How to drink more water?

How do you motivate yoruself to drink more water a day? i just cannot stomach it and know i need to do this…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to drink more water?

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I need it to be really really cold with a lot of ice on it

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Add a couple drops of Mio to help with the flavour

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Have it cold and put some fresh lemon or lime in it. It’s refreshing and good for you. But Google it because there are other things you can put in water to make it taste good, also get a soda stream which will carbonate it.

I don’t like water but I bought a Cirkul and I’ve drank water all day

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Try room temp

I like cold water, but can’t drink more then a bottle
But room temp i can down bottles

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Cirkul water bottle with the flavor filters saved me

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Just take into consideration that water is something that your body needs maybe also remind yourself how much soda or tea or whatever you drink that you intake each month look at how much sugar you’re drinking when you could be drinking just water. I also tell myself that I need to make healthier choices for my children so that they don’t have to see me be overweight

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I literally gave up all soda and sugary drinks almost 2 months ago and drink nothing but water. I do have a little cup of juice or chocolate milk every once in a while. But it takes times to get use to drinking straight water. I can still only stomach a little over half a gallon a day. I’m working towards drinking a gallon a day.

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I put crushed ice in my water with a little bit of fresh lemon or lemon juice.


I love water it’s all I drink but at one point I hated it. I buy bottled water “Evian” it is all I can drink but I can only drink it at room temperature.

Cirkul water bottle u can even drink “coffee” with that thing

Just straight chug it

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Flavoured Water drops from the supermarket are good

I’m addicted to ice water…lol…I used to drink soda years ago but once I realized how bad it was for me I stopped drinking it… I started with drinking flavored waters and then those mio drops…Now I just drink lots of ice and water constantly…small steps to reduce sugary drinks and intake more water… give yourself goals of drinking 3 cups a days and slowly increase water and decrease other drinks like soda and juice. Find out what works for you like lemon water, lots of ice, mio…P.S… I can’t have just any ice…lol… I buy the big bags of Sonic ice… my fav😋

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Recently bought from Costco carbonated spring water… really helpful. I don’t like water either… it’s not the soda water… still tastes like water… but has the fizz…slightly… and helps with the pastys… unlike regular water… maybe a small step in the right direction…

Crystal Light Lemonade flavor packet…

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Buy a cool just Jug with a straw I find it so much easier to drink it and I was surprised I drink it before half the day.

My motivation is not wanting to die :laughing:


I love water with ice cubes

Have you tried vitamin water? You can also get water in other forms like high water fruits like watermelon celery, electrode drinks etc just be careful of sugar content though. I drink a glass of hot water every morning. I forget to drink water all day so when I remember I do as said above just chug it. Try to drink 2 bottles a day or more in summer.

Take every drinkable thing out your fridge beside milk. So there want be a option. That’s what I had to end up doing.

Drink hot herbal tea in large mugs with lots of water. Put a hint of fruit juice in cold water. Just enough to change the color a bit & fool yourself into thinking you’re drinking something else. If you sit at a desk or are frequently in one place, have a “Big Gulp” sized cup & make a habit to take a drink every chance you get, but do it absent-mindedly while you’re concentrating on something else.

Usually with the 6 coffees I have in a day.
There’s water in those.


i put it in the fridge or freezer. i hate water unless it’s freezing cold so having it from the fridge or freezer is a big help for me


I aim for 3 liters a day. Some days it’s less. Some days I make plain kool-aid and add a few packets of stevia.

Small 2 oz cup every 20 mins. Set a timer so that you have a reminder to drink
Get a large 36 oz tumbler with a straw. Set a timer to sip from it every 30 mins.
Get your kids or spouse to do it with you.
No other drink option in the house, including powdered drinks (minus liquid iv, powdered gatorade, crystal lite, pedialyte). Get just milk or wic approved juice.
Small 6 oz cup every hour
Dice up fruits like apples or strawberries or watermelons etc. add the pieces to a large pitcher. Fill with cold water and drink from that.

I bought a 20 Oz tumbler with a straw from walmart. Similar to the kind Starbucks sells but not as fancy. I keep a pitcher filled with water out some where like the table or counter and I also put a gallon beverage dispenser filled with water in my room. I don’t know if it’s the convenience or what but it really helped me pick up my intake. Even adding a little bit of lemon juice is nice :ok_hand:t5:

Determine how you like your water
I prefer bottled water at room temperature, I dont mind tap water
Bottled water fridge cold
Bottled water heated
Tap water fridge cold
Tap water heated
With or without flavouring
All these things do make a difference and when you find how you like your water drinking it will be easier

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use a straw you take up more water when drink

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Cup of water, after loo run and cup of water before bed.

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There is an app that reminds you to drink water but. Drink water when you wake up, every time before you eat, after you eat and before bed

I usually have one mtn dew, plus multiple gatorades and body armor drinks. I can’t do water either.


Flavored mix-ins help with adding some flavor, but I just made myself when I started nursing my now 2 year old, I would drink my cup of coffee in the morning and immediately switch to water after, usually I would manage to down around a gallon a day, I’m down to far less than that now that i don’t feel like a fish out of water, but it takes a conscience effort at first, then it just becomes easier to do.

Every hour on the hour have one bottle of water

Only allowed 1, 200 mls

I started by adding the flavored packs or buying flavored water. Then forced myself to do a flavor pack every other bottle. Now I actually prefer plain water most of the time.
I know how you feel. Struggled with hating water for 2 decades.

Go to Walmart to the aisle where the pop is. There’s a section where they have drink mixes in little canisters on the top shelf. There are several flavors and they’re all low calorie. I get these every week and mix one packet in a two liter container. They’re really very good and I get a lot of water that way. My favorite is the Strawberry/Watermelon.

Crystal light & store brand sugar free flavor packets. I love water but I get sick of just drinking that so I make mine flavored, and I love that some have the added caffeine so I rarely drink energy drinks anymore.

I have a water bottle with a diffuser. I plonk frozen lemon slices in it and just try to sip from it all day.

You also don’t need to drink more than a pint of water a day if you are drinking other drinks or eating foods containing water. Go by your pee colour. I know I’ll get FB massacred but you honestly don’t need more than a litre (2 pints).

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I always add some kettle hot water…I like it room temperature.

I dont like water either. My bikini/clothes are my inspiration. Sweet drinks are pointless sugars/calories to your system tho. Cheating 1-2 days a week can help you stick with your diet longer. Is only way i could stay on keto was to cheat sundays i couldnt do all 7 days, i give up without a break

Lime water is great too

Cold water I normally drink alkaline though for hydration

My mom is the same way. She uses drink flavoring to help her drink it.

Honestly, I would find a refillable water bottle you like- Marshall’s always has a great selection. Sounds crazy, but the color or “look” of the bottle may influence you. I have 4 from Marshall’s- I love water lol

Propel water packet in my 64 oz bottle

I keep a bottle on counter so I just keep drinking through the day. I hate water. I need bubbles in it to enjoy.

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I get those sugar free flavor mixes from the store. It’s the only way I can get my oldest son to drink water (he has autism and sensory issues and just flat out refuses to drink plain water).

I chew/suck on ice cubes.

Put a lot of lemon in your water. Propel is also good, but it does have a lot of sodium.

My husband gets the flavoring packets that you put into the water

I’m the same way. I have to use flavored drops or I can’t drink it. Also, I leave a big bottle of water on the middle island in the kitchen because I pass that the most throughout the day. Every time I pass… I take a sip. It seems ridiculous but it also seems to work.

Cucumber water was how I started. I was an all day pop drinker and hated the taste of water. Now I love it! We have a filter in the fridge and we fill 2 gallon jugs that we allow to sit for 24 hours or more. We don’t often flavor it anymore, I just like the taste now

Cucumber mint water is so delicious. Get an infuser pitcher or bottle.

Just choke it down for the first few days and your body will get used to it and you’ll start to crave it! Years ago I never drank water and now it’s all I drink!

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I like lemon or lime in mine, I agree with getting a refillable water bottle. If you have it on you and can see it you’ll be more inclined to drink it.

I add fruit like Strawberries and blueberries even cucumbers my dietian told me this if we like it as a shampoo we would like it in our water

My goal is at least 4 tall glasses of water per day. I put a straw in it and suck it down. :crazy_face:

I got the cirkul bottle so i can changes flavirs and never be bored

Zero calorie zero sugar flavor packs

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I put lots of fresh fruit in water and let it sit for a day or 2 and it helped

I sip the water slowly. It helps me absorb it better. Chugging Water All the Time? How to Avoid Overhydration

Water makes me sick…the only water my body doesn’t reject is alkaline.

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Cut up lemon, orange or cucumbers and put in a pitcher in the fridge for 2 days to infuse with flavor. Also I drink coconut water or sometimes body armor coconut water, in between my regular water to change it up.

I’m like this too. I add lemon. I have a good tumbler with a metal straw. It’s easier to drink out of a straw.

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How can you not stomach water? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: it’s literally the easiest thing on the stomach. I made the switch to water and cut out everything else. It was hard at first but after a month or so it was the only thing I craved to drink. You feel a big difference

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You have to remember that a lot of our hydration comes from foods we eat. Add fruits to your diet, watermelon and cucumbers being the most hydrating. I can’t stomach very much water but i eat a lot fruit and I’m very well hydrated.

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I drink ice water through a straw it’s the only way I can get it down

Fresh fruit an let it sit in the fridge for a few hours or Cirkul that’s what I use to drink more water if you’re interested ask me for my referral link & Get the starter kit for $8.

Clear American at Walmart! Tastes and feels like soda but it’s water. Black Cherry was my favorite :yum:

Cirkul water bottle. (My Walmart sells them!)

Maybe try mint and strawberries, mint and cucumber? I hear of cilantro and basil but I haven’t tried it

Cirkul bottle is a life saver

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Why? Are you dehydrated?

I do cucumber or lemon in my water. And I use a travel cup with a straw.

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I have to force myself. But I drink a large glass 32 ounces first thing in the morning then tey to drink another before noon then one around 2 then 4 and another at 9. I often put lemon slices in it.

I add mio or other brand flavors to mine. I won’t drink just plain water.

I’m not much if a water drinker either but I’ll start with small bottles or glasses of it or I by flavored to get me to drink water and go back and fourth between regular and flavored.

Pretend you’re a sim and you have no control over your actions

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You make yourself…every single day! That’s what I do. I start with a cup when I wake up…another cup with my coffee. I whiz all day long but it’s good for my body :woman_shrugging:t3:

I like to add flavor packs to make the water taste better. Since I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in November, I have cut out all soda and have been drinking more water. I get Crystal Light flavor packets and put them in my water. I also have a Cirkul water bottle. They have many flavors and even have ones with caffeine in them.

I slice up
Fresh strawberries it’s sooooooo good! :strawberry:

I can only drink water with cordial, fruit, teas or the ice tea mixes

Put some ice in it and a lemon …and umbrella and pretend its a mojito

Get a refillable cup and keep it filled up with water. Don’t buy soda, juice anything g besides water.

Add flavor to your water …start with the kids water bottle and gradually increase to the gallon size …sometimes the temperature of the water my make a difference(if it’s room temperature it take me all day but if it cold I can drink it fast)you got this

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You can get cute bottles that have motivational lines for drinking your water on them, my friend uses one🙂

Try flavored sparkling water. 

I have an alarm on my phone that goes off every thirty minutes.
Also add flavoring into it. That helps

I have a 64oz jug I use daily. At first it was a struggle. Now it’s no issue! Stay away from sugary mixes. Mio and crystal light make some good ones!

Honestly you have to find a water you like. I don’t care what anyone else says, different brands have different tastes. But aside from that it’s really just making the decision to choose water over other options. After a while it becomes habit. You can use flavor packets or skinny syrups or get water at sonic and add the diet syrups. Any water is better than no water.


Flavor packets or buy Nestle flavored water or Propel. Also Dollar General and placea sell some flavored sparkling water i always liked. About only thing i drank as a teen and lost a lot of weight. Back to drinking regular water or Zero Sugar Powerade now that older.

Try hint water literally nothing but water and light flavor