How to create a schedule?

Separated parents who split custody 50/50: how do you schedule your week?

(Dad works full time, mom works part time. For a one year old)


I would work Fri sat sun Mon get little man Monday night and have him till every other thurs Friday night then he goes to his dads from then till Monday night. if that makes sense.

Mine is (and has been since baby’s Been 9 months, hes 3 now) i have him Monday morning to Thursday night. They pick him up Thursday evening or Friday morning and then keep him until Monday. Every week until school starts and then we will go to i have him mon-fri

I have every Monday overnight and every other Friday to Tuesday

2/2/5/5 every mon tues night w/mom every wed Thursday w/ dad and switch every other weekend. If you work part time you can tell him you can watch baby till he gets off work.

Idk I’m a babysitter so I stay home anyway but I have my kids during the day every single day mom-Friday from 7am-6pm and their dad has them at night time from 6pm-7am and then one weekend he has them and one weekend I have them. I pay child support though and buy their clothes and shoes and provide insurance, and buy any school stuff they may need.