How to exlusively pump?

Hi guys!
I’m thinking about exclusivity pumping but wanted some input from other moms.
My main reason is burping. Breastfeeding makes me nervous because you can’t tell how much your baby is getting before you burp them. I’m also I little uncomfortable with breast feeding in public and think pumping would be much easier.
Do hospitals allow this?

I actually never had to burp my breastfed baby. he did it on his own. you can do anything you want but pumping can be time consuming. and a hospital cannot stop you from exclusively pumping if that is what you want to do.

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You shouldn’t need to worry about how much they get when nursing. As long as they seem content, producing wet diapers and are gaining weight they are getting enough. Pumping is a lot of work. Time consuming. Lots of extra work. I would recommend trying to nurse and if you’re really uncomfortable nursing in public, pump and bring a bottle.


I never had to burp either of my breastfed babies except when they took a bottle; if they have a good latch, there’s no air for them to be taking in for a burp to occur. Also, your baby will let go when they are done— and if you offer it to them and they turn away, you’ll know too. I’m sure hospitals will ‘let you’ EP if that’s what you want. Trying to breastfeed the first few weeks might be a good idea to get your body on a schedule with your baby though— then you could always bottle feed when in public. But whatever works best for you is entirely up to you and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your decision :blush:

I exclusively pumped for my first for 11 months … and 4 months with my second. It is very time consuming but I determined to do it as my first was not latching. It’s a lot of work … instead of putting your baby on the boob for 20 mins … your pumping 20 mins, feeding the baby then cleaning the parts for the next pump. So instead of 20 mins your looking at around 45mins… and that’s if you have a good supply. If you can breastfeed I would try that first. Honestly you will want the extra sleep :joy:… especially when they are newborn … after 3 months it’s not as hard.

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Breastfed babies and your body will do their job! If baby is full it stops and it’s very natural. My friend had her baby end of November. Baby went to the NICU for a month and she tried like hell to pump but babies latching is what your body responds best too. Also the stress didnt help her. You don’t have to breastfeed in a packed store or restaurant. I breastfed in the car alot when out shopping cuz I was more comfortable there. I would nurse give it a couple weeks and you might get comfortable with it all or might not. Won’t really know til babies here really. Some dont latch well in the first days and its a struggle some get it right away. It’s all trial anf error honestly. Just keep an open mind

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I pumped exclusively with my daughter… (not by choice)I wouldn’t recommend that if you want your baby to have breast milk for a long time… your breasts hurt a lot faster then with regular breastfeeding and majority of the time causes a decrease in supply. Try breastfeeding/pumping… bottle feed in public if that’s what you’re comfortable with and breastfeed at home try to do both at least. With my son, I was able to do both and it worked soooo much better and I was able to breastfeed him 6 months longer than I could with my daughter

Not going to lie, pumping is a pain in the butt! Don’t worry about the burping. I just always burped when he unlatched, then offered him again and he would take it if still hungry or turn away if he was full. You can breastfeed and just pump once in a while if you know you’ll be out so you can feed a bottle. I always did that because I had an oversupply and overactive letdown, so feeding could get messy. At home it was fine but I didn’t want to have to bring extra changes of clothes and a bunch of towels when I was out in public! I also work a few hours in the afternoon so I nursed at home but would pump when he was napping so I could give a bottle to my MIL when she watched him in the afternoon.

How you feed baby is totally up to you :heart:
I was worried too and bought a scale on line so I could breastfeed and weigh baby
They make some amazing covers for feeding in public but if it’s not your thing, pump at home and bring a bottle.
Some department stores even have nursing rooms i the women’s bathrooms! Our Nordstrom’s does and it is Nice!
But if pumping is the way you want to go, go for it!
It is whatever you are comfortable with doing.
I think that maybe while you’re home with baby resting and recovering you should breastfeed so your boobs know what to do and your milk production gets used to amount baby needs. And every so often maybe spend time breastfeeding for a few days and nights so your boobs adjust to baby’s needs.
Baby tells your body how much milks to produce

I started exclusively pumping when my baby was about a month old. I had to go back to work when she was two months old so it made it much easier. She still gets the boob sometimes but usually the bottle. I like pumping more because i can monitor how much she is eating daily. It just makes me feel better. I have also save around 600 ounces of breast milk in the freezer because now that im pumping, Im producing lots more. :woman_shrugging:t4: Pumping has worked great for us.

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I breast feed pump and also have to supplement with formula at this time with my newborn due to the fact my milk supply is not fully in I’ve come to find that whenever I breastfeed really my daughter never burps. but whenever I have to supplement with the formula she burps like a grown man. but that’s just my experience

Burping was never really an issue. With a bottle the kid sucks in air from the bottle which is why they need to burp. On the breast with a good latch there is no air being swallowed. My 3 kids always just had a tiny little burp when they burped at all. And that was only when they were really hangry at the beginning of the feed and cried. Get the boob in the mouth before they get frantic and no air gets in.

Pumping is more difficult than breast feeding. My kids all thrived and grew great on the boob. When I would need to pump for an outing it would take me hours to fill just one bottle. You can judge by dirty/wet diapers and by growth if they are getting enough. And a hungry baby is an angry baby. A well fed baby will come off the boob content or asleep, not crying and rooting.

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You do whatever u want with your baby. If u don’t feel comfortable, then that’s ok. Baby is being fed, and that’s what is important.

pump between feedings and store it for when u r out In public. Good luck. And yes hospitals allow you to feed ur baby how is comfortable for you.