How to deal with a picky eater?

My daughter, who is going to be two years old next month, absolutely refuses to eat any type of meat. Not only does she refuse to eat meat, but she picks at her food, and if she does take a bite of it, she will hoard it in her mouth and not chew nor swallow it for a long time or end up spitting. It out! She would survive off of cheese and yogurt if I let her, but that is not realistic. What can I do to get her to start eating? I took her to the doctor for it because I was concerned, and they basically told me that she was going through a food regression stage and that it would pass over soon? Mind you, she has always been a pretty good eater and has liked a lot of things up until now. I have a five-year-old who is also very picky, so I have had experience with it but not to this level. She will throw tantrums and hoard her food in her mouth if she doesn’t want it. I don’t know what I can do to get her to eat something. I know people say they don’t make special meals because they don’t want what you made, but I have found myself doing that and trying to make anything I can to get her to eat. It is wasting so much food. I even ask her what she wants to eat and when I make it, she won’t eat it. I’m really frustrated. Another thing I am struggling with from her is sleep regression? She has always been a great sleeper until recently. Where she wakes me up at least ten times a night and doesn’t take a nap for longer than 30 minutes, she has to be tired as it is really making her attitude and her fits worse! Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? I don’t know what to do! I know girls and boys are different; she is my first daughter as I have two older boys. Does that matter? Please help!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to deal with a picky eater?

My daughter has been in a “food regression” stage for 4 years now. She is 5 and she eats chicken McNuggets, pastina with butter, peanut butter, and grilled cheese. I had to to every doctor I can think of and even to eating therapy. I just make sure she eats her multi vitamins and :pray:

My daughter has a molar coming in & has only wanted soft foods! Hamburg really broken down when cooked with gravy and egg noodles…anything pasta really. I cut up the meat very small for her but I feel it’s normal! As long as your doctor isn’t concerned! I feel it’s extremely common at their age!

I would look into food therapy. It’s better to start early. Also do a nutritional panel. It will give you a sense of security.

Lots of kids at that age dislike meat it’s not unusual, just make sure she gets the vitamins she needs and let her eat cheese it’s a form of protein, she’ll grow out of it

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my three year old has been like this with food for a while now, if i let him watch something on his tablet or my phone he does end up eating more and trying different food.

Serouisly tho… dont make her specail meals… dont feed large snacks befor supper. When your making her plate up maybe let her help you pick what she has on her plate giving her the option to leave 1 thing out( try making a option something she loves. If she wants seconds she needs to finish what’s on her plate first). In my house vegetables are never a leave out option… unless it’s mixed in sauce or stir fri or something they can pick out one veggy. If they don’t want to eat. Leave it on the table tell when their hungry. Kids won’t starv themselfs


Just a stage let her eat what she likes.

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Find a speech language pathologist that specializes in feeding therapy and oral motor function. Pediatricians aren’t going to be really helpful in this area. My son is an extremely picky eater and its because he has an undiagnosed tongue tie. Mouth stuffing is typically a sensory issue so I’d look for an occupational therapist as well.


Sometimes our 4 year old just won’t eat. And we pulled our hair out. ‘just one bite for mummy and daddy’ and then one day we gave up. If she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want it. This is dinner, and it’s all your going to get tonight. You will be hungry later, make your decision. Well when we first started that we used to give her a piece of fruit instead. but not now. Dinner, or nothing. And then she would go to bed and hunger wasn’t even mentioned. She went to sleep and didn’t die of starvation. You can’t force food down their mouth. I don’t know, everyone’s different

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Both my kids went through food regression. I bought protein shakes and added it to their diets. My son loved chocolate and my daughter liked the vanilla. Just keep trying with the food. Sooner or later she will start eating but until then you at least have the peace of mind knowing she got some sort of nutrition. I had to add a dash of chocolate to my son’s to cut the chalky flavor. My daughter genuinely liked the vanilla so nothing was added. My sons still pretty picky these days so he still drinks a shake each morning before school. As for the sleep regression… Just pray it phases out soon cause that’s about all you can do at that age. Ultimately I ended up stopping late naps. They were bears until they got used to being up all afternoon but they started sleeping through the night. Every kids different tho hun. Just gotta keep trying different things until you find something that works for her

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Meat is very hard to digest for kids, it can cause tummy aches and colic. There is a lot of ways to give her proteins and such without eating meat until she is ready.

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My daughter was the same, she would live off cheese and yogurt if I let her. It’s a stage, but it might last awhile. Our job of parents is to offer the food and the children is to decide what to eat. Try to take the stress of eating out and make it fun, its best time to socialize. I was told by my doctor that children stomach are the size of their clenched fist. Its okay to have a picky eater. Try to not talk about eating at the table, she won’t feel pressure and might eat more.

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A child needs iron if they not eating how do we get what they need in to them xx

I have 2 out if 3 daughters who don’t eat alot of meat but protein otherwise is peanut butter. But do eat there fruits and veggies. I don’t complain because of the fruit and veggies. Dairy wise icant get them to drink milk to much but both do eat yogurt 1 eats cheese 1 doesn’t. Have done forever and there 9 and 10 also my oldest was picky now she has diet restrictions there older sister

My son didn’t eat meat or peanut butter for a long time, doctor was never concerned. Kids become more resistant to what we want if they feel forced. Just put the food on her plate and say, here’s dinner let’s eat. Sit down with her and eat the same thing. Make it fun like say watch me make my potatoes disappear. It may work, it may not. I promise you, your child will not allow themselves to starve

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Get an evaluation from a speech therapist for feeding. They could really help with the holding of the food (it did for us).


My daughter stopped eating meat apart from chicken at age two. Flat out refused… honestly it’s a stage they grow out of it don’t stress too much. Way worse things to worry about in my opinion.


Feed her what she’ll eat-yogurts and cheese-fine. She’ll get to where she’ll eat other things and always have them available, but don’t force her. Try to give her juice to keep her regular and really, stop stressing. It won’t help. I had gotten a book when my daughter went through that-FEED ME IM YOURS. It was just a creative way to get her eating other things

Don’t fix her a plate. Let her take bites from your plate. Between hunger, curiosity and bonding with mama, she will get some food in her mouth. Let her lead in her eating. She won’t starve.

Texture issues my son was the same he ate a hot dog chicken and bacon for the first time at 8
Beef wasn’t until around 10


I started giving my son the meal replacement drinks he loves them and is still getting nutrients he would lack from not eating much

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My HV said that they know at 2 that thy have very little control, so they control what they can, food ect. If she ate other stuff before and enjoyed it, I wouldn’t worry too much and let her eat what she will, but also give her choices, like if you want the cheese, what veggies are you going to have with it? My son can be the same

I have a 6 year old who refuses to eat meat🤷🏼‍♀️. And when I do get her to eat it it takes her forever! Our pediatrician said she’s healthy and growing and when she’s ready she’ll eat meat and if not she won’t lol. It is what it is lol

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Maybe make a smoothie with fruits and veggies.

Other ways to get protein in their diets. Add peanut butter to it.

You are not doing anything wrong. Be kind to yourself.many Little ones go through these stages,sometimes more then once. Keep offering healthy foods,eventually they come around and start eating.give them a daily multivitamin and if they like it it those meal replacement shakes.but this too shall pass,same with sleep regression,it won’t last. Praying for you young momma you are doing a fantastic job❤

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Let her eat what she will eat my daughter is picky she only ate 2 or 3 things her doctor said let her she will get sick of it and want something else it took a month of her basically eating 3 things then she wanted something else she is 11 and still picky but she is getting better as she realized eating the same thing over and over was not good after awhile

At least she’s getting her calories from a healthy source like cheese and yogurt instead of French fries. If she’s not losing weight, I would most certainly pick my battles. Offering Mac & cheese or whatever her texture preference is. I would worry that it would only become worse if the table becomes a constant battle ground.


I am a big advocate of smoothies, you can pretty much disguise any thing you put in it. I have twin grandbabies that were born at 2# and they are the picture of health. 2.5 years old now. You can find smoothie recipes on pinterest or many other places.

Mine is the same. We still give whole milk because of it. So far dr said she’ll out grow and to keep offering foods.

I was a very picky eater for my young life, I was about 41 lbs when I started Kindergarten. I was very rather sick, just poison ivy & bee stings during the summer months, As long as she is healthy , count your blessings

Youre doing nothing wrong. She is controlling what she can and if she knows it stresses you out…all the more fun for her.
Stay calm and feed her what she will eat. Dont allow snacks unless she eats and make sure they’re healthy …fruit, pb and crackers , veg fingers with yogurt dips…if she sees you dipping she may try too.
Many children don’t eat meat and its not a major problem tbh. She may not like the taste.
Yogurt drinks, smoothies with fruit & veg . The sweeter the better but always fruit sugars not added sugar
Their taste buds change so much as they are growing .
If the Dr is not concerned about her weight just let her be.
Waking at night is not abnormal at that age. Stop the naps though…if she’s not sleeping at night she doesn’t need daytime naps.

My Daughter did this too. No meat. Only cheese and yogurt and sweets. I just had to wait it out and try different forms of meat. She’s almost 3 now and has decided after a year, she likes meat and doesn’t refuse it anymore.

Both of mine are extremely picky as well. Their ped says they are growing and healthy and that is what matters.

I should also add that my daughter loves fruits and veggies. So she loves carrots, asparagus, apples, especially. At dinner I always make sure to have these as sides so she’s guaranteed to eat at least most of the meal aside from the meat

Mine did the same. Her’s was cheese only. I took her to the doctor and he said. she is eating, let her eat what she will She is not starving. It will change and it did. She may be teething and or is a lazy chewer. which both was the case. Even if she chews and spits it out she is still getting the nutrients. I suggest doing the same.

Make smoothies with fruit and veggies.

Will she eat chicken nuggets? Lunch meat? That’s all the meat my kid eats lol shes 4

Part of the problem may be her teeth, she may be teething molars or might have something else going on making chewing painful. Try running the food you cook through a food processor for her or even offer baby foods. Also dont make different meals, give her a soup spoon full of each thing you cook, tell her if she eats what you dished up she can have yogurt. Putting shredded cheese in everything might also help. I also agree with Pediasure type drinks, or even childrens chewable vitamins.

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I thought it was a phase too with my youngest, and was told by his pediatrician that it’s a phase and he’ll grow out of it. But he’s 12 now and still won’t eat meat or most fruits and vegetables. I have no choice but to fix him what I know he’ll eat because I won’t deny him food, and I won’t force him to eat something he doesn’t like… that’s abusive. All I can do is hope that eventually he grows out of it.

u give her u have for dinner lunch w.e n if she doesn’t eat it she dont get nothing else. shell eat it after she learns u dont cater to her. which is exactly what ur doing.


My kids get one dinner if they don’t eat it they go to bed hungry. I’ve never qllowed anything else. Eventually the kids have learned to eat what I provide (they are all usually healthy meals and I’m I’m damn good cook I’ve gone to many years of culinary school and worked in some amazing restaurants)

Toddlers go through phases like this. If you feel it’s more than that ask to be referred to a speech pathologist or food/feeding therapy. My son quit eating food at age 1. After that, he ate like 3 foods ok. The rest he would gag and puke if you even tried to feed him. It’s been 2 years and we’ve added a few more foods to his list, but it’s a long and sometimes hard journey. I have 6 kids before him, and I knew this was not just him being “picky” it’s a lot more… trust your gut and ask for help if you feel it’s needed. (My kid won’t eat meat, fruit, vegetables, cakes, pies, etc)


My youngest son doesn’t eat meat. He hates it. He eats beans, butter, peanut butter, green leaf lettuce, broccoli, milk, and a variety of cheeses. He’s the biggest, healthiest 6 yr old around. He’s very healthy. So, as long as your child is eating a good variety of foods then things should be well.
We don’t need meat for protein. It’s found in green vegetables, milk based products, nuts, and beans.
You also need oils but that’s found in milk and nuts
I’m not a vegetarian

Mix it with other stuff and don’t tell her it’s meat. She won’t know it’s meat if you don’t tell her.

You’re overthinking. This is normal. My 15yr old didn’t like meat and she just started eating meat about 2yrs ago. I dealt with sleep regression with my 13yr old. She eventually fell out of it. My son quit taking naps at about two. Everything that’s going on is normal. I would still try to get her to eat and nap. I wouldn’t force her to eat meat tho. Try some clean carbs. They’ll fill her up and at least she won’t be starving. Everything is going to be okay, mom!


Does she happen to carry around a sippy cup? When my son was that age he would fill up on liquid and would not eat. Once I figured that out and only put water in it he started to eat more.

It could possibly be her teeth but she is 2 years old mom … we call it terrible 2’s for a reason , lol. Nobody understands a 2 year old . U might try cutting her food into tiny bite sizes . ?? Shes probably not sleeping bcuz shes not full
Let her eat soft foods , it sure sounds like teething problems to me

My daughter is 4. She refuses to eat any kind of meat. It’s so frustrating. When she was 1 or 2 she would eat Sausage. But that is it. She refuses to eat anything I cook. So I make her ramen noodles or oats for supper. Those are literally about all she will eat. She loves apples yogurt string cheese. So I’m thankful she does like a little bit of Nutrition. But I’m at a loss also. My son is the same way and he’s 11. But I can make him eat. Not my 4 year old.

My daughter just went through all of this, the sleep regression and food regression. I swear for like a few months there all I could get her to eat was cheese and yogurt. She’s finally started eating everything else again. I justcontinually offered and served it regardless of if she ate it or not. One day she just decided to start eating more again


Follow solidstarts on IG. They have a team of specialists that work to prevent/fix picky eating.

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It’s logical that if she’s not eating properly it’s going to affect her sleep and other habits. Don’t force her. Toddlers go through this sometimes; offer her different foods. Is the food tasty? Is she bored with the same kind of food; my granddaughter hated meat and used to just suck the juice out and spit out of it and the rest. Have you tried soups? So you can hide protein in it. Maybe give her a good multivitamin; that generally increases appetite. Your doctor isn’t worried; your child will be alright.

My boys weren’t picky eaters, my girl was, still is, but over time she has slowly added more and more to her likes column. As long as she’s meeting milestones, normal height and weight, etc. I don’t see a problem. You can talk to your pediatrician about it and I’m sure they will let you know what’s best if need be.

My daughter is newly 2 years old and going through the same pickiness. I’ve always just tried to figure it out. Right now im getting in fruits pretty good but also do dried fruit and she loves it. She will eat the fruits and veggies squeezables too. The only meat I’m getting her to eat is deli meat and I give her a slice of cheese with it. I hate that I have to give her a deli meat but if that’s the meat she’ll eat I do it a couple times a week. She loves eggs so she gets protein from those and I try to make her peanut butter toast but sometimes she only wants the peanut butter off of it. I’m 3 months into sleep training as well you can look at the Facebook group respectful sleep training I believe it is. I went with the extinction method and she’s doing really well. Good luck I know it is so hard.

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Maybe its a way to have some control. Is she stressed? Are you stressed and she’s picking up on it? Try giving her lots of opportunities for choice from a curated list so she feels she has some control over her life, and let her try to do more things by herself. Let her know it’s OK to not be perfect or do something perfectly. If you don’t know this, get therapy to help you lighten up.

You can ask, Do you want the pink cup or the blue cup? Pants or a dress? Leggings or jeans? The red sweatshirt or the green one? Peas or carrots? Library or park? A walk during the day or at night with flashlights? The yoga video or the calisthenics video? Apple juice or orange juice? Bath before or after dinner? The washcloth or the scrubbie? Etc.

Control the environment and let her do what she wants within parameters.

It’s normal she’s still little . Just give her a plate but let her eat what she can. Her tummy is still small . You’ll know when she’s full when she doesn’t wanna eat anymore

All kids go through strange food stages, unfortunately at 2 there isn’t much u can do about it, if she was older u could.
My advise is to continue to give her tiny amounts of whatever you are having for dinner, she will eventually have it, don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just another phase, she will outgrow it and quicker if u don’t comment on it much

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My daughter is 2 and still eats baby food, yogurt, pudding and all smooth texture foods. She likes chips and crackers and ice cream but will throw up if I even try and put real table food in front of her. not even cake! Baby Bananas and mixed veggies are her favs but she would never eat eat real banana lol it’s weirdest thing ever! If I try and just mush up a banana she knows the difference too… I supplement her calories with high quality vitamins, a daily probiotic and toddler formulas. Therapy made her go on a full food strike. Her evaluation came back as just stubborn with possible texture issue but no autism or anything…She wouldn’t eat a thing at all for 2 weeks until I stopped making her go and pushing the issue. It’s a rough life but I have never seen a 10 y.o. eating baby food so here’s to hoping one day she’ll give in

I don’t think it’s a big deal if she dosent want to eat meat there’s plenty of other things that can make up for that and give her vitamins my son goes through stages like this often but he dosent like meat only cold ham won’t eat no otyer meat and he’s doing fine he’s also got lots of allergies and he’s very fussy but we manage just work with what she does like :slight_smile:

It will pass, probably teething. She may enjoy smoothies in the blender, bananas, milk, peanut butter, protein powder

Not quite sure my daughter is 12 and she’s been a picky eater her whole life.

Don’t give her any food, a bit like a a vegan, 3 days in the desert and they will gladly eat a mc’donalds and your hand as well!!

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As a mom and a nan
I wouldn’t worry about those things
Let them slide
My kids were very picky eaters
My daughter to this day won’t
To this day won’t eat fish, sea food ,tomatoes, mushrooms and some veggies
My 14 yr old grand son won’t eat a tossed salad
My 11 yr old granddaughter won’t eat lamb
My 9 yr old granddaughter won’t eat much of anything
The one thing they all agree on is nan’s roast pork or roast chicken and nan’s roast spuds
All the grand kids are very picky when it comes to veggies
They won’t eat mashed potatoes unless it’s got diced bacon in it
My suggestion is just give her a bowl of vegetables or mixed friut and yogurt as a desert
Experiment with different colors, tastes and texture of food
A lot of kids are like that and the harder you push
The harder they will fight you

As for sleep patterns get her into a fun routine such as fun bath time, her favorite story (yes no doubt you have read it to her a million times already )
Or make up a story that’s includes her in the story
Lie beside her while doing story time
Let her pick her own night light

As for nap time (which is more for the parents)
Let her play in a room where she can’t get up to much mischief
With her toys leave the door ajar
She will play till she gets tired and will fall asleep on her own where she is

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Small tip hide your lippy
Its seems to be a common trate with young kids
They like to paint with it


Its just a phase. I resulted in calling everything chicken because she loved chicken. I know its lying but she ate it. And I didn’t have to change what I made. Shes still the only kid I have that didn’t try cereal with milk until she was 12.

My 6 year old doesn’t eat pretty much anything lol she’s always been like that though. She won’t eat meat she lives off Mac and cheese, pizza with no cheese. Peanut butter sandwiches, lunchables and snacks lol. I make her what she wants. As long as she eats it’s fine with me. Her doctor told me if she wants to eat Mac and cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner let her. It’s better than not eating at all. My 9 year old used to be picky but not like her and he’s a great eater now. My youngest is almost 2 and doesn’t eat either :sweat_smile: I feel your pain. It’s very frustrating for sure but I just give them what they’ll eat.

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She’s 2. If her doctor isn’t concerned and she isn’t underweight I wouldn’t force it. Let her eat what she wants. Truly it is a phase. My son went from eating literally anything and everything and right before he turned 3 he went for 5 months eating dino nuggets Doritos and bananas. Literally only those 3 foods. It seemed horrible to me but his doctor wasn’t worried and he eventually started eating just about everything again and now has a really healthy relationship with food. If it would make you feel better you can buy pediasure. They have some that tastes like chocolate milk my son loved those and they have a lot of protein and stuff in them :heart::purple_heart: it’s a phase that shall pass momma

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She might be a vegetarian.

Maybe oatmeal would be a thing I would try. She has to eat.


My daughter did the same thing around that age, just refused to eat meat! I’m thinking it was a texture thing, but she grew out of it and she eats plenty of meat now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I did things like made a chicken quesadilla, but I shredded the chicken very fine and added a lot more cheese than necessary and most of the time she didn’t notice :woman_shrugging:


My son literally would live on milk til he was about 3.5yrs. We had him in toddler formula and went through cans & cans of it til he was 3yrs and then same thing happened with 3% milk for another 6 months. Eventually they decide to eat food. Don’t worry mama. I would see if she will take a toddler formula just so she is getting the extra nutrients if you can. Maybe offer fruit smoothies as well?

My grandson was like that, My daughter told me to make his food, put it on the table and walk away. I did and at first he just looked at it and then he would walk by and take a bite. Finally he got up on the chair and ate some of the food. Don’t put too much on the plate, just enough so she can have a few bites, Most of all, don’t say anything or look at her while she is eating.

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I swear my 20 year old Son lived on popcorn and flint stone vitamins when when he was 2 and 3… he made it thru and now he will eat anything. Try not to worry Mama

my grandson did the same at 2 would runn to the toilett and spitt it out. he was later diagnosed beeing autistic. today he is 26 and still does only eat 2 or 3 things.

My son was like that for a long time but he got older he started to eat different things

My son, when he was about that age, refused to eat sauce on pasta.
No biggie, except his paternal grams was 100% Italian, his “father” also 100% Italian (2 full Italian ‘rents, brand new to the US) and well…there was a lot of fricking pasta going on.
Finally figured out, we had to give him sauce on the side so he could dip his noodles. Silly but it made all the difference.
I was very lucky with him. He gave me very little grief. Now, all my friends have kiddos (I was a teen mom) and they all want me to sit or help or whatever. I’ve had some picky eaters.
Let them eat what they will eat. But, be sneaky! She likes cheese? I love goat cheese - the soft creamy kind and would often mash it up with avocados for a friend whose little gal would not eat anything but avocados and popsicles. Goat cheese can go both ways, too. Add honey, fruit, jams or spices for sweet options.
Plain Greek yogurt? You can mash/add all kinds of things to it. Just blend it (fruits, veggies, etc.) into bits and add to a vehicle she’ll accept. Frozen yogurt pops? Add some puréed fruit or juice. Hell, sneak a jar of baby food or two with the nutrients you want her to get into her yogurt. Maybe pudding pops with additions? Seems she’s into dairy so dairy based soups (cheese with completely pulverized broccoli in it)? Arizona has a thing called a cheese crisp, which is kinda like an undeveloped Mexican pizza - flour tortilla with a ton of melted cheese on it? Sour cream or yogurt dips?
Kids do go through phases.Maybe try seafood instead of other meats? Alfredo sauce? Cheesy or yogurt items that usually require a “pretzel/chip/bread/tater tot/etc., to dip in it?
Unless you start noticing signs of illness (massive weight loss, “sick days”, etc.) do your best to hide what you can and let her eat what she’s comfortable with.
Mine had a time where his food of choice was June bugs.
She’ll be okay.

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My 2 almost 3 year old has never liked most meat. She will eat bacon lol, occasionally she’ll eat a bite or two of chicken nuggets or really soft chicken but otherwise she doesn’t care for meat :woman_shrugging: she’s also a super picky eater though. We drink a lot of pedisure for extra nutrients

My son is 5, he doesnt eat meat. When he was 3 he told me “meat is for dogs”. He’s so picky he pretty much lives on cheese, bread, yogurt and pasta.

I lived off yogurt and mash for a few month refused anything else

I was a picky kid and I’m still a pretty picky adult. I have never been a big meat person at all and my son isn’t either(3). I would and still will sometimes gag/throw up so my parents just made me whatever they had altered to what I would eat and I do the same for my son because I know what it’s like. My son and I prefer seafood so I’ll make like chicken or beef tacos for my husband and in another skillet Make us fish or shrimp tacos. Lasagna, I do half with meat and half without and so on.
My son went through a very picky spot where he would eat just a few things over and over but a little after 3 he started widening his variety and trying more things.
Just give options and what I do is “try it, I think your going to like it” and he usually does because we tend to have the same tastes so that helps.

My Toddler is 3. We made him stop by simply going ok this is what you asked for this is your next meal. That meal is either now or 2 hours from now you will eat it. We started adding things slowly back but in reality if he is hungry enough he will eat it. 2 is when they can get molars and that can mess with sleep. And some kids outgrow naps at 2. It’s not you. You are doing your best. You are a good mom. Toddlers are just rough phases to get through. Beans and eggs are a great source of protein since meat isn’t her thing right now. We do pediasure too. He wasn’t gaining weight for almost a year. That’s when my son’s doctors finally took me seriously. Just keep mentioning to her doctor look she isn’t eating. Concern over weight. Concerned you are ignoring me. I am her mom this goes beyond normal pickiness. That is literally the conversation I had with my son’s doctor for months. Finally after shouting that something is seriously wrong they said try pediasure and If in 6 weeks he isn’t sleeping start melatonin. Melatonin is something some doctors agree with and some don’t. They had my son one time after 48 hours of no sleep melting down over everything and decided he needed sleep. Melatonin was prescribed and dosage was sternly set. So there could be a simple solution to complicated solution to no sleep. Check mouth. Than check room temperature. Set a routine for 4 weeks without fail no matter what. If not already. Keep lights off as much as possible and deep breathes. This too shall pass. :clap:

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You need a new doctor. That’s sensory processing disorder. She needs OT and speech to help her.

For me it’s always been a texture thing I can’t stand eating a lot of meats it grosses me out

My daughter is autistic. She eats no meat and nothing hot. It may be a sensory thing to her. U could try a therapist. Speech or ot. They can help.

Both my boys are picky eaters. I gave in and made special meals for the first or let him have bread and butter if he was still hungry even if he didn’t eat all his plate but my second son who just turned 3 its what we make for dinner. Unless it’s steak or stroganoff (stew meat) I make them something fun. Granted I don’t make him finish or even take a bite of everything at dinner. I just call it a win if he ate anything. But he sees his brother get deserts on the nights he doesn’t eat and he goes without. He doesn’t care. The doctor said not eating won’t hurt him. She said make him a plate if he doesn’t eat it the kitchen closed for the night. Which is hard to do when he’s asking for food a few hours later. Sometimes I’ll give him a cheese stick… so we have been trying doing that. Hasn’t really improved his eating much but he’s still here, fine and healthy. I do make him carnation breakfast essentials (tell him it’s chocolate milk) and a Flintstone vitamin every morning. Looks like it might just be a long phase. My older son started eating all his dinner by the time he was six. He eats really good now. Just doesn’t like steak or chewy meat. I’m just pray the little one gets through this stage soon. It worries a mama and is a little frustrating. Good luck. I’m glad I came across your post today. Look like this is an issue with many toddlers, not just mine.

My son will be six this year and only 38 pounds. He’s so hard to feed. We started giving him pediasure grow and gain twice a day

I dice my grand daughters meat up real fine & mix with veggies. She loves veggies. She eats chicken nuggets, fish & bacon .

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Make them try something new and if they don’t like it make them something they do like… I’m doing this with my kids