How to cope with loss of a child?

How do you cope with losing a child? I lost my baby at birth and this was years ago and i still suffer from depression…how do i move on and learn to live with the loss? I feel like i am drowning?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to cope with loss of a child?

Hey love, I totally understand what you are going through I myself have had 5 miscarriages and everyday I think about them and go through depression. The main thing to do is pray and ask God to help you through everything. I’m here if you need to talk. Be blessed and stay strong :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Therapy is honestly probably the only real answer. I struggle alot also and do a work book that has helped me alot.

I couldn’t ever, so I couldn’t give any advice. More than anything I’d be sure to try to create more hobbies that literally illuminate your mind and life so that when you go backwards a little bit you can be moving forward also? Doesn’t make sense how I typed it but it did when I was thinking it up in my brain. Do more, I guess, try your best to literally move through life create some more positive memories so you’re able to pray to your baby but also thank god for your own life. I’m sorry xx

It’s sad losing a child but with time the pain becomes bearable, depending on numerous factors 1. Did you seek counseling?
2. Family support
3. Do you have any children?
I lost a baby a few hours after birth, I struggled a lot a day a year and a half later I had my rainbow :rainbow: baby. My parents , husband and family at large were supportive. Love and light to you :sparkles: :yellow_heart: :two_hearts:

Sorry for your loss​:heart::dove:

Breathe it’s not about moving forward forgetting them but moving forward learning to love with the loss. It’s been 6 years without my daughter it never gets easier you learn to remember their in a better place God needed them more than we did. God always does everything for a reason we may not understand today and we may never. Have faith and know their ok with the Lord

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I can’t imagine. I would recommend counseling. And a good church group. Sometimes it might help to know that this life isn’t all there is. There is a Heaven. You will see your baby someday.

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I too lost my son at birth last year. The road is long, but what I’ve learned to do, is submerge myself in the things that make me happy. I had to firmly grasp onto the fact that I still deserve to live and be happy, and that my child had he survived would have wanted me to do the same.


One foot in front of the other. Day by day is all I can say. You don’t get over it only passed it. I’ve had four miscarriages and a still birth over 30 years ago. Bless you.

Therapy. It has helped me through trauma and being a victim to sexual abuse. So I would imagine it would help with loss of trauma.

I lost my daughter to cancer when she was 6yrs old, that was almost 10yrs ago and i still struggle everyday, Your not supposed to outlive your child and when you do the survivors guilt is horrible…i have another child and everyday i put one foot in front of the other and live for her because i love her and she needs me to be her mom BUT Honestly if i didnt have her i would have just stayed in the bed holding my baby when she died till i died with her :frowning:


Find a support group of women with similar losses. That’s what I did. Only those who’ve gone through that know what it’s like. You’re allowed to grieve for as long as you want. It will be a long time… and don’t expect your SO to grieve anything like you do.

My baby girl should have turned 16 next month - you never get over it but I try to imagine her spirit still with us. Talk about it, get a journal and write down what you feel. I did a scrap book of her pregnancy and to show her siblings - she was my first baby - they know they have a older sister. Your baby existed and deserves to be acknowledged even if they can’t be with you now.


Pray!!! “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”- Psalm 34:18.


I lost my son at 25, he was my buddy. It was real hard, but I realized that he would not want me to live with depression or have a bad life because he had died. So I kept telling myself, Steven would want me to live happy
Although I miss him everyday

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I’m not going to lie to you, some say time heals all wounds…but that isn’t really true. Every missed bday, every missed milestone… It will ALL still hurt. However, as time goes on you slowly learn to push through. Grief counseling can help you find coping mechanisms, others become workaholics to occupy the mind…Some have other kids to preoccupy their mind and hearts but there is forever a lingering emptiness for the lost one. You take it one month at a time some months, others one week or a day at a time…but even others are hour by hour, minute by minute, or even second by second. Some find comfort in having a reborn doll made of their babies, others to be active and about…you just have to find what helps YOU cope. :heart: Stay strong mama

I lost my baby in 2017, baby girl, it dont get easier, I turned into a really bad alcoholic, was taking pills like they was candy. My sister in-law had to get in my face and tell me how it was, before I quit everything cold turkey. I’m sorry for your loss, sending you lots of prayers, and good vibes. :pray::purple_heart:

I just lost my baby boy in February he was 22. I struggle every minute of everyday. Just as I wake up I’m thinking of him till I close my eyes at night.Nothing has gotten easier for me and I don’t think it ever will. Prayers to you that you find comfort and peace.

I still struggle from time to time and I’m not going to lie, I go day by day! At first I shut down, wasn’t wanting to remember, wasn’t wanting to mention her name, etc. I was scared, hurt, emotionally dead inside. I moved forward because I had other children to move forward for but I was in zombie mom mode for awhile. Basically just going through the motions. I had no support, noone who really was able to talk to me about it without them feeling awkward and not knowing what to say. I didn’t really speak to everyone so not everyone even knew. I finally was able to seek counseling, meds helped as well, I was able to remember my babygirl, talk about her to her siblings, and honor her memory because it helped to remember she was put here for a reason and that reason wasn’t to hurt me, break me, or be a sad memory for everyone. She was put here to be loved and to give love, to shed a smile onto everyone who knew her, and to spread warmth and everything that comes with. I wanted her to be remembered and celebrated in the most amazing ways. While it still hurts I’m able to now talk about her and smile. So first and foremost HUG from one mama to the next. Second it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to cry, to scream, to vent, etc. But you do have to move forward WHEN YOU’RE READY.


I lost my daughter almost 19 years ago. It doesn’t get easier. It doesn’t go away. It will never leave you. You learn to cope but the pain never ends. You will never get over it fully. But you do learn to live with it. Please speak to your doctor. Depression after a traumatic event is very real. You may need some help to deal with it. Please join a local pregnancy and infant loss support group. There are so many of them and they are so helpful. We are here for you. Us fellow angel mommies are warriors and we support and protect each other.

I would find a therapist , join a support group and I would go green and use cannabis and not pharmaceuticals. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Let your individual therapist know you need a higher level of care. Maybe they can find you a bed in a long term inpatient trauma program. It’s hard to make a suggestion without knowing what work you’ve done so far

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I don’t believe you ever get over the loss of a child. We’re just not equipped for that. I think you just have to learn how to live your life anyway. I’m so sorry. :yellow_heart:


Maybe a reborn doll 🤷

I lost two one 6months old to SIDs and one from being a premee- the loss is always with you it’s been 14 years for me and I still cry on birthdays and occasions I think it’s always going to be that way but try to find some joy in remembering the good moments you had with your baby in your belly and know he or she is always with you! :black_heart:

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I have never lost a child the way you have, but I want to let you know that you matter. Your daily fight still being isn’t going unnoticed. Find someone or a group that has gone through what you have. Maybe therapy? Sometimes just having someone to let it out to helps us.

I lost my son at 4 1/2 months old and it’s been 10 years now and I still miss him but I just take it day by day some days are better than others and I always look at my other children and tell myself I need to stay strong and go on for them because they still need me. He was my middle child I had 2 before him and 2 after him

One minute at a time
Slowly very slowly go to a quiet place and pray GOD is always listening and HE alone can heal the pain you are feeling.

Write a letter to your baby…then build a bon fire and send it up in smoke…you can do this any time you desire…maybe this will help…stay strong…your always a momma even if your sweet Lil angel is not physically by your side…wish words could make it better…many thoughts and prayers


No one can tell you how long to grieve. No one knows the blow that this has been. Only you can decide to live a life and celebrate the life you did have , although short it was a great thing to have . Take it one day at a time and try to find good things in every day . It never goes away, you’ll always be cursed with the memories. You’ll just get better at living with the grief . And remember this was not god who did this, it was the devil. Pray and leave your worries with him. He will help guide you and provide strength to see you through. Many prayers to you and hugs :hugs:.

I lost my angel baby at 7 months old , this was 11 years ago , it doesn’t get easier ,but I’ve done well with learning to live with his loss , one thing I will say is after having my daughter in 2019 after everything , I did have therapy while pregnant and It helped me alot to talk about it and get alot of my feelings of my chest , don’t keep it bottled up , that’s when things could get worse , they did with me , speak about it and that really helps alot with the "coming to terms " with it :heart: I wish u all the best ,and I hope u get the help u need X

I lost my first son at birth I wonder about him but don’t dwell on it the Lord Jesus Christ knew what was best. I had 3 other sons I love lost the youngest at age 60 I miss him so much but pray a lot and don’t lot it control me God Bless you and everyone just put it in the Lord’s hand.

My daughter was stillborn. I was 7months pregnant and pushed down a flight of stairs by my ex.

You never truly get over it. Name the baby. It’s easier to talk about when baby has a name.
And yes talk about the baby. How can a person in heaven rest in peace if noone mentions their name.
Make a memorial or get something to remember child by.

Her memorial if anyone is interested. Please leave. Message in her guestbook. Yesterday was her Angelversary. In Loving Memory of Adriana Michele Gibson

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Look at the world we are in and imagine the paradise your child is in.

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Maybe look into grief therapy, they can help guide you and make a plan to make it easier.

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You have to make a choice to cope with it. One foot at a time one day at a time. Keep going forward. Don’t allow yourself to sit in the sorrow. If you don’t work get a job. Do those dishes that look like mountains. Make yourself go for walks make yourself go with friends. The absolute worst thing you can do is nurse the depression. The more you don’t do anything the more you don’t spend time with others the more you’ll drown. You will not ever get over the loss ever. But the choice to cope is only something you can make

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Note to the ones who haven’t lost a child please don’t comment bc some of your comments idek what to say about them.


I have never lost a child but I just want to say I am so very sorry. I couldn’t imagine your pain. Hugs to you. Stay strong momma.

The pain never goes away, mine has been 26 years and I miss her every single day. I had to seek counseling to help cope with the loss, it did however help me build a better relationship with my two young adult kids I have now and they know they would have had an older sister, it hurts like hell but we somehow with Gods help learn to cope with it and move on.

I lost my daughter who was 29 11 yrs ago . The grief never goes away nor do I want it to , I focus on the good times and when she made me laugh. That is how I can lessen the pain somewhat.


you will never forget your baby he’ll/ she will always be in your heart - no matter what , but any other kids u may have will somehow be a reminder of your first born but u will love them even more . your first born will always be in your heart and the love will never will sease

You don’t move on ,with counseling you gain the tools to carry your grief as well as finding healthy ways to express your emotions while still celebrating what once touched your heart so profoundly

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain. There are grief support groups one of them is called “Forever Angel baby”. They have helped me with the loss of my twins (16 years ago) and many others. As a Momma who has lost you will always carry the pain, but you’ll have good and bad days (really bad days). Please don’t be afraid to reach out for help. The loss of a child is very very traumatic.

I lost my baby 13 years ago. It NEVER get easier. Sadly you learn how to live through it. I would do anything to have my daughter back! I miss her so much! :sob: I’m truly sorry for your loss. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone!

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I’m so sorry for your loss :heart:

I hope you find comfort in this quote

writer unknown

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth. Then whispered as she closed the book “too beautiful for earth”. "


So sorry. Sincere condolences. Day by day. I still have some depressing thoughts after a miscarriage that happened 40 yrs ago. The loss never goes away, but my baby is in a peaceful place. God needed an angel. Hugs to you. Our lives still go on.

I cant Really comment but Didnt wanna Read and not reply! Im so sorry for your Loss❤