whether my baby is growing as she should. I also have social services involved in my pregnancy as I was in care myself and they say it is procedure that the check I’m able to provide my daughter with everything she will need as my parents. This has caused my anxiety to be a lot worse for the last month. But I try and stay positive as I know I am capable of providing a loving home for my daughter. And I definitely wouldn’t want her to have to endure what I had to during my traumatic childhood from being in the system. I have found reading books really helpful, listening to music ( up beat happy music) I also found knitting helps keep my anxiety at bay and it gives me something to focus on and my daughter will be able to use it. But most importantly it’s best to talk about it as it makes it harder if you bottle it up. Hope this help, and congrats on ur pregnancy and best of luck x

Take a natural supplement for this, there’s many out there for this. I take Valarian Root with Passion Flower


Mine hits me super bad when severe weather comes in. I live in Oklahoma ( tornado alley ) and like my anxiety is already going haywire because we have severe weather coming Friday until Tuesday and they keep saying it is bad.

im like that too… i worry aall the time, even about things that might happen in 10-20 years! Its overwhelming. But what ive been doing thats helped me is reading, espcially the book the Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Replace negative/worry thoughts by positive ones and appreciate everything that you have that is going well.


I have it. Most people don’t know because i had it but when i try to tell people i do, they think I’m lieing. I get anxiety going to the doctor, hospitals anywhere with doctors. My mind also doesn’t shut off at night either. So, definitely not alone. I’m on blood pressure meds i get so worked up. Sometimes i can control it and sometimes I can’t.

All parents do this I think. I’m super paranoid.

Worrying is a common trait in women. Even though most of the things we worry about will not ever happen, we still worry. My advice would be to keep yourself busy, whether work related, home projects, or volunteering. Believe me, it works!

I’ve been battling extreme anxiety since 2004 (along with PTSD) so I’ve tried all the stuff I could but sadly I came to realize I need medication. When to a psychiatrist and have been on xanax for close to ten yrs. It’s a life saver.

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If you have tried all other relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, things like that and it hasn’t helped definitely see your doctor. Sometimes your levels are off such as serotonin, and you may just need a medication. Nothing wrong with that!

I am the same way i pray about it God bless you

I change frequencies and turn my worry into focused prayer🙏🏻 I usually then finish with gratitude for all the blessings❤️

Ur not alone thats me everyday

Ive got 4 kids developed this with my oldest daughter is doing the same with ger first.