How to fix a loose pack n play?

Has anyone had any issues with pack n plays becoming really loose and wiggly? Cause my newest one has become so wiggly and unstable it basically collapses on itself. I have a super old version and it works so much better. Idk if it’s my baby being bouncy or if the newer models are just lower quality!!! We’ve tried to see if we can tighten the bolts but they’re all fixed in place This is the first pack n play I’ve ever had that’s gotten so loose and floppy!!! With my first born we never had an issue either so idek


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to fix a loose pack n play?

I feel like they are starting to get flimsy. I went through so many for my daughter because of her jumping and breaking them.

I just recently fixed mine. My others have never done this but the mattress (she’s on bottom) has straps/Velcro under it. Now it’s so much better lol. I also made sure all screws were tight and not falling out or loose.

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