How to cope with gallstones?

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Mamas who’ve had gallstones/gallbladder issues, how do you cope with the uncomfortable and pain and still manage to be a mother? I’m a sahm which I am entirely grateful, surgery date will becoming shortly but I feel like absolute trash. I don’t wanna over due with pain meds and frankly this new diet I have to stick to, I am starving! On top of this I have fibromyalgia. I just need some motivation :persevere::crossed_fingers:t3:


I’m still waiting for answers regarding gallbladder ( my ultrasound was clear ) there is a support group on here it’s really very helpful for pre op and post op also a gallbladder diet page ! I find heat helps me the most my hot water bottle is my new best friend ! Good luck hope u get some relief x

I just had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago

I’m right there with you they have me on a liquid diet

I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. & have 3 kids to take care of as a single mom. Ugh.
Mine was super painful too but I had no idea what it was until I went to the ER & they did a multitude of tests.
I’m hoping you can get the surgery soon so you aren’t in pain anymore! Maybe a few days with the new diet & you will get used to it & wont feel as hungry?

When the pain comes on mix 1 table spoon of Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and drink it down your pain should be gone in about 15 minutes

I used to sit in the shower with the hot water running on my back, worked a treat most nights until my surgery

Watch what you eat notice what things set it off. Stay away from those foods. Drink lots of water. It’s super painful I have had mine out for 8 years now and when I had it out I was not yet a mother but it still made it hard to get through the day. Just take it easy watch what you eat drink water and see if a heating pad works. Best of luck!!!

For the indigestion I used malox. Got a scrip for ibuprofen for the pain. And zantac. And hot packs for the back pain when it got real bad. Still waiting for surgery date. Stay away from fatty foods. Hang in there. Shit sucks

A hot water pad or heating pad when the pain comes . It helps a lot

I had mine out when my daughter was 1 month old. Then they cute you open like 8 inches I was in the hospital for a week. It was really rough. My sister took care of the baby while my hubby was at work an when I got home. She was sure a Blessing for us