How to deal with pelvic pain while pregnant?

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Hi ladies. I’m currently 30 weeks preg. I need some advice as to how I can deal with this pelvic pains and pressure. I’m fine during the day at work, but at night after my bath, as soon as I try to relax, the pain hits me real bad. :disappointed_relieved: Its making me really miserable and I know it’s normal but I just want to make the pain abit lighter… Any suggestions…??? TIA


Feeling the same way at 34 weeks. :frowning: The only thing that helps me is to lie on my left side as much as I can. Sitting or standing for too long can bring on the pain and pressure so I try to vary my position as much as possible. I hope you get some relief soon! <3

Possibly wearing a tummy support band will help
I wore one and it took so much pressure off my hips and pelvic region

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Not much to do. It is just part of pregnancy.

My dr told me there’s nothing really you can do about it

Try a tummy band, I also found the yoga ball helped me in a funny way

Yoga ball. Do some yoga posesnif you can. That’s what helped me

Lay down put a pillow up under you and butt in the air and lay there the pressure will ease

chiropractic therapy helped me some

The tummy belt and laying on your left side at night

I wore a belly support band, I could tell a difference between the days I wore it and the days I didn’t.

Maybe try skipping the bath?

Im 34 weeks 2 days and i do stretchs to help with pain. But as the baby gets bigger less room . your body is preparing for birth in couple weeks. Im due in 6 weeks. And im always in pain nonstop. But its normal

Yoga ball & one of those pearl cold packs on your crotch (buy about 5…they only last like an hour). :+1:t3::+1:t3: