How to cope with depresssion and anxiety while pregnant?

How do other mamas and expectant mamas handle/cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments? I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and I’ve never felt this way before. Any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Everytime I’m pregnant, I become severely depressed. I don’t want to kill myself, I just hate life and hate people and my overall mental state is depressed. I try to get through the seconds, and then the minutes, Ana remind myself that this is only temporary. As soon as I give birth, it’s like the weight and the clouds have lifted and life is wonderful again

Therapy and antidepressants. Friends. Church. Family. I would seriously recommend talking to your doctor about getting on a low-dose antidepressant now if you aren’t on one already. If you are already feeling this way, you have a higher chance for post-partum. Doctors have determined that the mothers mental health often outweighs anything else, so please do the research and speak to a professional about this, as well as the other options.

My OB perscribed me a low dose baby asprin. You can actually get them over the counter.

Therapy, wine, therapy, a dog, wine and some meds :slight_smile:

Find a mother to talk to, we understand better, and see if someone can take your toddler for a couple hours or visit while you do chores. It goes faster and time shared can develop friendships. Dwell on happier subjects with others. Fake it til you make it. But do seek others to help you though it. Even a little older neighbor child can come play and keep a toddler content for you.

Stay busy and mind your business. Don’t listen to rumors. My kids great grandmother told me scary stories about being pregnant. Don’t believe it.

Talk to a Dr for real.

I deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. I got rid of alot of toxic ppl and worked on my breathing. There are days that I lose it and cant handle it but if u are feeling like that just take yourself away for a min go sit in the bathroom or bedroom and take time for yourself to breath. Find something that helps you relax that helps make you feel better. I have never been on meds for anything including my depression. It also helps if you have someone to talk to that does not judge you or gives u unwanted advice or makes you feel like crap.