How to crib train?

So we are trying to crib train, my son will be 6 months on the 24th and its been very rough so far, hes pretty much slept in a rock n play since birth, and so far its been very hard, I work three twelve hour shifts a week so when im home i get up with him but when im at work my husband gets up with him and it seems he has a harder time with my husband. But he has to be in a deep sleep for me to put him down in the crib or else he wakes right back up and cries, he wakes up very frequently and also he still wakes up for feeding every 3 hours. Any advice to make it easier? He already has a Zen sleep sack that he sleeps in as well.


my youngest went rock and play to crib, put a wedge under the mattress to elevate it so it was similar to the rock n play

maybe trying to find a way to make the crib smaller like putting blankets or a noodle so he feels like hes not so small and the space isnt so big. is what we had to do with my daughter sleep sacks helped alot too.

We started with a pack n play then crib for both our kids.

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I’ve had friends swear by the Dock a tot

Try the baby einstein sea dream soother. My 1st daughter was exactly the same. We got the soother and she would fall asleep watching it with no fuss. :grin:


I know it’s controversial but I listened to my pediatrician and did the cry it out method. I’m so happy I did. My 7 month old sleeps beautifully now. I put her in her crib and no more crying. She pops her pacifier in her mouth and lays down by herself.

I’m very against putting anything like blankets or pillows in a crib as the AAP advises against this due to SIDS risks. But no matter what you do you need to get your baby out of the rock n play. Fisher price and the government just sent out a warning about child deaths and advise not use after 3 months old.

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We got a pack n play with all the accessories and kept it in our room, the basset at first then the higher level, hit for the first 6ish months he slept best in his swing so we’d put him in that for a while then when we were about to go to sleep would transfer him to the pnp. Around 6-7 months he would just sleep in the pnp, so we decided to start trying him in his crib. We would rock Him in our arms for a bit then place him in the crib. We did modified cio, I couldn’t handle the full thing, im a huge softy. But after 2-3 weeks he slept in his crib for most of the night. Slept all night by 9 months

Let’s be honest guys we all really just put them in bed with us because nobody has time for there crying. We all lived when our parents slept with us. Even though I highly recommend a crib or pack n play. My family members all slept with there baby’s but the crib is the safer bet. Try soothing music rocker them singing to then or a little stuffed animal in there

My daughter was on the feeding every 3 hours schedule forever because of the NICU I assume. I know im going to get shit for this but the only thing that helped us was putting cereal in her bottle. And she ended up having a condition where they told me to do this later on anyway so I don’t understand how it can be so dangerous but then some dr’s recommend it. I did it with my first also and everyone I know pretty much has done it too. I’m not forcing you to but I’m telling you what worked for us. I hope you work something out because that feeding schedule was absolutely brutal on me, especially while I was still attempting to pump. Omg I thought I would die from exhaustion at a few times. So good luck.

My baby is 7 months old soon, same story… we put him in a sleep sack since we moved him to a crib… and he has slept fine

We are literally the only species that finds it normal to sleep away from their young. Maybe starting with a pack and play in your bedroom would be better for you guys and baby? It gets him out of your bed and into his own but he’s not actually away from you yet. He’s still only 5 months old, he’s still just little. Also, most babies wake up to eat at night until they’re 1 and then some, which is considered healthy. As inconvenient as it can be because life doesn’t stop because you have a baby, try to enjoy this as much as you can. It goes by way too fast.


Both my kids went straight in cot from birth so never had this trouble


This is my exact current situation with my twins and transitioning to the crib! The first night was hell…up every 30-45 minutes but (I think) getting use to it. My first baby I gave up on way too easy for the crib (cried as soon as she was put in it so I immediately picked her back up)…so long story short, she sleeps in mommy and daddy’s bed still and she’s 2 and a half :joy: good luck! It is hard transition. I wish I wouldn’t of waited so long but you have to do what you have to do with a baby to get them to sleep no matter where it is sometimes.

Maybe try dream feeds :woman_shrugging:t3:

Get a wedge for the crib.

I started with naps alone, whenever he would daze off I would put him in his crib, when he would start crying I would wait for a little then go in to soothe and reassure everything’s okay and tell him it’s nap time. After a little more whining I’d go in again, I wouldn’t pick him up, I would just talk to him and rub his back. He will eventually fall asleep on his own the reassurance is for the feeling of safety and that you’re still there even tho he is in his own bed, slowly but surely he got used to it, same at night time, he ended up getting used to it and now can’t sleep unless he’s in his own crib and room :blush: sleeps all night and is way more happier during the day.
mine would constantly wake up since he could smell us and just knowing we were in there w him he’d want to be awake all night and play, once we moved him to his own room everything changed. He’s 12 months, I started this process at 6 when we were all sharing a room